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Quick Cash Method is just another addition to the wave of new Scam binary options systems available on the market. The software under investigation belongs to a group of charlatans whose main intentions are to steal from gullible newbie traders. There’s nothing new or propriety about this fraudulent piece of software. Most of the information presented during the introduction video are false and misleading. We urge all potential investors to read our Quick Cash Method review through to the end before making any decisions to invest money. By the end of this review, it will be evident why Quick Cash Method is indeed a massive SCAM!

Quick Cash Method Scam Review

Scam site: www.quickcashmethod.net

Quick Cash Method Review

Michael Thompson is the CEO of Quick Cash Method. He claims to be a multi-millionaire binary options trader who has not lost a SINGLE trade in over 6 years. He also mentions that he has made 8-9 figures in profits over the years from successfully trading binary options.  In the beginning of the video presentation, Michael promises his viewers a boatload of quick cash if they listen to what he has to say. To be more specific, he guarantees his audience will generate no less than $200,000 in weekly earnings. These are very bold statements and claims to be making. Will he be able to deliver?

We highly doubt it! But for the sake of this Quick Cash Method review, let’s assume he can fulfill his promise. After giving us a proper introduction of himself and his capabilities, Michael goes on to repeatedly bash automated binary options trading software for a couple of minutes. According to him, automated trading software does not have the ability to make investors rich. His Quick Cash Method, however, will make users millionaires in under 35 days (based on his projection of $200,000 a week). If only this were true.

How does Quick Cash Method system work?

The Quick Cash Method software basically works by copying trades. There are other systems like this out there such as Tradeo. Everytime Michael initiates a trade on his account, the software automatically sends a signal to other users. All the user has to do at that point is click on the signal and replicate the same exact trade. The software is 100% guaranteed to win each and every trade it makes due to Michael’s ‘exceptional’ ability at picking trades and the fact that he has “not lost a single trade in 6 years”. Yeah, right.

While the concept behind how the Quick Cash Method system works makes perfect sense, we have difficulty in believing Michael Thompson has a 100% win rate over 6 years. This is simply an impossible feat. Even the best traders/investors in the entire world can NEVER maintain such a record, especially not for 6 years. Although uncommon, it is possible for traders or robots to maintain a 100% accuracy over several days depending on trade volume. To say he has never lost in 6 years is just ridiculous. That’s the equivalent of roughly 6,000 correct predictions in a row, assuming he only makes 3 trades a day.

Quick Cash Method Scam Findings

During Michael’s live demo of the Quick Cash Method scam, we notice a number of things that don’t quite add up. Every time he enters a trade on the software a “Success” notification pops up, indicating a winning trade. Yet, his account balance seems to drop after each trade. We have a lot of experience with trading software and know for a fact that trading account balances should instantly increase after a winning trade. There should be no logical reason as to why his trading account balance drops after a win. Brokers do not hold funds for verification after each trade, that only happens during withdrawal. It is very likely that the success notification being used is a self-generated pop up that is meant to trick potential Quick Cash Method investors into thinking the software is legitimate.

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Quick Cash Method Review Scam

Win $150 from $25 investment?

Brokers usually pay out 70-85% of the investment for winning trades. For example, if a trader invests $25 into a trade and wins, he should receive roughly $42 ($25 trade + $17 profit) in winnings. In the Quick Cash Method demo, however, we notice several instances in Michael’s trade history where he makes up to $150 from a $25 dollar trade. That’s 500% in profits! How is that even possible? With binary options, you have a 50/50  chance at winning any trade. Even if you have no clue how to trade and blindly execute 10 trades, odds are at least 5 of them will be winning trades. This is why brokers only pay 70-85% when you win otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for them as a business. If brokers were to pay 5x times your investment for a 50/50 gamble, they would go broke in less than an hour.

Contradictory Statements

Remember how much Michael hates automated trading software? He specifically says “no binary options software” can make investors rich”. Well, guess what? The Quick Cash Method IS an automated trading system! We tried the software and were shocked to find an “auto-trade” feature on there. Granted, this can be turned on or off, but that’s how most auto traders nowadays are anyway. It’s funny how he claims to hate auto trading systems with a passion and then goes on to promote one. This guy is just another crook who should not be trusted.

Michael also claimed that the Quick Cash Method software copies his trades, which means he is in charge of analyzing the market fundamentals and trends. For a person to have a “100% accuracy” in trading, a lot of time and patience is required in waiting for the right trade to come along. Surprisingly, when we tried out the Quick Cash Method system, we received at least 5 different signals in under 60 seconds! There is no human being dead or alive who is capable of identifying that many profitable trading opportunities in such a short period. This clearly proves his claims are bogus. We have no doubt that signals are being generated by robots using sophisticated trading algorithms. We went further to test out the system and executed a total of 15 trades by the end of which we had lost our entire trading account balance. So much for 100% prediction accuracy…

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Review Conclusion: Quick Cash Method is a SCAM!

At this point, we can clearly conclude that the Quick Cash Method is indeed a massive hoax! We have added it to our blacklist along with all the other fraudulent systems we end up reviewing. Be sure to refer to our blacklist before signing up with any system in the future. If you’re still skeptical and are considering making an investment with the Quick Cash Method scam, we urge you to read this review again. Don’t get us wrong, binary options is a very lucrative form of trading. The only real problem is that 95% of the services thrown at you are scams that are designed to rob you. Only a tiny fraction are legitimate.

It is crucial that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before investing into any money-making opportunity. If you are looking for safer and more reliable services to help you along your journey of making an income online, visit our recommended services section. We test these services extensively and are proud to endorse them as we are certain they will work well for you. If you are new and want to learn how to trade binary options on your own, we recommend registering for a demo account. Thank you for reading our Quick Cash Method scam review. Stay safe!

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