Scalper Bot 1000 Review – Kevin Bright’s Malicious SCAM! Must Read!!

Scalper Bot 1000 – Low-Grade SCAM to steal your money!

Scalper Bot 1000 claims to be the best automated binary options trading platform created by Kevin Bright! Unfortunately, like several other automated Apps, this is also a complete scam and created only with the aim of cheating people. It is meant to empty the trader’s wallet and disappear.

If you have received the promotional emails from this scam company and feeling a bit motivated to try this out – you need to go through our unbiased Scalper Bot 1000 review and then decide for yourself. There is ample proof of Scalper Bot 1000 scam and several reasons why you need to stay away from it.

scalper bot 1000 scam review

Let us start by knowing more about the owner!

Who is Kevin Bright?

Bright is said to be the person who created, designed, programmed and also funded this automatic software. Well – this sounds suspicious! Is it really possible for one person to do all this alone? He claims to be a market expert and also a binary trading genius. However, during our Scalper Bot 1000 review, when we watched the presentation video, we realized he doesn’t reveal much about himself.

We did a bit more research to find out about Kevin Bright. We couldn’t find his social media profiles or any other detail or references about him, which could confirm his identity. To our surprise, we found a person known as Jan Schmidt, who looked like Mr. Bright exactly and who released a similar version of the software. Is Mr. Bright leading a dual life or is he the same person? A little more research for Scalper Bot 1000 scam and we found that the so-called founder and creator is just a fake actor. Kevin Bright appeared as the presenter for both these scams. He is just reading a script and getting paid for it. He has nothing to do with the Binary industry or Scalper Bot 1000.

How Scalper Bot 1000 works?

If you watch the presentation video in you will notice that Bright doesn’t explain how the software will generate signals or how the trades are predicted. He simply uses a few catch phrases like “secret algorithms” and about making money quickly. Scammers are known to use these phrases quite often and love ‘secret algorithms’. Would you like to invest your money without knowing what happens to it or how you will earn so much money?

Impossible Winning Rate:

If any trading platform offers a 100% winning rate, you need to know that it is a 100% scam. Scalper Bot 1000 scam does the same. It promises huge earnings in a day and millions in a month. This is absolutely impossible. No trading app can assure profits and a 100% win is completely absurd. Binary trading involves risks and a 100% success can never be assured. Studies have revealed that even the most successful platform offers 87% success and that too is never assured. This kind of software which promises 100% win should never be trusted.

kevin bright

Website – Poorly Created

Check out and you will agree this is a cheap looking website. Nothing is revealed about the owner or about the software. Any software which is known to help traders make millions should certainly have a more professional, well designed and informative website. The website here is just a tool for people to register.

Our Scalper Bot 1000 review found the presentation quite boring and full of false claims and promises. Kevin Bright claims that traders are guaranteed to earn $1,000 minimum. Profits or money can never be GUARANTEED in binary options trading. He also promises traders who register to enjoy 100% winning rate. This is also an impossible promise. Besides these, there are several fake testimonials, reviews and false information to cheat traders.

No Contact Details:

This is common to all trading scam websites! There are no contact details available! Would you like to invest your money without knowing the company name, its address, its contact number or email? This is just like throwing your money in the bin and walking off! No contact details are available. There is no physical address of such a big money-making organization, as it doesn’t actually exist. This means once you invest your money you have no one to reach out to. Just pay and forget!

Fake Testimonials and Endorsements:

There are several testimonials and endorsements on their website. There are reviews from people who claim to have used the software and become rich. However, during our close Scalper Bot 1000 review we found that none of these are true. These testimonials are all false and made to cheat traders. We couldn’t verify the identity of any people behind this software. None of these fake reviewer’s social identity could be confirmed. We even found stock photos being used to represent their members.

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Verdict – Is Scalper Bot 1000 a scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software!

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Our detailed Scalper Bot 1000 scam review has proven in many ways that this is a totally fake app. It has a fake owner, its claims about earning huge amount are impossible and its website is loaded with misleading facts. We couldn’t verify the identity of Kevin Bright, the alleged owner, which means we actually couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the software. Besides this, you do not have any contact details or support services in case you wish to get in touch with them. This is simply because this is a complete scam and they wouldn’t like to be caught. Several traders have already registered complaints about losing money and being cheated. We will be adding them to our list of blacklisted services. Do not invest your hard earned money in this software because you will lose it in a few minutes.

Do not be too discouraged, there are other better alternatives out there. 95% of the services that are thrown at you will usually fall under the scam category. It is crucial that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before taking part in any offer/system. If you are in search of a legitimate system that is also profitable, be sure to check out CodeFibo as well as Copy Buffet Software. They are our top picks for the month and we are certain they will work well for you. Please leave us a comment below with questions/suggestions/feedback and we will respond a.s.a.p. Thank you for taking the time to read our Scalper Bot 1000 Scam Review!

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