The Trader App Review – Brian Wren’s Disgusting $50,000 SCAM! Read!!

The Trader App – SCAM Software Exposed!

The Trader App is the latest scam software, which traders need to be aware of!

Created by Brian Wren and Howard Davis, this App seems to have a good approach when we first go through its details, in the presentation video. However, we soon realize that several deceptive tricks are being used in the App and in its promotion. The presentation video is created with the only intention of trapping traders into the system and manipulating them.

the trader app scam review

The product is being broadly marketed as one which generates as much as $8,000 in a week for its users but we have reason to believe it is nothing more than a hoax. No auto-trader can earn so much money in just a week. Several people have already complained about losing money to The Trader App scam. We advise all traders to go through our Trader App review and know every detail about the system.

Let us start The Trader App review by knowing more about the creators of the system and how it is supposed to make money.

Who is Brian Wren?

Brian Wren and Howard Davis claim to be the owners of the software. In our review, we realized that Brian Wren is not the actual owner of the system. Wern mentions that he has 18 years of experience in binary options trading, but we couldn’t find any information online which could confirm this fact. We couldn’t find any social media accounts belonging to him either. This is simply because he doesn’t exist. Brian is a character who has been created to promote the software. He is a hired actor who is being paid to promote the App. He mentions that he has designed 32 different robots in the past which have failed but he assures us this time it works. How do we believe him?

How can he assure us that this software will work when others have failed? He hasn’t explained how The Trader App software is different from the previous ones.

How Does The Trader App Work?

It is important to know what happens to the money which an investor invests into the system. How does the auto trader work to make money? Brian Wren claims that the system is a combination of 32 different algorithms from previous robots he had attempted to design. He also claims that this is an innovative technology which can execute trades with 100% accuracy.

We have the question unanswered – ‘How?’ What is the algorithm involved? Just like all other fake software, we could not verify anything on how The Trader App works. This kind of mystery is an obvious indication of The Trader App scam.

brian wren howard davis the trader app

30 Day Free Trial Claim:

If you visit the official website,, you will know that the App is available completely Free for a 30-day trial. It is claimed that after this period, traders are required to pay 1% commission from the winning trades, to continue using the program. This is just a dangerous trap to lure traders into the registration and trial process. Once users register themselves, they will be lured into another ‘bonus trap’ which prevents traders from withdrawing their funds.

Can The Trader App earn $50,000 week?

Mr. Brian claims that his software is not just a simple money making software. He also tries to explain that it is a legitimate software by putting a price of 1% on winnings. In the video presentation, he clearly shows his hatred towards profit making schemes or “profit promising software” which claim unreal winnings.

However, as soon as the trader closes the Trader App webpage, there is a pop-up which alerts us that if the page is closed, traders will miss a $50,000/week Free Software.

What does this imply? That this software shall make $50,000/week for anyone that uses it? Didn’t Brian Wren just warn us about “profit making schemes” that promise unreal winnings? Doesn’t $50,000 a week fall under the bracket of unreal winnings? He is clearly contradicting himself here which further proves the trader app is a hoax!

Dangerous Bonus Trap:

Brian explains that 32 robots combine in this App. How can we be sure, that these 32 Apps which failed previously, will be working now? We also know that all the auto traders which were previously introduced are all scams. He also talks about a free trial and $500 bonus for traders. It is important to remember here that this bonus is nothing but a trap, which puts more terms on the withdrawals.

In our The Trader App review, we realized that when traders attempt to move away from the website, there is a pop-up which asks to take action and immediately receive a $500 in cash. This is a trap since nothing is explained how the money will be received. Brian is not the broker, so how will the money be credited to the account? software review

Fake Testimonials:

As we reviewed, we came across several fake testimonials on the web page. The testimonials are just random names with random images. They are not real. The testimonials are displayed just to lure traders and make them believe that the system is genuine and capable of making money easily.

No Withdrawals:

In our The Trader App scam review, we discovered a few discrepancies in the system. If a 30-day trial is offered to the traders, the broker is supposed to credit the bonus automatically. We know that all bonuses are usually available with a few conditions. We realize that profits cannot be withdrawn prematurely and some specific number of trade volumes should be met. This means it is not easy to withdraw your bonus. ‘Bonus’ is just a trap to encourage people register for the App and deposit money. No one is actually going to earn any bonus.

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Verdict – Is The Trader App A Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam system!

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After a thorough analysis and The Trader App review, we can confidently conclude that this is a scam software. All statements in the presentation, contradict one another. There is no sense in what is being said about the workings of the software. The reviews and testimonials are all fabricated to influence new traders. The bonus winning feature is just a trap. It is a way to attract investors with the hope of winning the bonus at least. The system does not actually make $50,000 a week and everything is just false and misrepresentation. New traders should realize that there are several misleading details, facts, and false statements which are a clear warning of manipulation and The Trader App scam. This program is an absolute fraud with the sole intention of cheating traders!

If you found this Trader App review helpful, do let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the system! It inspires us to continue exposing scams on a daily basis! If you’re looking for a more reliable alternative to get you started in binary options trading, here is a list of the best performing auto-traders we have tested to date. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest binary options news. Trade safe!

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