Profit Replicator App Scam Review – Michael Griffin is a Con Artist!!

Profit Replicator App

Profit Replicator App is an invitation to ‘live a life of luxury within 48 hours of signing up!

Can things really be so easy? Surely not! Earning money without hard work is never easy, and any app or system which promises such a life (that too, so quickly) is never to be trusted. Profit Replicator App scam is a dangerous trap for all gullible traders who are ready to earn plenty of money in a short time. Our Profit Replicator App review has revealed every false statement, dubious statements and fraudulent tactics hidden behind this system. Spend a few minutes to read our complete review and you will avoid getting cheated.

Profit Replicator App Scam Review

Who is Michael Griffin?

As we begin our review on Profit Replicator App, we were introduced to Michael Griffin and his team. In the presentation video at, we hear a narrator who speaks about the system and the lucrative offer to make millions. This person claims to be the CEO of this money making system. There are a few pictures which are used to depict Michael Griffin and his team Tony Bush and Nicole Fraiser.

This raised our suspicion – why wouldn’t the owner himself speak about the system? Why is there no facial identity? An online research about the owner doesn’t reveal any information. However, we found that all the pictures used are stolen from different websites. The names are not related to the software and are of completely different identities. Griffin is a paid actor and so is his team. Griffin has appeared in several other scam binary options video presentations and with different names.

We couldn’t find the real owner of the system.

How Does Profit Replicator App Work?

Profit Replicator App is known to offer 100% win rates. Apparently, the system has NEVER made a losing trade in it’s lifetime. During our Profit Replicator App review, we tried to find out more about the workings of the system and how it wins trades. The creators are claiming that this is a trade copier. The system works by simply copying trades which have taken place already. It is known to place a trade someone else did. It is known to use the same strike price. Can this actually happen in reality? We have our doubts because binary options trading does not work like this. This will never guarantee any success on trades.

Hurried and Amateurish Presentation Video

As we scanned, we were taken aback by the poorly done presentation video. The makers should have at least spent a little bit more money to make the video look real and not created in a hurry. Michael Griffin looks totally nervous and is clearly seen reading from a script. He has a fake confidence mixed and serves the same pack of greed-inducing statements (“We can make you rich”) which we have heard several times. The video doesn’t look real and is done in a completely amateur way. If the makers would have spent a bit more time, it would certainly look a little convincing.

Michael Griffin Profit Replicator App

‘Promises To Make You Rich’ – Proofs Of Scam

  • Be Rich in 48 Hours – promises a life of luxury and that too within 48 hours of signing up. This must be some kind of magic and every one gets rich then. Isn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to get rich in 48 hours without working for it? Undoubtedly, anyone with even the minimum intellect wouldn’t believe this.

  • Earning $7,250 a day – Profit Replicator App software claims to deliver $7,250 a day. If this is true, anyone can become rich in just two days. The truth is that the trading industry is a highly volatile and risky industry. Profits can never be predicted and can never be consistent. If an App claims to make this happen, it is definitely a scam.

  • Money Back Guarantee – We found this quite bizarre and entirely false. The website says, if an individual is not able to meet their financial goals, PayPal will make a payment of $2,000 from a (fictitious wallet) right away. This might appear to be a lucrative offer and is a good trap for many traders. Do not believe in this money back guarantee as there is no truth in this assurance.

  • 100% ITM Performance – Trading binary options is a good way to make money from home. But, 100% ITM performance by any App is a big lie. If you are a trader, for even a few days, you will know that this kind of trading doesn’t happen in reality. Even if you select the best and the most accurate software, it won’t guarantee you 100% success. 100% performance is just another indication of Profit Replicator App scam.

Here are a few more false claims:

97 People Delivery

It is claimed that the App shall be delivered to only 97 people. Why? You do not have to bother much because this is just a lie. It is a tactic to rush people gets themselves registered. This is quite a common tactic used by fraudsters.

Confusing Profit – Are the Owners Not Sure?

The makers are themselves confused and not sure about the numbers. The website mentions that the system can make $7,250 per day while the owner, Mr Griffin says that a trader can earn $30,000 per month. Where is the confusion? If the makers are not sure of what they are saying, how will the audience believe them?

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Verdict – Is Profit Replicator App a Scam?

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Yes, this is 100% scam software. Through our entire Profit Replicator scam review, we couldn’t verify any data or statement from the website. The internet is full of complaints about money being cheated and about the losses incurred. The owner is not known, nor is the registered address of the organization known. The creators of this App have very clearly concealed all details so that no one is caught. This is not any auto trader nor does it have any potential to win trades. The system doesn’t exist at all. Traders are advised to stay away from this scam or be prepared to lose all their money.

If you’re looking for a reliable auto trading system to get you start in your binary options journey, we suggest visiting our recommended services section. We test and review binary options services frequently and rely on positive testing as well as user feedback before recommending any systems to our readers. Our top pick for the month is SnapCash Binary. Leave a comment below if you found this Profit Replicator App review useful or if you have any questions/feedback. Trade safe and have a nice day!

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