Zero Loss Formula Review – Peter Morgan’s Scam Will Lose You Money!!

Developed by Peter Morgan, Zero Loss Formula claims to be the most profitable binary options auto trading robot. It claims to offer 100% win or ‘zero loss’ for the investors. The software is being massively promoted through e-mails and other media networks, luring traders to make an investment and become a millionaire in just a month.

Well – think for yourself – is it really possible to assure 100% win rates in any investments/trades? Definitely not! This is a red flag – a signal to be alert!

zero loss formula scam review

Did you receive an invitation with a promise to help you become a millionaire in a short time? Well – I am glad you are reading this Zero Loss Formula review before you decide to invest your money in this scam software. Our opinion is that the Zero Loss Formula software is developed for the sole purpose of stealing your hard earned money. So be aware and go through the details yourself. Do not rely on misleading information which the paid actors are providing you. – Introduction

If you have checked out the promotional video at, you will be introduced to Peter Morgan. He is the man behind this scam software who claims to be the founder and CEO of Zero Loss Formula Holdings. The website is simple with very little information. In the promotional video, he talks about changing the lives of the investors for the better. He also offers a lifetime opportunity to join his team and trade with the software. Everything is presented in a lucrative way – things seem tempting at a glance, but this is just a trance which will help you to lose your money.

Zero Loss Formula Scam?

Peter Morgan, in the promotional video at talks about making more than a million dollars every month – do you believe this is possible? The auto trader is claimed to be working 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week on 100% autopilot. Anyone having even a little knowledge of binary options industry knows that this kind of money is totally unimaginable and might not happen in the near future too. Generating this sum of daily income is completely unrealistic and is something usually only promised by scamming organizations.

If you have any experience in trading, you will realize that the financial markets are open only 5 days a week. Markets are closed during the weekends, which means trading then is impossible. So, how does Zero Loss Formula claims to generate winning trades 7 days a week, when the markets are not open for trading?

Who Is Peter Morgan?

Peter Morgan is the alleged “founder and CEO” of Zero Loss Formula. In reality, he is just a paid actor reading a script. Just some time ago, he debuted as an actor in a notorious scam we previously reviewed named “Hedge Formula Group”. Glance through Hegde Formula Review and you will know the amazing tactics involved to cheat the unsuspecting investors. Did you notice that ‘formula’ is used in both the cases and so is the familiar sales script in the videos. The formula to lure investors is certainly the same with the same Peter Morgan promising huge money in a short time, in quite a repetitious manner. Mr. Morgan is a paid actor who has been hired to speak before a camera. peter morgan

Nothing Explained In Detail:

If you are investing your hard-earned money, wouldn’t you like to know how your money is working? Peter Morgan does not actually disclose how Zero Loss Formula works. He just claims that no trading experience is needed and even a beginner can earn as much as $250 in a day. These numbers are totally unrealistic and totally imaginary. There is nothing to believe that you can make so much money in a day.

100% Winning Rate – Is That Possible Ever?

The Zero Loss Formula software claims to offer a 100% win rate which is absolutely ludicrous and virtually unheard of. In the past, any software which promised 100% winning turned out to be fake and people have lost huge sums of money. It is well known that trading involves risks and no one can assure a win. Even the most profitable and trusted software will not promise you 100% win rates. This is not how trading works.

Launching Date – It is a lie too!

Mr. Morgan claims that Zero Loss Formula was started in the year 2002 and it opened up for 50 beta testers only in the year 2012. He claimed to have allowed it earlier only to have friends and family. This is an outright lie since the website was only registered in July this year. How is it possible for his friends and family to have access to it when the domain was only registered recently?

zero loss formula software review

Fake Testimonials, Fraudulent Bank Accounts:

If you have visited the website you must have come across several “user testimonials”. These are absolutely fake and are made to deceive people. Have a look at Mr. Banjoman15 – he is one of the active paid actors, often used by unethical marketers to promote their scams. These actors get some commission to speak a bundle of lies. We know this because it is the same old scripted promotional talks used by con artists.

 Is Zero Loss Formula a scam?

Based on the evidence we have examined, it certainly does look like a scam. This is definitely isn’t a genuine auto trader which will make you a millionaire in just a month. For this reason, we will be adding Zero Loss Formula to our list of blacklisted services. Mr. Morgan, a paid actor, speaks just to cheat traders and lure them to make investments. If you choose to believe him, the only person who will become wealthy is “Peter Morgan” himself, and not you.

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