Swarm Intelligence Review – SCAM or Legit Software? Must read!!

Swarm Intelligence – By Dr. Steven Francis

Swarm Intelligence is a new binary options auto trader by Dr. Steven Francis. Is Swarm Intelligence a  scam? Or is it a legitimate binary trading software? This is what everyone wants to know. The software  is a semi-automated binary trading robot which doesn’t make any kind of blown up claims of making millionaires overnight. That’s always a good start. The logic behind this system is that when several sources of independent input are collated and then applied towards a common objective, the end result achieved is positive. Read our Swam Intelligence review to learn more about the system and its unique operational features.

Dr. Steven Francis Swarm Intelligence

Official Website: Swarm-Intelligence.co

Who is Dr. Steven Francis?

Dr. Steven Francis is the founder/CEO of Swarm Intelligence. In the presentation video at swarm-intelligence.co, Francis mentions that he is a trading enthusiast and an Animal behavior specialist. Dr. Steven Francis created this app along with his experienced programmer friend Mr. Thomas Porter, who is a retired IBM Scientist. Mr. Francis enjoys a good reputation and is a person of great credibility. Mr. Francis explains the workings of the system and how the cumulative power of many is certainly better than one. For example, if a patient were to consider undergoing surgery, it would be better to get the opinion of 3 different doctors first instead of visiting just 1 doctor.

How Does Swarm Intelligence Work?

Swarm Intelligence is a semi-automated trading robot. Francis explains that many different algorithms which each takes into account various key trading indicators (Bolinger, Fibonacci, Charts, Candlestick, etc..) were developed. These are then programmed into 10 corresponding computers. These 10 computers then independently analyze a signal based on their individual algorithm and a collective decision is made on whether the trade signal is a profitable one or not. This system is based on a technical, fundamental and mechanical analysis. The software generally selects trades for a person and before execution, the individual needs to approve the trade. A fully automated mode exists too which can be selected with the auto trade option. Swarm level selector and money management calculators are some unique features of the software. These features can be used for money and risk management.

During our Swarm Intelligence review, we found several interesting and unique features of the system.

Best ‘User-Friendly’ Features Of The System:

  1. User Control – The system is fully automated and the user is offered several controls which help in safeguarding different trading styles and associated risks.
  2. Swarm Level Determination – Users can themselves determine the swarm level. This means the user can decide the total number of computers which need to be in agreement on a single trade. 9 is said to be the most effective and also conservative trading.
  3. Trade Volume – Trade volume can also be selected by the user. This is dependent on the capital size and is usually between $25-500.
  4. Forecasts and Monitoring – The system helps users with forecasts. It helps to determine how much money can be earned with the use of the system. This way traders can also monitor their performance. This is a much-appreciated transparency offered by the Swarm Intelligence Software.
  5. Customer Service – ‘Impeccable’ customer service is what can be said about the quality of the service. All queries are quickly taken cared of. Users just need to get in touch with the customer support team for any kind of query and help is not far away.

The system offers great flexibility which makes it suitable for large scale and also modest investors.

Swamp Intelligence Scam Review

1st day of trading – $213 PROFIT

83% ITM Wining Rate:

Winning rate is of prime importance for any legitimate auto trading app because traders look forward to high win rates which mean more returns on their investment. In the presentation video at swarm-intelligence.co, we learn that the platform focuses on quality trades. It doesn’t promise 100% win rates, which is something 95% of scam services advertise.

The software is still in its developing stage and delivers a realistic 83% success rate. It is explained that the system is configured to suggest only when 9 out of 10 trading systems are in good agreement. This means a significant reduction in suggested trades. The quality of  the signal is said to be at its best. Traders should expect around a dozen signals in one day. The system does work and 83% ITM win ratio is quite decent when we consider a new enterprise.

Realistic Earnings:

As we started our Swarm Intelligence review, we realized that the system has logic and follows certain principles. The system stands out because it offers realistic earnings and doesn’t promise millions in a month. The makers mention that users can make $1,000 in a week. This amount varies as per the settings selected and the trading amount selected. There are no claims of making thousands of dollars in a day, which is totally unrealistic.

No Downloads Required:

During our Swarm Intelligence scam review, we discovered that the founders are offering the software for free. This is of course for a limited time only. Later, it will be available for $1,999 per month. Free implies that anyone can use the opportunity and sign up for the system. However, a minimum deposit of $250 is still required in order to fund a trading account with the recommended brokers. Once they have an adequate number of people on board and the system is tested, the software will be available for a price of $1,999 per month. We strongly encourage users who are interested participate now while registration is free.

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Verdict – Is Swarm Intelligence a Scam?

Swarm Intelligence software is not a scam. This is a genuine and legitimate system which has already helped several users to make money online. This system is a much-awaited treat for all those who have been confronted with nothing but garbage scam offers. The owner is experienced and knows how to use the Swarm technique to win trades. The website doesn’t have any fake testimonials or reviews. Swarm Intelligence review concludes in full positivity that this App is here to make a difference and will actually help in earning you some side income.

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