Terran Capital Scam Review – Honest Software Review with PROOF!!

Terran Capital is a new binary options scam software that is disguised as a profitable auto trading system. Supposedly, it guarantees its users a minimum of $900 in daily profits. If you received an email invite to participate with Terran Capital, do not sign up just yet. We received countless emails from unsatisfied traders who tried out the platform and had their account balances depleted. For this reason, we decided to investigate the Terran Capital Scam software and will be publishing our findings in this comprehensive review. Please read this review through do the end before making any investment decisions or you might regret it later.

Terran Capital Review

This Terran Capital review aims to help potential investors make an informed decision by shedding some light on the well-hidden areas behind this shady system. All of our following statements are well-researched facts. They are not just random claims pulled out of a hat, which is something fraudulent systems such as Terran Capital seem to do very well.

Terran Capital Scam Review

What is Terran Capital?

Terran Capital is one of many binary options auto trading systems that are available on the market. These systems, also known as robots, trade for their investors on 100% autopilot with the click of a button. The robots are developed with sophisticated algorithms and are able to analyze financial markets as well as spot upcoming trends. Their ability to quickly identify profitable trade opportunities as well as execute them are unrivalled. As of 2016, 85% of all financial market trades are done by high-frequency trading computer algorithms, and not humans. This massive shift towards algorithmic trading has unfortunately caused a lot of dishonest programmers to develop counterfeit systems with the sole purpose of stealing from unsuspecting traders.

Is Terran Capital a SCAM?

It most definitely is a scam. Let’s begin with the Terran Capital company and its alleged CEO, Susan Carter. Terran Capital is an award-winning Algo-Trading Company that has been developing trading software for the past 11 years. To date, it has traded over $870 billion in assets and has accumulated billions of dollars in profits. Everything sounds great so far. We did some research to verify these impressive claim. Turns out, none of these statements are true. Terran Capital is not a real company. We looked high and low for evidence of its existence but found nothing conclusive. Susan Carter is also as anonymous as her company. No verifiable record of her existence is available. A company with such impressive accomplishments is usually never hard to find. This raises a big red flag. The truth is that Terran Capital is just an imaginary company that’s acting as a front to deceive new gullible traders.

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Terran Capital Software Review

Guaranteed profits & zero risk trading

Terran Capital promotes itself as a no-risk money-making opportunity. When it comes to trading and investing, there is no such thing as zero risks. There are high-risk investments and low-risk investments. Zero-risk however, simply does not exist. Binary options systems that promote themselves as no risk investments are usually fraudulent ones to be wary about. It’s just a deceptive marketing tactic used to lower your guard and lure you into the scam. Even the best performing software we know of does not make such ridiculous claims. Trading binary options, however, does come with lower risks than other forms of trading such as Forex and Stocks.

Fake news articles

The deception doesn’t end there. One of the more attractive features on the Terran Capital website is their global media section. There’s a section with quotes from the world’s biggest media companies such as CNN, Reuters, CNBC and China daily, who apparently ‘endorse’ Terran Capital as the next big thing. These endorsements are fake. We searched these companies archives for a mention of the Terran Capital scam but found none. It is very likely that these scammers edited the article to include their name in it. This is commonly done to ‘appear legitimate’. By including big names such as CNN and CNBC, they hope potential victims would trust in them more.

Terran Capital fabricated testimonials

We review scam services on a daily basis and notice most fraudulent offers make use of fabricated testimonials. Terran Capital is no different. The testimonials section on the web page shows several testimonies from clients who supposedly had a lot of success with the Terran Capital software. These clients apparently have made hundreds of thousand of dollars with the system since 2013. From experience, we knew these were bogus testimonials and could disprove them with ease. A simple Who.is search reveals that the terrancapital.co website is less than 2 months old since registration took place 2nd of May 2016. How is it that these people are able to profit with a system for over 3 years when the actual site/company is only 2 months old? This is clearly just another lie.

Terran Capital Scam Review

Terran Capital Review Conclusion: Deceptive SCAM!

Any trading system that uses these many deceptive marketing methods should not receive investments. We are 100% sure that Terran Capital is indeed a scam and will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services. Unsurprisingly, 95% of the services we review fall into the category of scams while only a tiny fraction are actually genuine. Binary options is an extremely lucrative field of trading and is rapidly gaining popularity over other forms of trading.

However, new scams like this pop up every single day and are slowly damaging the binary options industry with no remorse. Should you wish to be successful in this area of trading, it is crucial that you distinguish the scam services from the ones that are legitimate by reading credible reviews from trusted sites before taking part in any offer. If you are looking for better alternatives to get you started in your binary options journey, visit our recommended signal services section. We test and review binary options services regularly and rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. Thank you for reading our Terran Capital Scam Review. We hope it helped save you some money. Stay safe!

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