Prizm Tech Software Review – Richard Squire’s MALICIOUS Scam! Avoid!!

Prizm Tech Software Review – SCAM Exposed!

Prizm Tech, also known as Prizm software is a new scheme to make money online. Hold On – it’s time to be alert and aware! This is yet another scam which is designed to fool traders and steal their money. This new software is designed by the same group of scammers who have already fooled people with Ice 9 Technology which has been blacklisted.

Let’s quickly get into the facts and understand how this Prizm Tech Scam can cheat traders easily. Read our complete Prizm Tech Review and decide for yourself, if you would like to trust the company.

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Who Is Richard Squire?

To know more about Prizm Tech, a visit to their website is a must. The video starts rolling and you can see Richard Squire is doing his best to promote the software. He reveals that he is the head developer and the owner of Prizm software. He claims that he made this software to help people all over the world. This is the way to make some extra money quickly.

During our Prizm Tech Review research, we found that Richard Squire, who claims to be the owner, is just a scam artist. He is a paid actor, with no knowledge of the binary options market or the financial market. We also tracked his personal identity and also the company, he claims to own. As expected, we could not find any information about Richard or his company online. However, we came across plenty of scam reviews related to the software.

How Does Prizm Tech Work?

The presentation video starts with stories about how people are often duped and how real money can be made with this software and that too consistently. Though, he does not bother to explain how the app will work to help people earn money. His script is well written and rehearsed with the sole aim of inviting traders to fund their account. How will money be earned? This is one question which is not answered in the whole video, which is something we see quite often in scam services. Most legitimate auto trading software will take the time to explain how their system works.

He lays emphasis on an API key which he claims that no one could copy and which makes his software unique and reliable. Richard is inviting everyone to try, especially those who have lost their money in some scam. Well – does he wish to be a do-gooder and win over his audience?

Plenty Of False Claims In Presentation Video:

  • Launch Date – Richard claims that he launched in the year 2007. The software has run quite successfully since then. However, when a simple domain-age test was done during our review, we found that the software was registered on 2015-08-10. How can Richard claim to have launched the website in 2007?

  • Unrealistic Fast Earning – Mr. Richard claims that with the use of the auto trader, one can become a millionaire in just a few weeks. You do not have to wait for months and years. We all know, this is impossible and cannot be done by robots or humans.

  • $8000 in a Month – Richard claims that any trader, who joins the company, is entitled to the software which could predict the winning trades by as much as 78% accuracy. This will help to earn as much as $8000 every month. software review

PrizmTech.Co Scam Website – No Reliable Information

A Hurried Approach – As you visit and you choose to sign up, you are offered an API key. This will be used to register. The trader has just 72 hours to activate this code after which it expires. To activate the code, money needs to be invested. This means the website is a lure or a trap to make traders hurry and invest their money. This is a well-designed scam website.

No Contact Details – has absolution no information regarding the location of the company. There are no contact details for traders. In case any difficulty is faced during the process, investors have no one to get in touch with. This is an absolute indication of Prizm Tech scam and its approach to fraud the investors. This is like being blindfolded willingly and giving away your money.

Unrealistic and Confusing Win Ratio:

The win ratio explained is too confusing and doesn’t make sense at all. Richard states in his presentation video that this software is able to generate 78% consistently. He also explains that traders can win $379 in just a few minutes. Is this possible? There is no truth in this and no auto trader, no matter how unique its algorithm is – it will not be able to offer so much money. This claim is absolutely confusing, misleading and scripted to cheat traders.

Fake Testimonials – This section is full of fake stories. These are all fake testimonials from paid actors. During our Prizm Tech Review, we could not verify the identity of any individual. There are no social media accounts of these people and nor any online information.

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Verdict: Is Prizm Tech Software a Scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software.

During our Prizm Tech Review, we could not find anything trustworthy. No information or fact could be verified. There is no intention of the makers to create genuine software or to help people earn money. The main motive is to lure people to fund their accounts and then steal all the money. Do not be tempted to try your luck, because you are going to lose it all. If you are ready to throw away your savings and not look back, you can move ahead. This is a complete fraud website which is made to steal your money. We have added Prizm Tech to our list of blacklisted services

If you’re looking to get started with automated binary options trading, it is important that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before taking up and shady offers. Here at BSR, we review as well as test binary options services regularly. We rely heavily on positive user feedback as well as positive test results before endorsing any automated trading system. Due to our strict requirements, 95% of the services we review end up on our blacklist while only 5% make it to our recommended services list. These ratios should give you a good idea of how many scams are actually in circulation on the market.

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