Shepard SDP Scam Review – Do NOT Trust Perry Shepard! Here’s why..

Shepard SDP – SCAM to earn $55K in a Month!

Shepard SDP or Systemized Digital Profits, by Perry Shepard, is the latest binary trading scam which has drawn the attention of several people. This is just another scam which is being highly promoted by the affiliate marketers. This system is full of misleading facts, deceptive promises and false claims about earning money. The Shepard SDP scam has already claimed many victims, who have invested their money and lost it all.

If you have received any of the spam e-mail messages or slightly influenced by this auto trading App, we advise you to read our full Shepard SDP review. We have all details and proofs about the scam and how it is all prepared to rob money from users and vanish just like all other scams.

Perry Shepard From Shepard SDP SCAM

We start our review, by knowing more about the creator of the system – Perry Shepard!

Who is Perry Shepard?

Perry Shepard claims to be the creator of the App with years of experience in binary options trading industry. In our Shepard SDP review, we couldn’t confirm any of his claims or his experience. He does not have any social media presence, which adds to our suspicion. No one from the industry or otherwise seems to know him or has ever dealt with him.

Our scam review found that Perry Shepard is an actor – better known as David Loftus. He has appeared in several other videos, promoting different kinds of products and services. He is a hired actor, who is just saying, what he has been told. Perry Shepard is a character which is created by the scammers to fool people.

How Does Shepard SDP Work?

Before making an investment, it’s crucial to know how the App works or what technique is being used. From the official website, we learn that this is a completely automated system, which does everything for the users. The video presentation explains that traders just need to relax and watch their money pouring in. This doesn’t actually explain how the system work? Traders are left to think for themselves how they will earn money. This is just another clear indication of secrecy and Shepard SDP scam.

Unrealistic Earnings:

If you watch the video presentation, you will know that Shepard claims this software is ready to help traders win $56 K every month. It is claimed that the system can help registered users to make money within a few minutes of signing up. This means, if a trader registered on a Sunday, the system, will assist is winning money. This is all lies and false claims. Firstly, earning $56 K every month is impossible. Even the most legitimate systems we test and use have only brought us a maximum of $900 a week or $3.6k a month. Secondly, the financial market is closed on weekends – how can the system earn money ‘within minutes’? This is just another proof of Shepard SDP scam.

shepard SDP Scam Review

False Claims:

Perry Shepard, who claims to be the owner, mentions that he had initially registered a small company, around two years ago. He wanted to engage in trading solutions. He also mentioned that the beta testers who had joined him initially are all millionaires now. In our Shepard SDP scam review, we found all these claims to be false. As we checked the domain age of, we found that it was officially registered only on 2016-07-07. This means, everything which is said about beta testers, about two years research and people who have become millionaires are all lies.

No Loss – 100% Win Rate:

The creators of the software claim that it is a ‘no loss’ App. Traders are assured of 100% win. If you have little knowledge of the binary options trading industry, you will know that though this is a profitable industry, wins can never be GUARANTEED!. No App can guarantee only profits for the traders. Traders need to realize that in financial markets, prices go up and down quite frequently. It is extremely tough and impossible to predict profits and that too consistently. Even the most legitimate systems we use do not claim 100% win rates as that is simply absurd.  Only a scam or fake software will promise 100% success.

Fake Social Media Representations:

The website is created to deceive traders and with the sole intention of portraying reliability or truthfulness of the App. You will notice a few social media icons, just at the bottom of the page. These include Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. During our Shepard SDP scam review we tried to check the social media accounts and soon found the truth. Try clicking them and you will notice that they are not clickable. These are falsely displayed just to grab the attention of people. The makers wish to make traders believe that they are a genuine and an honest system, where they can deposit their money.

False Testimonials, Reviews, and Endorsements:

The official website is all about fake claims and lies. It is no way connected to reality. In our review, we found that all testimonials and reviews are fictitious. The images are stolen and stories are all made up. You will also find a few endorsements and news about the App being featured in a few renowned websites – these are all a deception because nothing appeared on these websites about the software. We couldn’t confirm the legitimacy of any of the reviews, testimonials, and endorsements.

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Verdict – Is Shepard SDP A Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam!

The creators of the software are not known – the person we see, is just a fake actor who is reading a script. He is no way associated with the system. The service is not a genuine system. It doesn’t generate thousands of dollars in a day nor can it make anyone a millionaire in a month. The website and the presentation video are loaded with false claims, facts, and misleading information. No information or fact in the website could be verified, as there is no truth in any statement or fact. Our Shepard SDP review has unfolded all claims about the software and proved that this is a complete fraud. Stay away from this system and urge anyone else to do so, who seems to be interested.

If you’re looking for a safer & more reliable way to get you started in binary options trading, visit our recommended services section. We test and review binary options systems frequently and rely heavily on positive user feedback as well as testing before recommending any systems. Our top pick for the month is CodeFibo. Thank you for reading our Shepard SDP scam review. Trade safe!

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