Profits Infinity System Review – Mark Bromovich SCAM?

Warning! The Profits Infinity System by Mark Bromovich is just another Binary Options get rich quick type money-making scheme designed to rob you of your hard earned money. Since it’s launch, it appears to have gone viral and has stolen from thousands of innocent traders. Read this review through to the end before making any decisions to invest with them. We will be exposing the truths behind this fraudulent system in this comprehensive Profits Infinity Review.

Profits Infinity Mark Bromovich Scam Review

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Profits Infinity by Mark Bromovich Overview

Mark Bromovich the alleged owner of Profits Infinity claims to have the key to your financial freedom. He portrays himself as someone with the background of a Wall Street & real-estate entrepreneur. In reality, he is nothing more than a paid actor providing his services to be the face of this new scam. The only area Mark is capable of helping us with is “how to lie without batting an eyelid“. None of his claims are backed with any evidence. A simple Google search on his name brings back zero results of an ex-employee of Blackstone Group where he claims to have been one of their top investors/traders bringing them millions in profits. He also has no social media profiles/presence which is very odd for someone with a resume like his. This just further proves the fact that Mark Bromovich is just a fictional character made up in an attempt to gain your trust and lure you into the Profits Infinity SCAM.

The Profits Infinity System is filled with ridiculous claims and guarantees. One of the most disturbing ones is the claim it has not lost a single trade since 2014. This simply isn’t true. Trading the financial markets come with risks and everything is speculation at the end of the day. There is no clear-cut formula for determining winning trades and no one can be 100% certain if a trade will be successful or not. We recently reviewed 2 other viral systems called the Alive in 5 and Free Money Guaranteed that made this similar claim. They turned out to be scams as well. We also verified that the Profits Infinity site is only 2 months old as it was registered on the 14th of March 2016. Visit this link for proof. How can they have been winning trades since 2014 when the system is only 2 months old? This should definitely raise a massive red flag.

Paid Fiverr Video Testimonials?

In our investigation, we also found several other deceptive sales/marketing strategies used by the Profits Infinity software. The video testimonials from people claiming to have made tens of thousands in just under a week are not real, they were paid for. We know this because we recognized some of them immediately from a gig called Fiverr. This wasn’t really a surprise for us since 99% of the scams we review use paid actors and fake testimonials to promote their bogus software. Take Robert for example, who appears in the video claiming to have made $19,359 in just a week from using this fraudulent system. Robert also known as the “Godfather” sells fake video testimonials on Fiverr for just $5.

Profits Infinity Paid Fiverr Actor

Profits Infinity Fake Testimonials

Even the written testimonials on the second page of this malicious system are faked. The guys behind this fraud merely stole a bunch of pictures from the internet, assigned a random name to them and wrote a made up testimonial. It doesn’t get more deceitful than this! The picture of “Ruth Meyers” who made a total profit of “$27,000” is stolen from Florence Colgate, an 18-year-old from England who recently won a natural beauty contest. You would expect these scam artists to pick images that are a lot more low profile to remain unidentified but no. These guys clearly aren’t very bright.

Profits Infinity Fake Testimonials Stolen Identities

Deceitful Practises

Profits Infinity Fabricated Trade Results

If those aren’t enough to convince you, wait till you see the fabricated “live trade” results displayed on the second page. It looks very convincing at first since the asset pairs match the given traded price range, but if you look a little closer you will notice trades that happened on the 8th of May 2016 which is a Sunday. Everyone knows the financial markets are closed for trading on the weekends which makes trading then impossible. Yet, these guys are able to have “live winning trades” on a Sunday. This slip-up clearly confirms the fact that the guys behind this system are malicious con-artists. We have seen nothing but trickery and deception used to market this crappy system.

Profits Infinity Fabricated Live Trade Results

Review Verdict: Profits Infinity System is a SCAM!

There should be no doubt by now that this system is indeed a fraud. We strongly advise you to stay away from them if you do not want to lose money. There are better services out there to help you with your goal of making an income online. Like the NEO2 Autotrader which boasts an 85% accuracy. It’s not the 90-100% that most scams will promise you but it’s more than enough to keep you profitable. Read the full review NEO2 review here

Thank you for taking the time to read our Profits Infinity Scam Review. We certainly hope it has benefited you or at least saved you from losing money. Feel free to share this with your friends on social media to prevent more people from falling victim to this scam. Stay updated with the latest scams by subscribing to our blog. Please also leave us a comment below if you have any feedback or inquiries and we will get back to you withing 24 hours.

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