Turbine XO is a SCAM! Honest Review Exposes Andrew Fisher!!

Turbine XO – SCAM Busted Finally!

Turbine XO is nothing but a poor quality binary trading scam! Its creators are not leaving any stone unturned, with its promotional activities in a bid to reach out to as many traders as possible. Turbine XO scam software is a pack of nonsense jargon, lies and fraudulent claims of generating massive amounts of income. Our Turbine XO review is for anyone who is looking for more information about this scam software or thinking about making an investment. This system is a trap to steal your money and has already claimed several of its victims.

We start our Turbine XO review by finding out more about the creator of the software.

turbine xo scam review

Who is Andrew Fisher?

Andrew Fisher claims to be a hotshot entrepreneur and the CEO of Turbine XO. He seems to be in his early twenties and tries to portray himself with great conviction. If you have watched other similar scam videos, you will agree, there is not much of a difference in this presentation too. Andrew Fisher belongs to the same clan of fake actors, mouthing similar kind of script, in the same accent and doing his best to sound as believable as possible. Our research yielded no information about Andrew Fisher – no social media presence and no physical presence anywhere has been noted too. We find this to be highly suspicious – considering that he is the owner of such a high-profile money minting software.

Well – harsh reality is, the CEO doesn’t actually exist. He is a fake actor, portraying himself as the CEO.

How Does Turbine XO Work?

Scammers love to talk about “Wall Street trading algorithm’! Perhaps, this sounds realistic or rather something which people can relate to. Andrew Fisher too, tries to make the most of the phrase and explains that the software is powered by Wall Street traders and uses their trading algorithm. It is claimed that the system using cutting edge technology and is completely reliable. However, this is all a myth because all companies do not use the same trading method. Every system or App uses its own algorithm along with experts who monitor and analyze trades. Thus, simply borrowing or using words from other scammers doesn’t actually help. This explanation is completely vague.

Now, getting into some proofs of Turbine XO scam and why traders need to be cautious.

A Dreadful Video Presentation –

If you haven’t yet checked out the video presentation at turbinexo.com, we urge you to go through it once. In simple words, the presentation is just dreadful. In the past, we have seen some really remarkable marketing videos from scam systems, but here the video itself lacks the appeal. The sound echoes and the office looks sketchy – not actually the office of a millionaire. No notable graphics, no shots of luxury cars, mansions or outdoor shots. The camera seems outdated and the person behind the camera seems to be with zero filming experience. The presenter sounds fake, his hand movements seem to be imposed and his speech is all well rehearsed. We found the video is a huge let-down.

andrew fishers turbine xo software

Abnormal Earnings –

Don’t you think that earning $5,000 per day is unusual? This unrealistic earning of $5,000 or even $1,500 a day is an indicator of Turbine XO scam. No app can guarantee such huge earnings in a day and that too with a seed capital of $250. Earning money can never be so easy, unless you are robbing someone. This is exactly what is happening here. The creators are all set to rob money with their Turbine XO scam software.

94 % Success Rate – Possible Only By A Scam Software –

If any software promises you 94% success rate, know at once, you are dealing with a scam! The truth is that such a huge success rate is impossible in any form of automated trading. Even the most profitable systems that we have tested do not make such ridiculous claims. The legitimate systems are usually capable of maintaining an average success rate of 75% and above – which is more than enough to be profitable. 94% is a myth that is meant to lure gullible traders into this hoax.

Trusted and Verified Broker – Another Lie:

The CEO claims that the whole system is built with just ONE broker. This broker is trusted and verified which means complete security for traders. This is just one glaring lie among the many. The broker identity or name is never revealed. Why? This is simply because it is a lie. We tested the system and can confirm we have been introduced to at least 3 different scam brokers. This definitely doesn’t look good in their favour.

Fake Company Story:

We also came across a story, where the CEO talks about a company he owns! In our investigation, we found that this company was dissolved long ago. The company was registered with the name Click Trade Ltd. This was not related to the financial market. It is clearly evident that Andrew is trying to deceive traders with lies and misleading facts. We also found that turbinexo.com was registered on 17th of June 2016 and not earlier. These are all fake stories by the fake owner. Undoubtedly, it is extremely risky to trust or believe such fraudulent people.

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Verdict – Is Turbine XO a scam?

Yes, in our Turbine XO review, we found this software to be a 100% scam. The claims made cannot be justified nor could the facts be verified. Their support team is unreachable. The website claims that the effectiveness of the software can be easily demonstrated with the help of live trade results, but we couldn’t find any third party endorsements anywhere. There are no real users of the system since the testimonials and reviews are all fabricated. We couldn’t even locate the address of the company which would prove its existence. We conclude that this a fraud system, created to steal money. Traders should stay away!

If you found this Turbine XO Scam review helpful, leave us a comment below! What are your thoughts on the system and how did you find out about it? Information like this can help us better understand as well as track scams. We love hearing from our readers – it motivates us to continue exposing scams on a daily basis. Trade safe!

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