Pay My Vacation Scam Review – Jack James is a SCAMMER!! Read now.

Pay My Vacation – SCAM Warning!

Pay My Vacation is a binary options auto trading service which guarantees financial freedom while you are enjoying a vacation. Sounds too good to be true – doesn’t it? Well – there are several suspicious facts associated with the software and many people have already complained about being robbed of their money. Before you start believing in everything you read and hear, you should save your money by going through our Pay My Vacation Review.

Pay My Vacation is being promoted as a trading software which can help members become a millionaire in a short time. It promises unrealistic incomes in a very short time. However, the truth is far from this and this has already proved to be a major scam. Today, we will be exposing the real truth and every fraud associated with Pay My Vacation Scam. We did an extensive research for our review and discovered that Jack James, who claims to be the owner, is here to fool people and rob their money. We request everyone to go through our unbiased Pay My Vacation review and decide for themselves before they commit to an investment.

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Let’s begin the review by finding  out more about Jack James, who claims to be the owner.

Who is Jack James?

Jack James claims to be the owner of Pay My Vacation software. He claims to be trading for last 11 years, but we couldn’t confirm this information anywhere. He does not appear in the promotional video (we wonder why or what keeps him away?). We hear his voice only, though we couldn’t verify it and quite possibly belongs to a fake actor. The image is a stock photo. During our Pay My Vacation review, we could not actually verify his existence and we doubt if the person actually exists. Just like all other scam characters, Jack James is just another character created for the sole purpose of deceiving viewers.

How Does Pay My Vacation Work?

There is a story behind this Pay My Vacation Scam just as is the case of all other scam products. It is claimed that Jack James along with his friends traveled the globe and came up with some fabulous ideas. This software is known to be based on some high value and large winning trades. Though not much is revealed by this software, it is claimed that the software is automated and does not require any experience or knowledge to use it.

If you watch the presentation at, you will hear the narrator saying that to earn profits; the trader doesn’t need to be interested in the financial market. No skills or any kind of understanding is needed. Thes points may seem very impressive but trust us, this isn’t a big deal. Even the best auto trading systems which we have had the pleasure of using/testing are fully automated and require zero binary options knowledge.

Fake Promotional Video:

If you visit their website,, you will be greeted by their fake promotional video. This video looks quite amateurish and quite similar to all other previous scams. It is clearly designed for the person who is trying to get rich with the help of a quick money-making scheme. Just check out the vacation images, you will be surprised to know that most of these images are stolen as they are easily available online.

Unrealistic Profits:

Mr. Jack James, the big actor behind Pay My Vacation Scam claims that this robot can churn as much as $17,000 in a day. This is an unrealistic figure and we know that it is impossible to earn such huge profits in the binary trade industry. However, Mr. Jack claims that this is possible because he gets insider information every day which helps the robot. This is also absolutely impossible.

Does he claim to be actually working with people in Wall Street and others who control the money market? Do you believe these ridiculous claims?

pay my vacation scam review

Impossible Accuracy – 100% Wins

Another unrealistic claim by Jack James is that this software is 100% accurate. This is also impossible. This has never happened in the past in the binary trade industry and can never happen in the future too. Risks are a part of financial trading and profits can never be guaranteed. Even the best software which has helped hundreds of people earn huge profits does not guarantee 100% accuracy. Most of the profitable systems we have tested and endorse only maintain an average of 75-85% accuracy, which is more than enough to be a profitable software. 100% accuracies are lies from scammers that are meant to lure in new traders.

False Claims:

We learn that traders need to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. This is truly a small amount considering the huge amount of profit which is expected. However, the claim of traders earning $17,000 in a day with just an initial deposit of $250 is absolutely false and impossible. To make $17,000 daily, you would need a trading capital of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Fake Testimonials:

During our Pay My Vacation review, we made every effort to check and verify the testimonials and reviews present in We desired to know the experience of all millionaires who are enjoying a luxurious life now after their win, using the software. However, as expected, we found that such people did not actually exist. All reviews and testimonials are completely fake. Testimonials are presented by fake actors and totally manipulated. Be warned that there is no truth behind the testimonials and all reviews are posted just to deceive people and make them believe the false facts behind the software.

In fact, we also found that four individuals who appear in the presentation video on the website are all fake actors.

Looking for something reliable? Check out our CodeFibo review, or apply using the link below. 

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Other Scams to Avoid: Freedom Circle, Lucrosa Incorporated & Prizm Tech

Verdict: Is Pay My Vacation a Scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software.

This system is completely dubious and totally unreliable. There are no solid special features in the software. In our Pay My Vacation review, we could not confirm any fact or detail related to the software. The entire system is dubious and totally unreliable. The website terribly designed and makes several ridiculous claims which are far from the truth. The scammers hope that with many repetitive images of the highly lucrative lifestyle and wealth, they will be able to entice newbies who are desperate to make money quickly. Pay My Vacation Scam software is a complete fabrication and it is designed with the sole intention of gobbling up deposits of innocent traders and funding their own accounts. Do not be fooled with what you read and hear!

For these reasons, we will be adding Pay My Vacation to our blacklist. We work hard to keep our blacklist as updated as possible for our readers. Feel free to bookmark it for your future reference. Got any questions? Leave us a comment below. We respond to all questions/feedback/criticism within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us at Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest binary options news. Trade safe!

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