Terabit Trader Software Review – Is Terabit Trader a SCAM? Read Now!!

Terabit Trader – A Dangerous FRAUD Lies Ahead!

Terabit Trader App is the latest money-making App which is being extensively promoted all over. Several people have already received the email with the lucrative offer from Terabit Trader – “Make $20,000 Per Day (Guaranteed)”. Traders are being invited to change their fortune in a very short time.

If you have started believing in all that is being said and now trying to do your own research to know a bit more, we must say you are lucky. Lucky – not because you will make the money, but because you will be able to save your hard earned money before it is too late. Terabit Trader App is a scam and we have proof to back it up. Spend a few minutes, read our Terabit Trader review and know every bit of this fraudulent scheme.

Let us start by knowing more about the owner of the App, Richard Heffner.

terabit trader scam review

Who Is Richard Heffner?

Richard Heffner is the creator of this Terabit Trader scam software. When you visit the official website, terabittrader.com you can see this person who leads the whole presentation. He claims to have previously worked for an automobile satellite navigation company and now he started a new company, known as Terabit Trader App.

Sadly, though, there is no truth in this story. Richard Heffner is just a character (no real personality), who is getting paid to promote the product. He had previously worked and promoted other scam products too, which were later exposed and proven to be scams. So, the real identity of the owner is not actually known. Traders are cheated at this very first stage.

How Terabit Trader App Works?

Richard, in his promotional video, explains how the automatic system helps in making guaranteed money. He explains that optical data transmission technology will be used in seeking winning opportunities. This will be done on behalf of the traders, who will register. This explanation is quite vague and the Terabit protocol isn’t really explained. He emphasises that the algorithm will make it impossible to lose any trade – but the question remains unanswered – How? The fact remains that the creators do not themselves know how because they have created the website to rob money.

False Earnings – $20,000

This is the first proof of Terabit Trader scam – such a huge amount cannot be earned in the binary options market. Especially not with a low deposit for $250. This does not happen in the global financial market too. So, any person who has little knowledge will know this is a false earnings claim. Even the most legitimate auto trading services we use do not claim to be able to generate  ridiculous profits such as these.

Misleading Claims:

If you visit terabittrader.com, you will come across two contradictory statements. Firstly, it is claimed in bold, that traders can generate $20,000 in a day on completion of the autopilot mode. The second statement appears just below the video box which claims that traders will be making a guaranteed profit of $850. This confused us during our Terabit Trader review and unfortunately we couldn’t verify any fact from anyone. What is the truth? Why is there such a big inconsistency? How can the traders trust the website?

terabittrader.com richard heffner

100% Accuracy – Guaranteed Profits – Unrealistic Claims:

In the binary options market, 100% accuracy cannot be assured. No software or any human can guarantee profits because we all know that this is a highly risky industry. Any software which promises or ‘guarantees’ profits is usually a scam.

Social Media Buttons Fake:

Notice the various social media buttons displayed at the bottom left of the website. Try to click them – they are not clickable and they will not lead you anywhere because they do not work. These are just adorned to give a legitimate feel to the website. If this had been legitimate software, it would proudly link its various social media accounts. Social media is a way to interact with users and increase brand visibility.

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Fake User Photos:

Another proof of Terabit Trader scam! As we tried to verify information available at the official website, we came across a number of users’ photographs. It didn’t take us to find out that these are all actually stock images which were either taken or perhaps bought from the internet. These are not real users. Why would any genuine, such high profit earning money making scheme buy or steal photographs?

False Endorsements:

Check terabittrader.com and you will find that several famous personalities from top media houses like CNN have appreciated or praise this App. It has been endorsed for its unique ability to generate profits. However, truth is something else. Jack Pallister is actually being framed – he did not endorse the product. The Terabit Trader App has also not been reviewed by CNN Business. This is a dangerous fraud by the owners of the App.

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Verdict – Is Terabit Trader App a Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam App!

Traders should refrain from Terabit Trader App as it is designed just to fraud and cheat traders and steal their money. We found several complaints and negative feedback, during our extensive Terabit Trader review from people who have lost their money. This is a total money making scheme using a non-existing system, with bogus intentions and incorrect details. Stay away from this scam app and invest your money elsewhere.

It is important that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before participating with any shady online offer. There are tons of money making opportunities online that can earn you a comfortable living. However, there are A LOT more scams than they are legitimate opportunities. 95% of the services we review are scams that are added to our blacklist while only 5% are actually legitimate. Be careful out there. If you’re looking for a recommendation, try CodeFibo. It is our #1 recommendation at the moment.

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