Safe Cash System Scam Review – Not So Safe?

The Safe Cash System is a fraudulent money-making scheme designed to rob unsuspecting traders of their hard earned money. Due to the massive number of reports we received from our readers, we decided to investigate the Safe Cash system, software, auto-trader, and app thoroughly. In this scam review, we will be exposing the many scam-like findings from our investigation of this fraudulent service. Read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money into this malicious scam known as the Safe Cash System!

Safe Cash System Scam Review

Official Scam Website: SafeCash.Co

Safe Cash System Overview

The Safe Cash System by “Dr. Richard Carrier” guarantees that it will make you $1,000 every single day. Richard Carrier claims to have studied Financial Markets at Harvard and was also a hedge fund manager for 9 years! He guarantees that his system works and even goes as far to promise a full refund should the system fail you within the first month. Everything sounds great so far, except the fact that none of this is true and we can prove it. Richard wants you  to believe all of this is true so that he can work his way into your pockets and suck your wallet dry of money.

If you watched the Safe Cash Software video presentation, you would have been introduced to a picture of Richard in a white shirt. That is not really a picture of Richard as it was in fact stolen from a Croation music composer called Pero Kozomara. Even the name Richard Carrier is not really his. We found no associations of that name to a Hedge Fund manager from Harvard. Richard is merely a character that was made up in attempts to deceive you. Would a legitimate system make use of fake identities to promote its services? We highly doubt it.

Richard Carrier Fake Identity

Fake Identity

Safe Cash Software Scam Findings

Any system that guarantees you consistent daily profits is most probably a scam, especially if it promises you a full refund should you fail. It is not uncommon for scams to make ridiculous promises like this. We recently reviewed another scam called Free Money Guaranteed which also promises the same thing. The only reason they make promises like these are to entice you into giving them your money. It’s basically a crime and that is exactly why they hide behind fake identities.

The video testimonials from people who claim to have had success with the Safe Cash Software are also fake. They are from paid Fiverr actors who will say anything you want them to in front of a camera for a measly $5 service charge. Most scams utilize services like Fiverr for compelling fake testimonials to con viewers into giving them their money. We have seen our fair share of these testimonials throughout our scam-reviewing career, which is how we recognized these actors immediately.

Safe Cash Fake Testimonials

Paid Testimonials!

Safe Cash Fabricated Trade Results?

If those aren’t bad enough to disprove this whole system, take a closer look at their “Live Trade Results” section. To get to this page you would be required to enter your name and e-mail but we don’t recommend you do that as they would continue to spam you with fraudulent offers. We did it for the purpose of this investigation and were confronted with a bunch of fabricated live trading results.

It looks legit at first but after taking a closer look, we found results for trades that occurred on the 16th and 17th of April which are weekends. Everyone knows the financial markets are closed on the weekends which makes trading then impossible. How can they have live trade results when markets are closed? These are obviously fabricated to convince you that they are making a lot of money with this system when in reality they are using an intelligent script to generate these fake results.

SafeCash fabricated trade results

Fabricated Results

Review Verdict: Safe Cash is a SCAM!

It should be pretty obvious by now that this whole thing is a giant Hoax. We have seen more than enough to label the Safe Cash System a scam and will be adding it to our Blacklist. Do not be too discouraged. While there are a ton of scammers who prey on unsuspecting traders for their own financial gains, there are also legitimate services that will help you reach your financial goals. Like the NEO2 Software. The NEO2 is only the second software we have ever endorsed in our reviewing career. You won’t find any fabricated results there or ridiculous guarantees of “$1,000” every day. It is by far our favorite software and we know it will work well for you. Read the full review here.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Safe Cash System scam review. We certainly hope it has benefited you. Feel free to share this with your friends on social media to help prevent more people from falling victim to this fraudulent service. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or feedback. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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