Is Polygraph Millionaire a SCAM?! Unbiased Review on Daniel Wilkins! Must Read!!

Polygraph Millionaire – SCAM or Legit?

Polygraph Millionaire is being advertised as the latest binary options trading software and is being highly promoted as a ‘no loss software’. Created by Daniel Wilkins, this software is made to steal money as soon as you deposit and nothing more! Just like all other scam software, Polygraph Millionaire too, promises a huge sum of money, as much as $7,000-$28,000 per day! Well, this is an impossible amount to achieve in a day and any software which claims to make this amount is definitely one to be wary of!

polygraph millionaire scam review

The Polygraph Millionaire scam is just another new formula to cheat people with promises of a luxurious life with the money earned. Several people have already lost by depositing their money. If you are still wondering if this software is worth trying, read our impartial Polygraph Millionaire review and know every detail about this scam software.

We start our review by knowing more about the creator of this software – Mr. Daniel Wilkins.

Who is Daniel Wilkins?

Daniel Wilkins is supposed to the owner and creator of the software. However, if you watch the presentation video, we get to know that the narrator chooses to keep his identity a secret and calls himself Mr. X. Well – we realize that Mr. X doesn’t exist and it is just another fictional character. This creates confusion and an effort to keep things hidden, which is certainly a warning to traders. Why would someone like to hide their identity?

In our Polygraph Millionaire review, we found that Daniel Wilkins is closely associated with another previously launched scam known as Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM). He is an actor who has appeared in several other scams. We made an online search to verify his identity, but unfortunately we could not find any details about Wilkins which could support his claims. He is a fake identity which cannot be trusted.

How Does Polygraph Millionaire Work?

If you watch the presentation video, you will get very little useful information about the software or its owner or any other relevant fact. Little is known about how the software works and how it makes money! The presentation video at, reveals that the software works just by analyzing tons of data. How this takes place – we do not know! Trades are then placed on the basis of information gathered by the algorithm. This is quite confusing and doesn’t explain how half a million can be earned in just a month. The whole Polygraph test is just a gimmick meant to lure in new unsuspecting traders.

False Claim of ‘No Loss’ – 100% Win

The presentation video at is all about false and misleading claims with the sole intention of winning the confidence and trust of traders. It claims that the software has not lost even a single trade in the past months. This is absolutely false and impossible. This doesn’t happen in the binary options industry. 100% win in the trading industry can never be assured – not even with the best software or the most successful one. ‘No loss’ can be promised only by a fake or scam software. Even the most profitable/legitimate binary options auto trading systems we have tested do not make such ridiculous claims and can only maintain an average of 85% winning accuracy (which is high enough to be profitable). daniel wilkins

False Earnings:

It is claimed that the software can make $12,805 in just an hour and with 100% winning rate, money can be earned. This might soon lucrative, but it is impossible to earn this amount by any trader. That is not all – during our Polygraph Millionaire scam review, we found that the narrator keeps changing this earning amount or figure every now and then. We realize that the software is absolutely fake and doesn’t earn a single penny.

High Earnings With Just $250 – Impossible!

The software claims that traders need to make a deposit of $250 and the amount will be able to generate $12,000 in just one hour. Well, with a little knowledge we know that with this deposit, an average trade might generate $25 and if wins are constant the payout shall be $17.50. If you wish to earn $12,000 in an hour, the robot should be executing 685 trades in an hour. This means 11 trades in one minute. Do you think this is actually possible? Thus, software making half a million in just a month is a total hoax possible only by any scam software.

Misleading Timeline:

This is quite interesting and a big assurance that the software really works, Polygraph Millionaire software is available with a timeline. This is the timeline to become a millionaire which is just a trap to sound more convincing and real. The system promises to make traders a millionaire in just 90 days. This is just a trap to get people registered in the scam software and steal their money. This is the tactics of all scam software to rush, so that traders have little time to think before they invest their money.

No Contact/Support:

Check out the website and look for contact details! You will find it right below, at the bottom of the page. But, it is a mere display. The trick is – there is no clicking option! This means we do not have any contact details of the owners or support team. You do not have anyone to get in touch with, once you have deposited your money. There are no details about their office location or contact number or email address to get in touch with, once you have deposited the money.

Would you like to deposit your money, where you do not know any details about the owner, you do not have any contact details and the company doesn’t have any physical address? This is a clear indication of Polygraph Millionaire scam!

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Verdict – Is Polygraph Millionaire a scam?

Yes, it is a 100% scam! We have added them to our list of blacklisted services

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During our extensive Polygraph Millionaire review, we found several proofs which clearly point out that this is a scam software! If you make a deposit, you are going to regret as you will lose all your money. This software doesn’t exist, there is no secret algorithm nor does it make money. This is a total scam formula which plans to steal money and quickly disappear. Do not deposit your hard earned money in this software because it is an absolute lie. Stay aware and save yourself from this dangerous Polygraph Millionaire scam.

While there are other more legitimate systems that can help you earn a profit online, it is crucial that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before taking up any offers. If you’re looking to get started with automated binary options trading, give CodeFibo and the NEO2 Software a shot. We have tested them extensively and are certain they will work well for you.

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