Profits Eternity Review – Disgusting SCAM by Jane Creswell! Must read.

Profits Eternity – Scam or Legit?

Profits Eternity, another binary options trading scam that is all geared up with the same old scamming plans, fabrication, and half-truths. The sad part is, in spite of knowing the truth behind these money-making Apps, several traders are still eager to try the newest launch. Our Profits Eternity review is for all those who are thinking about making it big with this latest App. The offer might seem promising, the life changing amounts of money can be fascinating and Jane Creswell might sound like the most genuine person, but remember, everything is well-planned and rehearsed. Profits Eternity scam is targeting all innocent traders who wish to bring a big change in their way of living. Save yourself from being victimized!

Janes Cresswell Profits Infinity

Jane Creswell has the same kind of story to narrate. There is a promise to generate users $6,451 in daily profits. We probe further, to unwrap every truth behind the promises and false statements.

Who is Jane Creswell?

Profits Eternity is claimed to be created by Jane Creswell, as we see her in the presentation video. Jane quickly reveals her multi-billionaire status. She looks quite suspicious as she talks about revealing a secret about earning a lot of money. She flaunts her wealth and pretends to sympathize with the situation of the viewer. Soon we realize, she is indeed taking us for a ride. As we try to corroborate her existence and social status during our Profits Eternity review, we fail to find any details about her online. We wonder why a person of multi-billionaire status would like to conceal her identity. Our conclusion is straightforward – Jane is a professional liar and an actress. We do not have the real identity of the creators of the system, as they choose to remain behind the scenes.

How Does Profits Eternity Work?

In the presentation video at, we see far-fetched claims of the software making $6,451 in a day. It is also claimed that the system works with 100% accuracy. If this is all true, why is there no explanation about the working of the system? It is a scam system which doesn’t have any algorithm or working technique. It is all an imaginary system, which doesn’t work. As traders invest, they need to remember that they are dealing with imaginary and non-existent software. Even the most profitable systems we test and use do not make such ridiculous earnings & win rate claims.

As we move ahead with our Profits Eternity review, we come across several fraudulent facts, stories and lies about the software.

Jane’s Tactics To Attack Other Scams:

Jane narrates quite an interesting story about wealthy people not being happy about others getting rich. She explains that the rich folks are ready to do everything to prevent others from becoming prosperous. We wonder why – what is the need of such a story? She further talks about several other scams and how they are using tricks to fool people and rob them of their money. Her main intention is to establish the fact, that this system is not using any tricks and is completely honest. She does her best to distract the attention of the audience to other fraudulent scams and prove that her App is unique. It is not made to drain money like all other Apps. Well – all we can say is a bunch of lies to hide Profits Eternity scam.

Profits Infinity Scam Review

Flaunting Luxurious Lifestyle, Wealth:

Throughout the promotional video at, we are shown the fake luxurious lifestyle of people. All efforts are made to convince how the software can help you lead such a lifestyle. These fraudsters are trying to tap into the core desires of most human beings who want to be able to afford such lifestyle. How can an App guarantee such massive amounts of profits, when they do not have the proper equipment to start trading? The video is just a presentation to draw the attention of traders.

Guaranteed Wins and No Loss – We Have Heard This Many Times:

We have heard this many times in earlier scams! Wins can never be guaranteed in this volatile trading world. Even the most experienced professionals of the online trading world cannot tell you if you will make profits the next day. Conditions change every second and it is impossible to predict any win and loss with 100% certainty. No robot can actually guarantee profits in any financial market.

It is also mentioned on the website that the trading robot has never made a loss since its launch. This is another lie as no such robot can work with this kind of accuracy. This is just a fooling tactic.

Here Are Some Fake Displays in the Official Website:

  • Fake Counter – The official website of Profits Eternity scam software has a fake profit counter of live profits. Notice that the number keeps increasing each second, which can never happen in reality. The funny part is that, even when there is no internet connection, this amount keeps changing. This profit counter is absolutely fake and falsely represented.
  • Fake Logos, Cheap Poorly Made Website – The entire website is cheaply made and looks as if it is built in a great hurry. You would not find any useful trading asset or tool in the website. There are a few logos, which are just duplicates or fake.
  • Fake Videos  During our Profits Eternity scam review we checked out the ‘user posted videos’ in the website. All videos are fake and specially recorded for promotional tactics, just as in all other scam websites. The people in these videos are all actors who are reading out scripts (that too with much difficulty). Watch their body movements and you will realize how uncomfortable they are. Obviously, they are hired at quite a low budget.

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Verdict – Is Profits Eternity a Scam?

Yes, this is a scam App!

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Throughout the review, we could not verify any facts or details about the system. The owner has hidden his/her identity. The website is about a number of false statements and misrepresentations. The software is not designed to make any profits. It is all about cheap ideas and tactics to fool people. We couldn’t find anyone who actually earned profits using the software. Our recommendation for traders is to stay away from Profits Eternity scam!

If you found this Profits Eternity Review helpful or if it saved you some money, please leave let us know in the comment sections below. We would love to hear about your thoughts regarding this system. How did you come across the system? Did you think it was legitimate? Leave us a comment below to help us better understand and combat scams. Trade safe!

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