Profit Trigger Scam Review – 3 Reasons it’s a SCAM!!

Welcome to our Profit Trigger Software Scam Review! Were you skeptical about the legitimacy of the Profit Trigger App? This review will clear all your doubts in relation to this shady system. If you are like us, you don’t easily believe claims that are too good to be true. You research suspicious offers to the best of your ability, but may not necessarily have the time or tools required. We have investigated the Profit Trigger system for you thoroughly and will be revealing 3 scam-like elements we discovered during our investigation. Please read this review through to the end before deciding to invest your savings with this malicious software.

Profit Trigger Software Scam Review

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Profit Trigger Overview

The Profit Trigger system claims to be able to make you an average of $1,060 dollars a day. The creator of this system, (who suspiciously remains anonymous) explains how all this is achieved in a long and winding story. Apparently, he takes 0.000,001% of the profits from every 2nd and 3rd trade made by big financial corporations and banks. He also claims this software and everything it does is 100% “legal”.

It’s funny how he says legal when he basically admits to STEALING from large corporations  and banks that trade the financial markets. This guy is basically a criminal who’s asking for your assistance in money laundering, in exchange for a commission. Even if he has a software that is capable of such things, (he doesn’t) everything the app is capable of doing is a crime! This alone should be enough to debunk the whole Profit Trigger system and label it a scam, but we decided to investigate further:

Profit Trigger Fabricated Testimonials?

After entering your personal details into the signup form, you will be taken to the members area with a second video presentation. We strongly advise you against giving them your details to access the members area as they will continuously spam your inbox with dodgy offers. For the purpose of this investigation, we have done it for you. Several testimonials were found in the video presentation from people who supposedly made thousands of dollars from the Profit Trigger system. Upon investigation, we realized these testimonials were bogus.

Several testimonials were found in the video presentation from people who supposedly made thousands of dollars from the Profit Trigger system. Upon investigation, we realized these testimonials were bogus. They were merely fabricated in attempts to convince unsuspecting traders of their legitimacy. We found the same exact photos of these testimonials being used all over the internet to fake identities. The photos were obtained from stock photo websites and were matched to random names and also self-written testimonials.

Profit Trigger Fabricated Testimonials

Model Used to Fake Testimonials


Profit-Trigger Fake Scarcity Numbers and Timer?

Supposedly there are only 32 licenses left for the use of the Profit Trigger software. We found several inconsistencies in the number of available slots remaining. The first timer countdowns to 2 slots remaining. The second banner says 21.5% of banners left which amounts to about 7 spots left.Truth is, these numbers are all fake. As soon as you refresh the page the countdown resets. We even tried registering when the timer hit 00:00 and we were still allowed access. The main purpose of these fake numbers is to instill a sense of urgency in you. By making you believe time/licenses are running out they’re hoping you jump on the opportunity without properly researching them. It’s a good thing you didn’t buy into that crap or else you wouldn’t have found this review in time.

Profit Trigger Fake Scarcity Numbers

Fake Scarcity Numbers


Profit Trigger Fraudulent Trade Results?

That’s not all we uncovered. Every trader knows that the financial markets are closed for trading on the weekends. Trading then is made impossible for both robot and human traders. Yet, the guys behind this deceptive system claim to have had winning trades on the weekend. This was a slip-up on their part which they wish would have gone unnoticed. It clearly shows they “won” a trade on the 22nd of May, which happens to be a Sunday. There is no way that could have happened. Would you really trust a system that makes use of forged trade results?

Profit Trigger Fake Trade Results

Review Conclusion: Profit Trigger Software is a SCAM!!

It should be absolutely clear by now how the Profit Trigger system is a fraudulent one. You should definitely avoid investing with them should you wish to succeed in your journey of making an income online. There are much better alternatives around, such as the industry-leading NEO² Auto-trader. Since it’s launch it has received nothing but positive feedback from the online trading community. We frequently test and review binary options services and rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. For those reasons, less than 1% of the services we review actually make it to our white list.

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