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The Cash Loophole

The Cash Loophole is the latest binary option auto-trading App with yet another scam blueprint. Unfortunately, just as is the case with all other binary scam software, traders are too easily tricked into believing the promises and claims of the App. This auto-trader claims to make a minimum amount of $20,000 in a day, which is an insane amount to guarantee. Hundreds of people have already lost their money and a lot more are on their way. In spite of it being a scam, it is gaining fast popularity. The Cash Loophole review is an unbiased attempt to expose the scam and alert traders about the fraudulent App.

The Cash Loophole Scam Review

In our process of investigation, we were introduced to Richard Sellars.

Who is Richard Sellars?

Richard Sellars claims to be the owner and CEO of this software. However, in spite of being such a rich man and of such great repute, Richard Sellars doesn’t have any social presence and identity. The Cash Loophole scam research revealed that the person actually doesn’t exist. He is a hired voice actor, who is actually paid to push the scam and promote it. In fact, we found he is also known as Tom Jones or Harry Truman. The real identity of the owner is hidden and is not known. We wonder why the owner of such a million dollar earning software would choose to hide his identity. The reason is simple – the owner is quite well aware of fraudulence and doesn’t wish to be identified.

How Does The Cash Loophole Work?

It is important to know how The Cash Loophole makes money before any trader invests money. In the video presentation, we are told that the App utilizes an abusive price manipulation. The presenter explains that with these manipulations profits are easily generated. Traders should know that this is a colossal lie and a complete indication of The Cash Loophole scam. Profits are never generated this way. The explanation is unclear and defies all logic.

Recycled Scam:

The Cash Loophole research revealed that the auto trader is just a recycled SCAM. It is just another version of Mockingbird Method, Zulander Hack and the very recent The Money Glitch scam (which we recently reviewed). This app is just a revised version of this software. The same fake promotions, claims, and profit making story is being used in this financial fraud. How lazy can these con artists get?

Video Presentation – Full of Secrecy and Mystery:

In the course of our investigation, we checked web page. The website is a series of scenes which are just lifted from various sources. The website is a depiction of a few random people doing different things, what the narrator is asking them to do. The video presentation is mostly about Richard Sellar’s urging to try the presentation. We found a number of fake stamps of guarantee which are posted just on top of statements. The video is all about some badly photo-shopped images, depicting thousands of dollars in non-existing bank accounts and different trading accounts. None of the reliable automated binary options trading systems that we use, incorporate this much BS in it’s promotion.

Richard Sellars The Cash Loophole

Induced Urgency:

An induced urgency is another common feature of most scam systems. The idea remains the same – to rush and get as many registrations possible. During The Cash Loophole review, we noticed that the homepage had a message which claimed that the software has run its course. It is no longer available now. This creates a sense of urgency and scarcity in the minds of the traders. They feel they have missed out on something. However, as we checked the internal pages we found that everything is available in its full grandeur. Traders quickly go through the registration in the fear of missing it again. It is just a rush and urgency which is created to trap the would-be victims. Traders, who are in a rush to make the most of the opportunity, are often the sufferers.

False Claims:

We came across several false claims and lies on Here are a few of them which are lies and cannot happen:

  • Richard Sellars is the owner and CEO of the App. This is a complete lie as he is just a face behind a name. We do not know the identity of the real owner.
  • He claims that 100 people have already become a multi-millionaire using the software. We couldn’t verify this statement at all. We couldn’t find anyone who would verify this claim.
  • $20,000 in a day can be earned in a day. This is a false statement as no binary trading app can assure these amounts of profit in a day.
  • The software is Free – It is said that it is an easy process to create an account. One needs to just type a name and email id. This is not true because just on the next page, the user is asked to submit money to start trading. This means the software is not free at all.

Domain Registration – Lies Exposed!

In the process of reviewing the Cash Loophole scam, we tried to dig into their domain registration facts. It was revealed that the domain was registered in 2016 only. This means that the statements about 100 people becoming millionaires over the years are completely false. It was also said that the software was launched a few years back – this is also a false statement.

Besides all this, we found false testimonials, inflated bank accounts, and endorsements which were all lies. None of the statements of facts could be verified by us.

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Verdict: Is The Cash Loophole a Scam?

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Yes, this is 100% scam software. The website and the entire system are full of outrageous claims, contradictions and poor voice acting skills. This is a scam system which assures monetary loss to anyone. The method of operating is similar to all other previous scams. It is all about the same lucrative promise of earning a lot of money in a short time. It includes fake testimonials, pressure tactics, hyped claims, inflated bank accounts and several pressure tactics. The owner of the system is not known nor is the office registered. The Cash Loophole scam is created just to steal your money. Stay away from the system as it doesn’t earn money but is designed to quickly steal your money.

If you are looking for a safer and more reliable alternative,  visit our recommended services section. None of the auto traders we promote will make you $10,000 or $20,000 a day. Those figures are dreams only sold by scammers to attract the greedy. The systems we promote are more than capable of bringing in a couple of hundred dollars in daily profits with ups and downs. It may take longer for you to fulfill your dreams with them, but you can be assured you will not lose your entire investment in a single day! Thank you for reading this review. Trade safe!

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