Safeguard Trader Review – 5 Undeniable Scam Evidence!!

Scam alert! Safeguard Trader a.k.a Safe Guard Trader is a new binary options scam by David Hefner. The system is mostly based on misleading information and lies. This fraudulent piece of software’s sole purpose is to steal money from new gullible traders and investors. In today’s Safeguard Trader review, we will be exposing 5 different scam evidence we discovered during our investigation of the system. Please read this review through to end before making any investment decisions. We are certain it will change your outlook on the Safeguard Trader Scam!

Safeguard Trader Review

David Hefner and his brother, Josh Hefner, are founders and CEO’s of Safeguard Trader. Safeguard Trader is basically a binary options auto trading robot that is capable of trading on 100% autopilot. David claims that the Safeguard Trader App is able to generate its users $33,000 in daily profits, without fail. It apparently does this by processing data at a speed that is much faster than what any of the biggest Wall Street brokers can achieve. For these reasons, it is a ‘zero-risk’ trading platform that will make you a millionaire in just under a month. In reality, none of these statements are true. We can prove it.

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Safeguard Trader Review Scam

$33,000 daily profits on autopilot?

This is complete BS. These kinds of profits are virtually unheard of in the binary options trading industry. To make those kinds of daily profits, you would need close to a million dollars in trading capital. The minimum deposit required to open a trading account with a broker is only $250. It is mathematically impossible to generate $33,000  in daily profits from such an investment.  Trading on 100% autopilot, however, is not a big deal nowadays since most reliable auto traders can perform that with ease. The real problem here is the ridiculous projected profits from a small investment of $250.

Safeguard Trader ‘zero-risk’ trading?

This is just another deceptive claim by the guys behind the Safeguard Trader scam. All forms of trading/investments generally come with risks. How successful a trader or investor becomes ultimately depends on how well they MANAGE risk. Not how well they avoid risk altogether. Anyone who presents you with a “no risk” money making opportunity is usually someone with fraudulent intentions. Even the most profitable binary options software we test do not make such ludicrous statements.

Paid Actors & Made up Identities

Remember David and Josh Hefner from the Safeguard Trader introduction video? Turns out, these guys aren’t really who they claim to be. We recognized them from a scam we previously reviewed, called GPS Trader. David goes by the name of Richard Hefner in that scam and also claims to be the “founder and CEO”. The storyline for the Safeguard Trader scam is identical to that of the GPS Trader, as well as NavStar Trader. This gives us reason to believe that the same crooks are behind the development of these scams. As for David and Josh Hefner, they are just paid actors who were hired to be the face of these scams.

Fake trading account balances

That’s not all, these guys also fabricate trade results and trading account balances to deceive potential victims. All of the ‘evidence’ provided are fake, do not trust any of them. Even the ones from ‘successful clients’ who apparently made more than $33,000 in daily profits. We know this because we review binary options scams on a daily basis and have seen our fair share of forged statements. It didn’t take long before we spot a few being used to promote the Safeguard Trader scam. These lazy scammers did not just recycle the story line, they even recycle the bank statements and trade profits from their GPS Trade scam. Here’s a picture of one example, where Richard Hefner appears instead of David Hefner:

Safeguard Trader Scam Review

Safeguard Trader 24-hour withdrawals?

The claim here is that when you use the Safeguard Trader software to trade, you are able to withdraw your earnings instantly. Supposedly, this is achieved by using EHPT (express high-value payment transfer). This is just another deceptive statement. Whenever you profit from an automated robot, the software company isn’t responsible for paying you, the brokers are. Brokers have their own terms and conditions as well as withdrawal policies. They usually take 2-3 days to verify your earnings and account details before releasing it to the banks. The banks can take anywhere from 2-7 days more to process your funds before it actually reaches your trading account, depending on your geographical location. Instant transfers are a lie when it comes to trading binary options, at least.

Review Conclusion: Safeguard Trader is a SCAM!

It should be absolutely clear by now why the Safeguard Trader should be avoided at all cost. Never invest in a system that uses these many deceptive marketing tactics. 95% of the services we review end up becoming scams and are added to our blacklist. It is important that you read credible reviews and refer to our blacklist before signing up for any software.

Binary options is a lucrative form of trading which has the potential to make traders a lot of money very quickly. However, it should not be confused for a get-rich-quick type scheme that will make you a millionaire overnight. Most systems that sell you this dream are usually scams. If you are looking for a reliable system to help you in your journey of making an income online, visit our recommended services section. We review and test binary options services regularly and rely on positive user feedback before endorsing a system.

Thank you for reading our Safeguard Trader Scam Review. We hope it helped you make better investment decisions. Got a question or feedback? Leave us a comment below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We love hearing from our readers and respond to all comments! Trade safe!

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