Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Review – Cheap Hoax!

The Underdog Millionaire Pro is a weak attempt at a Scam! The only people who will fall victim to this hoax are people who are new to online trading or the internet  in general. We received many complaints from our readers and decided to conduct a thorough investigation into this system. We strongly encourage you to read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money into the Underdog Millionaire Pro System.

Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Review

Underdog Millionaire Pro

Underdog Millionaire Review

We will first investigate some of the claims made by the Underdog Millionaire Pro system to determine if it is a legitimate software or a fraudulent one:

Created by Albert Friedemann  – Albert Friedemann the “Mathematical Genius” from Germany is allegedly the creator of the Underdog Millionaire Pro system. Unfortunately for us, they did not attach a face or voice to his name. Introducing us to the actual person is a much better way of establishing trust since we can easily verify his existence. Most of the time when people hide their identity, it is because they are not proud of what they are doing.

We searched Albert Friedemann up on Google and could not find any connection to a mathematical genius from Germany. We even tried searching on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. You would think someone with his credentials should have some social media or online presence. Albert Friedemann is most likely a character who was made up in attempts to impress unsuspecting traders before stealing their hard earned money.

Guaranteed winnings – There is no such thing as “guaranteed” winnings in the trading world. This is a fact. Trading binary options, forex, or stocks come with risks. How well you manage risk determines if you are profitable or not. One can only speculate at best if a trade is profitable; it is impossible to be 100% certain. Even the best traders in the world who trade billions of dollars can make mistakes. The Underdog Millionaire Pro wants you to believe that they can “guarantee your winnings” so that you will be more likely to fall into their trap.

95% Accuracy – It is common knowledge that Softwares which claim to have a 90% accuracy or higher are usually scams. Even some of best auto-traders in the market such as the NEO² and Copy Buffet do not claim to have more than 80-85% win rates. It is virtually unheard of and is frankly quite ridiculous. An accuracy of 70~85% is usually enough to maintain profitable trading results. The Underdog Millionaire Pro system intentionally claims to have a 95% accuracy so that investing with them appears to be a no-brainer. This is a very common tactic employed by most scam artists.

underdog millionaire pro fraudulent claims

Unrealistic Claims

Is Underdog Millionaire Pro a Scam?

It is becoming more evident that this whole system is nothing but a giant money-making hoax. If by chance you’re still not convinced, let us inspect some of the other claims that have been made by this fraudulent system. The Underdog Millionaire Pro makes the claim that it has produced a lot of millionaires over the past 2 months. This is a huge claim backed with no evidence. Where are these so-called millionaires that they made? There are no pictures or testimonials from any of these millionaires on their video presentation and website . They’re probably hiding around somewhere with Albert Friedemann the math genius.

If that’s not bad enough, they clearly contradict their own claims by having a 1-month-old website. A simple who.is search shows us that the website is only slightly less than a month old, at the time of writing. It goes without saying that in order to produce millionaires for 2 months, you at least need to have a domain that is older than that. The underdogmillionairepro.com domain was only registered on the 29th of March 2016 as shown in the link above.

Analysis Conclusion: Underdog Millionaire IS a SCAM!

Do not be too discouraged. While you should definitely avoid the Underdog Millionaire, there are other better alternatives to earning a side income with online trading. If you are fairly new to binary options, we strongly recommend you visit our Trusted Services section to look for a reliable auto-trader. If you already have some experience/knowledge and are confident in your ability to trade profitably, visit our Recommended Brokers page to get started with a safe and regulated binary options broker.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam Review. We hope it has benefited you in some way. Feel free to share this with your friends via social media to help prevent more people from falling victim. Please leave us a comment below if you have any feedback or questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also visit the Contact Us section.

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