Quantum Cash Machines Review – Chris Barnes’ Latest SCAM Software!

Quantum Cash Machines – Fraudulent Software?

Quantum Cash Machines is launched by Chris Barnes with a similar promise (as in other binary scams) of earning thousands of dollars in a week! With so many scams being launched almost every other day, traders are now quite aware of these fraudulent practices. However, there are many people who still blindly believe everything which is being promoted. Our Quantum Cash Machines review is an attempt to expose all lies and deception of this App. If you have made up your mind to make an investment in this App, it is our request that you go through this entire Quantum Cash Machines scam review and then make a decision.

Quantum Cash Machines Scam Review

Who is Chris Barnes?

From the presentation video at QuantumCashMachines.com, we learn that Chris Barnes is the founder and CEO of the system. He is certainly a man of great caliber and knowledge. However, our research revealed a completely different story. We found the same person in another previously launched scam (Profits 4 Patriot). The odd part is that he uses a different name while promoting that system. This kind of impersonation is quite common in binary scams; hence we were not too surprised. We concluded that Chris Barnes is a scam artist. We do not even know his actual name – all that we know is that he is a professional actor.

How Does Quantum Cash Machines Work?

Our foremost job during our Quantum Cash Machines review was to find out how this income-generating solution works? From the video, we learn that a high efficient programming algorithm is used. This algorithm is known to analyze more than 900,000 financial reports and also other critical articles in a day. This is possible due to a highly advanced artificial intelligence of the system. It is known that a few computing codes are used which does the magic. Our Quantum Cash Machines scam research revealed that nothing is true. The software doesn’t make money. It has already caused total losses to those who have invested their money. We received hundreds of e-mails from victims who reported their entire trading account balance was wiped within a couple of days.

On further analysis of their official website, QuantumCashMachines.com, we came across several details which are false and misleading. These are meant to fool the audience and gain their attention.

Tricks To Entice New Traders:

All binary traders do their bit to entice and trick new traders. Newbies are often in a rush to make quick money. It is comparatively easier to convince them than the seniors who are well aware of the tricks of the trade. Some lucrative offers for new traders include:

  • 12,000 per week profits
  • $1,500 per day profits
  • 95%+ win rates or trading accuracy
  • Wins assured or Guaranteed wins.
  • Completely safe/No risk involved


Newbies should know that making $1,500 per day profits from a small investment of just $250 is not possible. Also, such huge amount of earnings in a day is also not possible. Even the most legitimate systems we have tested do not make such ridiculous claims. Quantum Cash Machines software is a scam and is made to rip-off hard earned money from unsuspecting traders. The truth is that no one is going to earn anything. The creators are not known and the auto-trader doesn’t exist. How will anyone make any profit in such a situation?

More False Statements:

  • Existing Members Prove Success Rate:

As we continued our Quantum Cash Machines scam research, we checked the FAQ section. It said that all existing members can actually prove the success rate of the system. We do not believe in this claim. If this had been true, the internet wouldn’t have so many complaints about the system being a scam. There are several reports about money being lost. Moreover, we couldn’t verify the authenticity of the members too.

  • Bonus Promise – Another Trick

We noticed the sneaky perk of earning a $100 bonus. This trick is often used by scam presenters to attract the attention of new traders. It is just a way to add value to their software. It is also a trap for people to find out more details about the software. The word ‘bonus’ is a trap to try things out. People are ready to try out anything in lieu of the bonus. Chris, the scam artist, gladly announces a welcome bonus for anyone who joins the scam App. This bonus promise is one of the main reasons for traders investing and losing money in this scam.

  • False Testimonials:

All testimonials which you see on the official website are simply made-up stories. The pictures are all stolen from the internet. The owners of these images are probably not even aware of their images being used in a scam website. There are no real users because there is no real profit. The App doesn’t make any profit since it is not designed to make profits. Joseph Jacobs or Leonardo Martins are all fake people. No one has used this system and profited from it.

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Verdict – Is Quantum Cash Machines a Scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software!

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In our Quantum Cash Machines review, we have proved it many times, that there is no truth about the website. The website is created to falsely represent a set of information and to tempt people into trading. No information could be verified. This is a totally shady offer which is designed to drain your account. This offer is no way related to the binary options trading. It is not programmed to make you a millionaire overnight. This is a simple money-making scheme which should be avoided.

Thank you for reading our Quantum Cash Machine review. If you found it helpful, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts about the system as well as how you were first introduced to it. This helps us better understand scams as well as how they are distributed. If you’re looking for a safer alternative to get started in binary options, we highly recommend you check out SnapCash Binary. It’s our best performing system to date. Trade safe!

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