Binary Options signals have the potential to turn an average trader into an expert one. A binary options signal is basically a trade alert that is generated by a professional trader, software, or company. They help you choose when, how, and what to trade. By copying these trade signals, a new trader is able to leverage the knowledge of a professional trader and achieve the same return on investment (ROI) a professional does.

Finding a reliable Binary Options signal service can be challenging, but doing so can help ensure your success. Here we will provide you with an updated list of high performing signal services that we have reviewed and tested thoroughly. Only a tiny fraction of the signal services we review actually make it to our recommended list.

Service NamePriceMin DepositRatingReviews
CodeFibo Free $250
SnapCash Free $250
Copy Buffet Free $250
NEO2 Free $250
Crunch Tech Free $250
BinaBot Free $250

Types of Signal Services

There are 3 main types of binary options signal services that you may come across.

Fully automated: Also known as auto traders. They trade your account for you on 100% Autopilot. They identify winning trades by using highly sophisticated algorithms developed by technology companies. Can be turned on or off for extended periods of time with the click of a button. Suitable for traders that are new or who do not have a lot of time to monitor their trading activity. We believe this is the future of trading.

Semi-automatic: Also called semi-auto traders. Gives you a signal and sets up the trade for you which you then have the option to accept or decline. Suitable for traders who have some experience and knowledge in binary options who also want some control over the trades made.

Manual: Manual signal services usually come in the form of text. Signals are received via e-mail, SMS, or notifications. The trades are entered manually by the signal receiver. Suitable for traders who have the luxury of time and want full control over their trading experience.

Top Recommendation, CodeFibo


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