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Plenitude Formula

Plenitude Formula – another new binary options scam, created by George Ackerman and his associate scammers. Yes, this is another scam which is sadly getting viral. Thousands of people have already received the promotional emails about this quick money-making scheme. Unfortunately, marketing firms are all ready to publicize this fraudulent system, without even getting into the depths of the Plenitude Formula scam system. In our Plenitude Formula review, we have exposed the entire fraud and how it is prepared to cheat people. Spend a few minutes and read our unbiased scam review and save yourself and your friends from the despair of losing your money.

Plenitude Formula Scam Review

Who is George Ackerman?

As we start our review with the official website, we are introduced to Ackerman, who claims to be the owner and CEO of the firm. He is seen inviting people to join his team of Beta testers, who are earning $10,000 to $70,000 in a day! We do not believe any of his claims and his ‘guaranteed millionaire’ promise. A brief research and as expected, we discovered George Ackerman is a paid actor. His real name is Eric Newsome and is frequently seen in many commercials (promoting shoes to Doctor’s). We couldn’t find any details of any other person involved with the system. We conclude that Plenitude Formula scam App does not wish to disclose the identity of its owner – perhaps due to a fear of being caught.

How Does Plenitude Formula Work?

In the course of our Plenitude Formula review, we watched the entire presentation to find more details about the software. Mr. Ackerman reveals that this is a new automated trading robot which generates $10,000 – $70,000 per day. There is also a guarantee to win a million dollars in just 30 days. Besides this information, nothing is revealed about the working of the App. Another secret formula which every other blacklisted scam App talks about and which is never revealed to the traders? Remember, when you decide to invest money, you do not know what happens to your money.

Not happy with anything we found till now, we decided to scrutinize further.

Fake and Poorly Designed Website & Presentation:

We expected an interesting, engaging, and graphically rich website, considering the stature of the system. The website offers absolutely nothing. It is a total disappointment. It is definitely developed on a very low budget.

Watching the presentation video seemed like a complete waste of time. The video is poorly made and the website seems to be created in a great hurry. There is nothing informative or in detail. The presentation video contradicts itself in many ways. At a point of time, it claims that a trader can make as much as $70K a day and a few minutes later, it is claimed that a person can become a millionaire in just 30 days. None of the legitimate auto trading systems that we have tested will make claims as ridiculous as these.

George Ackerman Planitude Formula

Trick To Rush Registrations:

We have observed this earlier too with other blacklisted systems. In a bid to persuade several people to register themselves as quickly as possible, there are stories about trades being available to just a few insiders. It is also said, that if you are not part of the inner circle, you might not even get access. Well – these are all stories, to create hype. It is also said that after 250 plays, the video shall be removed from the website. During our Plenitude Formula scam investigation, we were not a part of the inner circle; still, we had complete access to the website. The video still exists and we believe it has been played more than 250 times, considering the immense “money-making potential” of the website.

Some Familiar Lies:

If you are a bit familiar with the other scams which were launched and blacklisted, you will know, that all of them had some common lies. These lies are smartly used here too, with a bit of a twist.

  • Huge Earnings – All scams promise huge daily earnings, in thousands of dollars, which is totally unnatural. Here too, $10-70k a day is promised in a day, which can never happen in any legitimate binary options trading system. Only scams promote these huge numbers.

  • 100% Successful – This is another widely used lie. It is claimed that the software has a 100% success rate which means it never loses a trade. This cannot happen in the binary industry because trades are dependent on market conditions. Markets cannot be predicted with 100% certainty and hence win and loss cannot be granted. Any software which guarantees such win rates is a fraud.

  • Fake Reviews: Since this is profit generating software, there should be testimonials and happy reviews from people who made it big. There are testimonials from active and real traders but just as the creator of the system, these ‘real’ traders, are actually actors. We are dealing with people who have never won any money and who probably never traded all their life. Plenitude Formula software is a complete scam with plenty of lies and false facts with the sole intention of inviting registrations.

  • Contact Details – No scam App will divulge their contact address, contact number or e-mail address. The physical address doesn’t exist, because the company doesn’t exist. It is the same lies here. You will not find any registered office address or contact number. An e-mail ID is provided, but it doesn’t respond to the mail we sent during our review. So, traders who choose to invest, have no one to get in touch with, once they have deposited the money.

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Verdict – Is Plenitude Formula a Scam?

Yes, it is 100% scam software! If you believe in what you hear, you are certainly going to lose all your money. The offers made by Plenitude Formula scam software are absolutely fake. You are not going to win any money because there is actually no system which will trade. Every genuine auto-trade works on an algorithm. Here, there is no auto-trading system. A website is created with a video presentation and people are being invited to deposit their money. After our complete Plenitude Formula review, we conclude that this is a dangerous scam system and traders should stay away from it.

If you are looking for a better alternative to get you started in binary options trading, visit our recommended services section. We test and review binary options services on a daily basis. 95% of the systems we review are blacklisted while only a tiny fraction of them make it to our whitelist. We rely heavily on positive user feedback as well as testing before endorsing any software. Our top performers for the month are CodeFibo as well as SnapCash Binary! Thank you for reading our Plenitude Formula Scam Review. If you found this review helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Trade safe!

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