Regal Wealth Scam Exposed – Unbiased Review Explains Why!!

Welcome to our Regal Wealth Scam Review! Regal Wealth by Michael King is the newest binary options auto trading software to hit the market. Since its launch, we have received a number of emails from our subscribers with complaints against them. We decided to conduct a thorough investigation of this suspicious system and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive Regal Wealth review. Read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money with them. We discovered several different scam-like elements during our investigation that suggest this new auto-trader is indeed a Scam! By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear what the true intentions are of the people behind the Regal Wealth Scam!

Regal Wealth Scam Review

Regal Wealth Review: Michael King

We begin the Regal Wealth Review by investigating the alleged founder and CEO of the Regal Wealth Trading Group, Michael King. Michael claims to be an experienced Wall Street trader with around ’20 years of experience’ under his belt. He decided to leave Wall St. in 2008 (during the major financial crisis) to start his own company, where he and his team have been helping the rich get richer, for over 7 years. Michael also wants to help the less fortunate, so every year he gives free access to his software to ’50 lucky people’. These sound great and everything, but none of these statements or claims are true.

‘Regal Wealth Trading Group’ does not exist. However, there are 2 other similarly named companies which are Regal Wealth Group and Regal Wealth Management. None of them were founded by a Michael King. We looked high and low for a trace of Michael King, former Wall Street broker, but found no evidence of his existence. You would expect someone with his credentials to at least have some social media accounts or a website, but no. Truth be told, Michael King doesn’t really exist. He is just a made-up character, played by a paid actor, who’s goal is to convince you that everything he says is true.

If you had enough of the Regal Wealth Scam, and are looking for a better alternative, visit our recommended services section. If not, read on to find out what else we uncovered:

Regal Wealth Review: Scam Elements

During our audit of the Regal Wealth Scam, we discovered evidence of fabricated ‘Live Trade’ results being used. If you look at the first row of the image below, the asset being traded is gold. The current option rate is lower than the strike rate, which means the asset price has decreased since the trade was entered. A CALL trade was initiated which means the software predicted the price of Gold would increase. The entry/strike rate is clearly higher than the current option rate which means the value of Gold has decreased. The prediction was clearly wrong, yet it shows that the robot had won that trade.

 This deceptive table was merely generated by an intelligent script that matches random numbers to asset pairs and is meant to trick unsuspecting newbie traders. This is not the first time we’ve seen something like this used to manipulate traders. It seems to be a trend with the newer binary options scams.

Regal Wealth Review Fake Trade Results

Remember in the Regal Wealth Scam intro how they said there are only ’50 spots’ available? It turns out, that isn’t true as well. We knew this from the start. It’s a common sales tactic used by sleazy marketers from scams we have reviewed. It is only there to instill a sense of urgency in you. By making you think spots are limited, they hope you to sign up a.s.a.p. without taking the time to think about it rationally or perform due diligence.

It’s a good thing you didn’t fall for that or you wouldn’t have found our Regal Wealth review. For the sake of this investigation, we got 50 of our friends and staff members to sign up with them, and we were still able to register 5 more times. Would you really trust a system that uses imaginary characters, non-existent company names, fabricated trade results, and high-pressure sales tactics? Do not waste your time with fraudulent systems like this. The only ones who will become rich are the malicious scam artists hiding behind this software.

Review Verdict: Regal Wealth is a SCAM!

If you’re serious about making an income online, we recommend you forget all these ridiculous expectations scammers have filled your minds with. Binary Options trading is a very lucrative field and has the potential to provide you with a supplementary income. However, it should not be mistaken for a get rich quick type scheme and will not make you a millionaire overnight.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. Due to our high standard of  expectations, 99% of the services we review end up on our blacklist. Unlike other blogs who promote 10-15 different systems, we only endorse the best of the best and have a maximum of 2-3 systems at any given time. Thank you for reading our Regal Wealth Scam Review, we hope it has helped you save some money. Please leave us a comment below with questions/feedback and we will respond within 24 hours.

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