WikiTrader Review – Is WikiTrader a SCAM by Kelly Wallace?

WikiTrader – Scam or Legit?

WikiTrader App is a new binary options auto trading software that has been made available to the public. After reading about so many scam systems which are being launched every other day, it is pleasing to find a binary options robot which is not designed to cheat people. Our WikiTrader review is an unbiased exploration on how the system is produced to generate winning signals. Full credits to Kelly Wallace for creating this revolutionary system which has already created hundreds of success stories. Do not believe any WikiTrader scam reports because this isn’t a scam. Read our full review and learn more about the incredible technology used.

Kelly Wallace WikiTrader

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Who is Kelly Wallace?

Kelly Wallace is the lady behind the WikiTrader software. As we watched her presentation video, we were amazed by her simplicity, yet a confident approach in explaining every detail about the software. She created the software with the hope of offering a stable income to people, which might also help students in funding their education. Kelly Wallace has a refreshing new approach to explain her project. In our WikiTrader review, we found plenty of information about Kelly. She enjoys great reputation and integrity in online trading. She is well known for her risky and competitive style of trading.

How Does WikiTrader System Work?

WikiTrader software works by generating a reliable and stable income. It doesn’t promise to make several millionaires in a few months (as in most scams), but it assures a modest start for anyone who invests an amount of $250. Kelly Wallace, through her experience and observation, realized that no single formula works for different trading styles. She made the most of Fibonacci concept when she realized that in spite of having a chaotic nature, markets trends can be predicted with this concept. World markets are consistently working to ratio. This means that her software can generate a winning rate of 88% and many times higher too.

We found great transparency in the system which makes it highly reliable. There is no secrecy or mystery in the whole system. The software is transparent and designed to help traders. Here are some reasons why we like this system a lot:

User-Friendly Interface

WikiTrader website ( offers a user-friendly interface. This is a cloud-based software which can be easily used on any kind of device. An internet connection is just needed to use the system. To start trading, a trader needs to enable the auto trading feature. The rest is taken care of by the software. The website is easily navigable, has no complications and is straightforward. Traders do not have to worry about checking the trades which are placed in a broker’s account. Updates are easily available on the dashboard.

Auto Trading and Manual Options

WikiTrader supports both auto and manual trading. If traders wish, they can easily switch over from auto trading to manual or vice versa. This is a convenient and highly popular feature of the system. Those who are experienced in trading would love to try out manual trading. This will offer them more advantage and greater winning possibility. They will be able to filter signals better. In case of novice traders or those with limited knowledge of binary options, the best option is Auto Trading mode. In this mode, trades are placed based on the recommended settings.

Achievable Winning Rate

WikiTrader offers an achievable winning rate of about 88%. Unlike scam systems which guarantee profits every time or 100% accuracy, there are no false promises offered by this system. WikiTrader is known to make weekly profits $1000-$5000. You must notice the huge variation since wins are largely dependent on the number of trades placed and initial deposits made. This is another proof of that WikiTrader is not a scam as the makers do not guarantee stable or constant winning rate or amount.

WikiTrader Scam Review

Why is WikiTrader Software Reliable?

  • No False Promises – Traders are not promised 100% wins or steady profits each day. This is actually the true nature of the binary trading industry, where nothing can be predicted with 100% certainty. A realistic winning rate is mentioned which is usually 80-90% success rate in a day. This is based on statistics which makes it highly reliable.

  • Not Free – Scam websites promise ‘Free’ trials or use. This is actually a false statement because, in the later stage, traders have to make an investment. It is clearly mentioned that traders need to make an investment of $250 to start trading.

  • Real Users – During our WikiTrader scam review, we checked online for real users. We found testimonials and reviews by several people who have actually won trades. There are plenty of positive reports about the program.

Easy Joining Process 

Considering the immense earning potential of the system, it is generally assumed that the registration process might be a lengthy or a complicated one. During our WikiTrader scam review, we tried registering and found the process really simple. Traders need to visit, follow the registration instructions and deposit $250. This is all that needs to be done to start trading real money.

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Verdict – Is WikiTrader a Scam?

No – WikiTrader is NOT a scam! It is one of the few genuine binary trading robots which have the potential to help traders earn money. Kelly Wallace, the lady behind the system is well experienced and is well known in the online trading industry. The official website of the system has all the requisite information. The working of the software is explained in detail. The entire operation is straightforward and offers complete openness. There are no false claims or promises to make millionaires overnight. Traders are welcome to get in touch with the responsive support team and should consider trying out the system. Our WikiTrader review found the system transparent with great potential to make money.

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