Playboy Money Machine is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review Explains

Playboy Money Machine Scam is one of the sleaziest binary options auto traders to have launched in 2016. This scam mainly targets men between the ages of 18-50 which is pretty clear from the introduction video full of half naked women and promises of riches. In this Playboy Money Machine review, we will go over some of the deceptive elements we uncovered from our investigation of this shady system. By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear how forms into a giant hoax! We urge you to read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions. Hundreds of newbie traders have already fallen victim to these malicious con-artists, do not let yourself be next.

Playboy Money Machine Scam Review

Playboy Money Machine Review

We begin our audit with James Benson, world-renowned investor, “Player” and a former Harvard Psychology. James first appears in the video dancing with two half naked ladies in what appears to be a strip club. This is a terrible way to begin a presentation for any serious investment opportunity and immediately raises a red flag. The girls, yacht, private jet and expensive cars basically serve as a distraction and is something usually called ‘dream selling’. Most people can only dream of living such luxurious lifestyles and the scammers behind the Playboy Money Machine know this. They tap into your core desires with visual psychology tricks in hopes of blinding you from the reality of the situation. This tactic is commonly used to promote less than capable products such as the Playboy Money Machine. If the software were legitimate, it would be the focus of the presentation instead of distractions which make up at least 80% of the video.

Back to James. He claims to be a Harvard Psychology graduate. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t hard too hard to verify that claim since accessing alumni records via online searches is much easier nowadays than it was before. We looked but there were no signs of a Psychology student named James Benson who studied in Harvard around 5 years ago which immediately debunks his claim. The reality of the situation is that James is nothing more than a made up character played by a paid actor. The real producers behind the Playboy Money Machine scam hired him to be the face of this scam while they remain hidden to avoid criminal charges down the road when they eventually get exposed. 95% of scam services we review make use of paid actors so this did not come as a surprise to us.

If you had enough of the Playboy Money Machine scam and are looking for reliable services visit our recommended services section. If not, carry on reading to see what else we discovered.

Playboy Money Machine Scam Findings

Playboy Money Machine Review Scam

The first thing we noticed upon landing on the Playboy Money Machine scam site was the fake countdown timer and ’50 spots left’ counter. The introduction video clearly specifies they are looking for only 30 people to participate yet the website says there are 50 spots. Which is it, 30 or 50? Inconsistencies like these are usually a bad sign. When someone lies often enough they lose track of their lies and end up making inconsistent statements such as these. The countdown timer is bogus as well, we waited for it to hit zero and were still able to register for the Playboy Money Machine software without facing problems. This is a common tactic used to instil a sense of urgency in their victims, causing them to sign up immediately in fear of losing out on a great opportunity. Truth is, spots are not limited and thousands can sign up. It makes no sense to come up with a budget for producing a video with hired actors only to recruit 30-50 people.

That’s not all that’s wrong with the Playboy Money Machine system. Most of the scenes for the video were not shot in physical locations but instead were shot in front of a green screen. Even the image above is fake. They basically photoshopped him into the scene with the 4 girls jumping on the beach. If you look closely you can see natural elements such as sun light and shadow hitting the 4 girls above. On James, however, there are no shadows or sun light. His whole body lights up unnaturally, indicating the image of him was shot in a studio with lighting. The scene at the airport right outside the private jet was shot infront of a green screen as well as the scene inside the plane. It is most obvious at the end when he is in a car, the allignment was all wrong. It sorta looked like he was sitting inbetween both seats. They are clearly trying to decieve visitors by making them believe James is actually living such a luxurious lifestyle.

Playboy Money Machine Review Conclusion: Massive SCAM!

In case you’re still not satisfied, we also discovered that their domain was registered on the 4th of March 2016 making the Playboy Money Machine only 1 month old. This means all their testimonials were faked since they claimed to have been using the platform for years! We hope it is absolutely clear by now why investing with them is one of the worst investment decisions you can make. Do not be too discouraged, there are better alternatives.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services on a daily basis. We rely on positive user feedback and testing before making any endorsements. 95% of the services we review end up in our blacklist and are labeled as scams while only 5% make it through to our white list. To date, we have only endorsed 2 systems, NEO2 and Copy Buffet. They won’t make you a millionaire overnight but they are more than capable of supplementing you with a fully automated side income.

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