Opus Formula Software Review – Is it a SCAM?

Yet another service, which you shouldn’t trust! The Opus Formula Software is a big scam for binary options trading. This review is a warning to anyone who is considering registering on the OpusFormula.co website. If you have just deposited money in your account – withdraw it immediately or you will lose your money in just a few hours. Traders should understand that investments deposited towards Opus Formula Scam are going to result in a loss – negative turnout is the most likely result. If you’re thinking about investing, please read this review through to the end before making any decisions.

Official Scam Site: www.opusformula.co

Opus Formula scam review

Lex Simmons Jr – The Person Behind Opus Formula

A brief examination of the layout of Opus Formula reveals some dangerous facts, which should be understood. Lex Simmons Jr, the person behind this software is now said to be one of the biggest scammers. Lex is quite a mysterious person who does not have any credential. He claims to be a highly rated consultant and an experienced financial analyst with the renowned Hedge Funds like Wels Fargo Bay. He says he left his job to create this Opus Formula Trading software. Traders, who still believe him, need to know that there are no actual records of his experience or qualification. That is not all – you will not find any matching results on any of the social media portals which will verify his identity or his contributions in the binary industry. Do not be surprised if you learn later on that Mr. Simmons is an imposter who is simply hired for representing the Opus Formula scam.

Mr. Simmons does his best to promote Open Formula and convince traders to make an investment. Just as all other scam artists, he makes the viewers feel exclusive and special. He seems to understand their financial problems and makes them believe that he has the solution to all their woes with his magical formula. He is smart enough to reveal that the software does not have any loophole, it doesn’t work on a glitch nor there is any big secret formula behind it. So – how does Opus Formula Software work? Well – this is something Lex does not choose to give any explanation. Lex doesn’t explain how the auto trader works. He simply discloses that small increments do the trick. He does not reveal how the software generates such huge profits.

His main message is that traders who choose to join will make millions. There will be no loss in any trade. This is quite a lucrative option, especially for rookie investors. This seems a great opportunity for many where success seems to be assured. But – this is not the real scenario. This is no doubt a money stealing software.

Is Opus Formula a Scam?

Traders should first know a few facts about the Opus Formula:

  1. Do you know that the Opus Formula Group, which is said to have developed the software, does not have any existence? The company does not even exist. Yes, this is possible and it has happened earlier too, where an auto trading application was developed by a non-existing corporation
  2. If you find this hard to believe, check for yourself on any search engine and you will get numerous results on this shady trading program. In fact, Google does not even recognize the organization which means it’s a total loss of identity and authenticity for the owner and the organization.
  3. If you check the Opus Formula websites, you will find several more loopholes which prove without a doubt that this software is nothing but just a cheap production, developed with the sole intention of scamming people. As you go through the video, you will see many trusted and seemingly honest reviews on how the formula works. Well – the reviewers are actually actors who are being paid. In fact, you might have seen them earlier also, promoting some other product or service.
  4. Now, give a thought to the five to ten thousand, which each trader will be generating every day while trading with Opus Formula. Be assured that reaching even a few thousand, as one start offs is almost impossible, even when you are with one of the most trusted auto traders. You might make profits, but this is going to take a few weeks – nothing happens so quickly.

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Opusformula.co scam

Other Scam Findings:


  • There is a popup which is designed to lure the trader to make an investment. Such an investment is said to be in exchange for a bonus. However, the fact is that bonuses are closely associated with many strict requirements which will prevent the trader from withdrawing funds till a high number of trades are reached. This is another trap for traders where they stand to lose money.
  • Lex Simmons says that the software has made close to $14m in a year which proves the profitability of Opus Formula. However, a quick glance at the domain and you will notice that the domain was registered only on 20th June 2016. The domain is just two months old. This is one more lie by Lex Simmons.
  • Opus Formula program has no affiliation with any binary options broker. Traders are actually being asked to fund with the sole promise of getting an instant bonus, which is actually not going to happen. The most probable situation is that traders will fund the account and Opus Formula will cut all communication.
  • Scams usually announce convincingly that they are the solution to all financial problems and turmoil. They preach about making money online or success in a short time. The same pattern is followed by this software too. Do you really believe that it is so easy to make money in a short time?

Opus Formula Review Conclusion: 100% Scam! Stay Away

Those who have heard the script will agree that this is something they have heard earlier too – it’s a selling ‘script’ which has been used before. It is a fact that all scams are using the same thing, in some way or another as they are probably not able to come up with any new content. We will be adding Opus Formula to our list of blacklisted services! Traders should do their own research and most importantly, do not believe in everything which is being said. It’s your hard earned money – invest after considering all factors.

If you are looking for better alternatives to get you started in binary options, be sure to visit our recommended services section. We test and review binary options services regularly and rely on positive user feedback and testing before endorsing a service. 95% of the services we review end up on our scam list while only 5% make it through to our white list. Be warned, these services won’t make you an overnight millionaire. They can, however, provide you with a secondary stream of passive online income.

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