Zeus 2 aka Zeus Investments Review – SCAM by Matthew Harrison!!

Zeus 2 – God of all Scams!

The Zeus 2 software aka Zeus Investments, created by Matthew Harrison is a Blacklisted scam. Though Matthew Harrison claims to be a highly reputable person or the Midas man, we couldn’t find anyone who has even heard about the man. This software is another scam and we have all the evidence to prove that this system doesn’t work. It is created to deceive people and steal their money. Zeus 2 scam is one more fake auto-trader, with several bogus claims and false promises. Our Zeus 2 review unfolds every detail of this dodgy scam and sheds light on how traders should save themselves from being duped.

zeus 2 scam review

After going through so many complaints online, we decided for a neutral Zeus 2 review to understand the truth behind the intrusive advertising and aggressive promotions. We started our research with Matthew Harrison – the creator of the system.

Who is Matthew Harrison?

In the presentation video, we get to know this guy who claims to be the owner of the system. We are told that he is young, energetic and quite a distinguished businessperson. We tried our best to get to know him a little more. But unfortunately for us, he appears to be virtually anonymous. Such a popular and “reputed individual” doesn’t have any social media presence. Veterans or novices in the binary trading industry – no one knows him, or even heard about him. He also reveals a few photo-shopped bank accounts of his son and wife. Anyone with even basic photo-editing knowledge can easily come up with such images in just 30 minutes.

This is not uncommon in the industry, where we are introduced to talented CEO’s, Founders and other ‘characters’ of immense repute. The sad part is that these people are not known to anyone. It doesn’t take much time to know that these individuals are just actors, who are being paid to represent these fraudulent systems. Matthew Harrison is an actor, with no connections to Zeus 2 software.

Who is Helen Palmer?

All we can say is that Helen Palmer is the partner in crime! We hear a lot about Helen and how he has earned a lot of money using the software. However, just as Matthew Harrison, we couldn’t verify the identity of Helen too.

How does Zeus 2 Work?

An important part of our Zeus 2 review, was to find how the system works. After watching the presentation video, anyone will be curious to know how the software makes money. It is said that the robot can generate $5500 in a day and that too everyday. After going through the video, we still couldn’t understand how the software works or how money is generated. A vague explanation about the robot understanding trader’s sentiments doesn’t convince us at all. How does the App access data and use it? We all know robots can never understand what traders think and then place winning trades. This is absurd. This explanation is a trick to confuse traders. It is a way to make traders believe that the system is the most intelligent.

Our Zeus 2 scam review did not end here, we decided to check the extent of lies and misrepresentation. The official website Zeus2.co surprised us with its bundle of false facts, lies and misrepresentations.

zeus investments matthew harrison

Why The Software Never Loses A Trade? – An interesting Fake Story!

Throughout the presentation video, we are told that his Zeus 2 software never lost a trade and it has 98% success rate. To explain this, a familiar story is narrated for the traders. It is claimed that the system can detect trades which are not going to work. It quickly counteracts such trades, by placing a trade just in the opposite direction. Well – this kind of act doesn’t happen in the real world. This is just a story to influence traders. Even the most profitable systems that we test and use do not promise ridiculous success rates like this. Any decently profitable auto trader should have a success rate of at least 70%. Anything that promises above 90% is usually a fraudulent system that intends to cheat traders.

Poorly Designed Cheap Website

Honestly, this does not look like a website capable of earning millions for its users. It has a terrible design and structure. The presentation lacks professionalism. Nothing matches the brilliance of the trading robot which is capable of earning $5500 a day. All we can say that the website is probably created on a low budget and in a great hurry. Have a look at Zeus2.co and you will realize 

  1. It looks cheap and poorly planned
  2. It is just a sales oriented website
  3. Since it is a scam website, there is no emphasis on professional web design
  4. The primary objective is to get sign ups as quickly as possible

zeus2.co review

Uploaded To YouTube Just A Few Days Back

It is claimed that the App has been generating massive amounts of profits for users over the past couple of months/years. However, in our Zeus 2 scam review, we came across the videos hosted on YouTube. These videos were only uploaded on October 31st, 2016. Isn’t that strange? Why is the video only a couple of days old, if it is already such a huge success? Shouldn’t it be a few months old at least? We then proceeded to check the domain age for Zeus2.co and found the website was only registered on 2016-10-25 making it less than 2 weeks old!

Common Trend Of Fake Reviews – Another proof of Zeus 2 Scam! This is no longer a secret. Fake reviews and testimonials are widely used to influence traders. Stock images are used to depict winners. Testimonials are all fabricated and wisely written to prove the credibility of the scam.

14,000 Active Users – How, and Who?

The website is full of deception and lies. It is being said that Zeus 2 system has more than 14,000 users. These people are earning thousands of dollars every day. Our review doesn’t find any proofs of the fact.

  • 14,000 active users – in 2 weeks? Really?
  • Why has no one heard of the owner?
  • If 14,000 people are earning thousands every day, why are the industry players not aware?
  • Why couldn’t we verify the identity of any of the reviewers?

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Verdict – Is Zeus 2 a Scam?

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Yes, an absolute scam! The system uses some of the common scam tactics. It is all about inflated bank accounts, images and fake testimonials which are just scraped from the internet. The company is non-existent, the creator is not known and there are several false advertising techniques. After our detailed Zeus 2 scam review, we caution all traders to stay away from this fake system or be prepared to lose all their hard earned money. There is no profit and no earnings.

If you’re looking for a better alternative, we suggest you give CodeFibo a shot. It has nothing but positive reviews in the binary options community. Thank you for reading our Zeus 2 scam review. We hope it helped you save some money. If you found this review helpful, do let us know in the comment sections below. We love hearing from our readers! It motivates us to continue busting scams here on our blog. Trade safe!

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