Stockbit Review – Daniel Watanabe’s DANGEROUS Scam!!

Stockbit – SCAM or Legit?

StockBit – be prepared for another auto-trading scam! Yes, you read it right!

If you had started believing in everything which is being said about this newly launched system, our StockBit review is going to be an eye-opener. The software is being extensively advertised for its money generating trades and its ability to make millions in a short time.

stockbit scam review

This software is created by Daniel Watanabe, who promises big wins for registered users. It is being promoted as a software which only accepts “winning trades”. The official website is laden with false promises, claims, and dreams of being rich in a short time for gullible traders. The video presentation is quite persuasive and gripping, just perfect for new traders who are ready to try newer ways to make money. Several people have already lost their money in this so-called ‘income generating platform’. Our detailed StockBit review offers every reason to believe that this is not a legitimate software and is created just to cheat people.

We start our StockBit scam review, by finding out more about the man behind the software – Mr. Daniel Watanabe.

Who is Daniel Watanabe?

Daniel is presented as a dynamic young and distinguished entrepreneur, who with a group of expert programmers and traders, created Stockbit. He claims to have designed the software which generates trades with 70% accuracy. However, during our StockBit review, we could not verify his social identity or his experience in the binary trading industry! No one seems to know him personally, seen him, or have worked with him. Those who have spent years in the Binary trading industry are unaware about him or his software.

We wonder why a man of such repute doesn’t have a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook presence? Isn’t it a bit suspicious?

How Does StockBit work?

In the presentation video, we learn that StockBit generates $900 in a day and that too everyday. However, nowhere in the video, it is explained, how the money is earned. Daniel Watanabe simply explains that algorithms are just based on trader’s sentiment. Experts in binary trading industry will explain that the system just follows what the traders believe about some assets. It is truly mysterious, how software can access such data and then measure it. It is difficult to access, how a robot can understand what traders believe and win trades based on such belief. This seems absurd and just a trick to confuse traders. We believe this is just another proof of StockBit scam – a tactic, which is used by all scam companies.


Poorly Made Website:

To find out more about StockBit, we checked – the official website! The website design, structure and the presentation video – nothing seems to match the brilliance of the software, which can make thousands of dollars in a month. The design appears to be hurriedly done. Little or absolutely no information is available on how the software works or who has benefited from the software.

The website is all about a badly made presentation video, a few false testimonials, and an email subscription form. The main objective of the website is to invite applications and get traders register as soon as possible.

Who is Noah Hastings?

Noah Hastings is seen in the presentation, promoting the trading tool and explaining how traders can earn money in a short time. Noah Hastings and Daniel Watanabe are known to be the people behind the software. Just like Daniel, we could not verify the identity of Noah Hastings too. Noah doesn’t have any social media presence and is not known to anyone. This is quite surprising, considering the immense popularity of the website.

The presentation video claims that there are 14,000 registered users already, which we found a bit deceptive. People closely associated with the binary industry, have not heard about StockBit – we wonder, how thousands of people have signed up for the software? Stay away from this StockBit scam website, before you are ripped off all your money.

Impossible Earnings:

From the presentation video, we learn that StockBit can help in earning 7% daily revenue. The company is said to be working to increase the earning rate to at least 9%. We do not know how the earnings are expected to increase and what efforts are being made for the purpose. This means, with a deposit of $250 or $500, a trader can earn as much as $900 in a day. It also adds up to $90 million in a year. This figure of 90 million a year is highly unrealistic. No matter how good any software is, this amount of money cannot be guaranteed on a daily basis. domain age

Deceptive Claims:

  • Members – It is claimed that StockBit has 14,000 registered members already, which is a big number. The owner, Daniel Watanabe claims, that 3000 new members are joining this program every month, which suggests its immense popularity. In our StockBit review, we found that this is an absolutely false claim. We tried to find out from people well known in the binary industry and none of them have heard about StockBit. The domain was registered only on 04.08.2016. This is newly launched software which is being extensively promoted now and having 14,000 members registered in such a short time is absolutely not possible.

  • Media Promotion – It is also claimed that StockBit was announced in The New York Times and on CNN Money. During our investigation, we found that this is an absolutely false claim. By associating themselves with companies like CNN and The New York Times, these scam artists are trying to come across as “legitimate”. We found no mention of this malicious system in the archives of both these companies. This confirms another proof of StockBit scam and the dubious intention of the creators to fool or cheat people.

Fake Testimonials:

There are several phony reviews and testimonials on These are displayed to build trust and credibility in the minds of traders. The images are stolen or the people are just paid actors who lend out their images in return of money. These fake reviews and testimonials are all fabricated with the sole intention of winning the trust of traders. Do not believe in any of the reviews and testimonials you find on the website.

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Verdict: Is StockBit a scam?

Yes, StockBit is a 100% scam!

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StockBit is designed in a persuasive and nice way, but this is a completely unreliable service. It is based on complete lies and false details. The company is non-existent and promoted by fake actors. The identity of the owner or the existence of the company couldn’t be verified. There is no proof that the software works, as promised. Traders should beware, that this is a trap scheme and will no way help you win money. This is a total vicious attempt, to drain your savings by luring you into the registration process. After our extensive StockBit review, we urge all traders to stay away from this auto-pilot or they lose all their money.

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