Orion Code Review – Dangerous SCAM Exposed – Evidence Provided!

Orion Code – Old SCAM in a New Name!

Orion Codeyou must have come across the news related to this viral software by now! This is the latest binary options software with plenty of bogus claims of earning as much as $3,300 in a day. The creator, Edward Robinson, who claims to be a Wall Street Wizard, is not new to the industry. He was closely associated with a different fake program which was blacklisted sometime back.

Our Orion Code review is an unbiased scrutiny on this automated system and how it is all organized to take advantage of gullible traders. Traders should stay away from this new launch unless they want to lose money. This program isn’t going to make you a millionaire in a month, but it is all set to strip off your money, whatever amount you choose to invest.

orion code scam review

We start our review by knowing a bit more about the creator, Edward Robinson!

Who Is Edward Robinson?

As we visit the official website (TheOrionCode.com), we find Edward Robinson, assertively posing in a private jet. We also see his assistant by his side. He claims to be the CEO and founder of this system. Our research exposed that this scene is an exact copy of the Quantum Code scam, which was busted sometime back. It is pathetic or rather lazy, the creators couldn’t think beyond this scene. Robinson talks a lot about his Forbes interviews and how he is known as the Wall Street Wizard!

In our Orion Code review, we found every claim to be a lie. Edward is just a fake character. Forbes has never interviewed him or written anything about him or his “Orion speed” technology. He is a paid actor and a character, created to promote this fake system.

How Does Orion Code Work?

The creators of Orion Code claim that their system can earn users $3,300 in one day. How do we believe this? The lengthy video presentation at TheOrionCode.com, doesn’t offer any information on how the system can help in winning such a huge amount of money. Edward Robinson explains that the NQS technology helps in analyzing and executing only winning trades at the speed of light.

It is also said, that new beta testers are welcome to try the App, but since limited spots are available, it is important to be really quick. After an in-depth research, we found that Orion Code scam totally matches the previous Quantum Code system, which was debunked some time back. The lack of any clear explanation is a clear warning of a fraud, ready to dupe traders.

Orion Code Scam Video

We found the video to be entirely fake. It is extended, boring and without adequate facts. Robinson keeps promoting that the software can make millions in a month, but he doesn’t explain how the program works. The video is full of lies, false claims, and many other tactics to lure traders to make an investment in the App.

Edward Robinson Orion Code

$ 1,00,000 In 30 Days

There are several claims made in the presentation video. One alarming claim is related to money making ability of the software. The App is known to make $3,300 in a day and $1,00,000 in 30 days and that too consistently. Traders should know that it is completely impossible to predict earnings. No software can also earn such fixed amount on a daily basis because this is a high-risk industry and wins can never be predicted accurately. This is a valid proof of Orion Code Scam.

100% Wins – Not Possible

Robinson also claims that the App doesn’t lose a trade. It is all about 100% wins all the time. The video presentation claims that such a win is assured because the system uses Orion Speed technology which doesn’t allow losses. Robinson guarantees that this is a no loss software, which is absolutely vague. This is also all lies. This is a fabricated story to lure and influence new traders who are just starting to trade.

Forbes Interview

Robinson claims that Forbes has mentioned about this amazing software and spoken about its creator in great positivity. In our Orion Code review, we found that Forbes has never published any such review. There is no social media information or published news available online, which can confirm his claim. We also found that Forbes has no association with it creator too. All Forbes related claims are absolute lies with no truth behind this!

False Facts:

This is another proof of the Orion Code scam! It is claimed that the software started trading since 2006 and has not made any losses till now. Well – traders need to be aware that binary options became available only in the year 2008. How is it possible that the software started its journey from 2006 This is a clear evidence of the scam. We also checked the domain information and found that TheOrionCode.com was bought on 2016-09-12.

False Testimonials:

In our Orion Code review, we decided to find more about the people who have offered testimonials. These people are supposed to have earned a lot of money. We found that all such reviews and testimonials are fabricated. There is no truth in any of the reviews. The images are stolen and the people are just actors who have received money. The testimonials are just fake representations to lure people into making and investment.

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Verdict – Is Orion Code a Scam?

Yes, Orion Code is a 100% scam software!

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We did an in-depth Orion Code scam review and found several reasons to prove that the App is 100% scam. The software is totally rigged and it is designed to steal money. The only people who are going to benefit from this software are the promoters and the affiliate marketers, along with the brokers. The money deposited is being grabbed by brokers who are not even registered. The video presentation is nothing but a copied cheap script. It is laden with inconsistencies and half truths. Do not deposit your hard earned money in this scam, as you are going to lose it all. We have added Orion Code to our list of blacklisted services!

If you found our Orion Code review helpful, please leave us a comment below with your thoughts/questions. We love hearing from our readers! Alternatively, you can e-mail us at binaryscamreviewer@gmail.com. For those of you who are interested in automated binary options trading, feel free to visit our recommended services section. We have tested these systems extensively and are certain they will work well for you. Trade safe!

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