SnapCash Binary Review – Is SnapCash Binary A Scam?! Must Read!

SnapCash Binary – Money Generating Machine?

SnapCash Binary is a new binary options auto trading software by Austin Ford that is quickly gaining popularity in the binary options community. It isn’t often that we get to write about a legitimate/profitable automated trading solution. It is quite natural to doubt the credibility of most offers due to hundreds of such automated trading scams being launched every day. Wondering if SnapCash Binary is a scam? Well – here is our honest review! Keep reading our detailed review to find out more about the system.


We start SnapCash Binary review by learning more about the owner!

Who is Austin Ford?

Austin Ford is the owner and creator of this unique automated system. He is quite experienced in the binary trading industry, having worked relentlessly for a year before coming up with the App. The system was initially made for his personal investment and later, after much consideration, Austin Ford made it public. Unlike most creators of scam apps, we were able to verify Austin Ford’s identity and background in the trading industry, quite successfully. His support team is also very cooperative and available for any kind of assistance. We personally contacted the support team to verify these claims. Their contact details are clearly displayed on their website

How Does SnapCash Binary Work?

The system is quite successful and obviously, you are curious about how it works! Austin Ford, the man behind this incredible software is a computer geek and an excellent coder. After years of studying the trends and analyzing the binary options market, he discovered and tweaked a few algorithms which he believed were being used by elite Wall Street traders. Data is fed in a certain format to the supercomputer which then selects the most profitable trading opportunities based on the algorithms entered.

Official Website – Professional and Organized:

As we started our review, we visited the official website of SnapCash binary – The presentation video is different from all other auto-traders we have reviewed till now. We found the video well made, open, quite refreshing and with a direct approach. Nothing is hidden or exaggerated in the video. The website provides all information which a trader needs to start. There are different sections and each section is well explained.

User-friendly Interface:

We loved the user-friendly interface. Everything appeared straightforward and effortless. Traders do not have to download any software since SnapCash Binary is cloud based. No prior knowledge about the system is needed. You can access the software from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

austin ford

Earnings – No False Claims:

If you watch the presentation video at, you will know that the software can help traders earn as much as $1,200 per day. We have been testing the system for a couple of days now and are seeing averages of $900 in daily profits. These differences in earnings are not enough to cause any worry as it is a relatively small margin. Over an extended period of time, we are certain it will eventually average out closer to $1,200. We will continue to test this out.

Realistic 86% Winning Rate:

Our SnapCash Binary review found the software to maintain an 86% winning trade accuracy – there is no claim of 100% accurate results, which is claimed by almost all scam systems. A few beta version users of the software have reported making a profit of $5,000 in a week and some users made less – this is what happens in reality. No one makes the same amount of profit. This is said to be dependent on the initial deposit made and the number of trades placed. No binary software can be resistant to failures, but we found that this auto trader works better than many others. Remember, anyone who promises you a 100% win ratio is more than likely a scammer who is out to get your money.

FREE Software:

The SnapCash Binary software on its own is a free-to-use software. However, you will still be required to fund your trading account with one of the recommended brokers. Without a trading account, the software will not be able to trade on your behalf. The minimum amount required to fund a trading account is $250 which is relatively low. We recommend our readers to start with the minimum amount and work their way up. Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

The signup process is simple and uncomplicated. You simply need to enter your name and email to get started and you will be guided to the rest of the process in the next few steps. There are no hidden strings attached.

Support Team – Responsive:

We tried to check out the effectiveness and responsiveness of the support team during our SnapCash Binary review. We contacted the team through the e-mail address provided on the official website Much to our surprise (after having reviewed so many scams), we received a reply in less than 4 hours. Traders can get in touch with the support team for any problem or query and they can be assured of getting a sensible reply within 24 hours.

is snapcash binary a scam

Is SnapCash Binary Software a Scam?

In our SnapCash Binary scam review, we can confirm a lot of the information claimed by the owner and creator of the system – Austin Ford, is true. It is indeed possible to earn money with the software. We couldn’t actually find any reason to make us believe that the system is a scam or is launched to dupe traders. Traders need to know, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you are able to achieve results gradually – this is quite realistic and possible!

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If you have any thoughts or questions with regard to SnapChat Binary, let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond to everyone.

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