Optical Signal Trader Review – Is it a SCAM? – Find out HERE!

Optical Signal Trader – Avoid This Dangerous SCAM!

Optical Signal Trader, introduced by George Larson and Dominic Shepherd, is the latest binary options trading App! Ready with its set of new lies, false claims, and misleading facts, Optical Signal Trader scam has already claimed several victims. Just like all other scams, it is being hugely promoted as the best money generating tool, which can make traders earn thousands in a day.

Our Optical Signal Trader review will disclose all those lousy details and facts, which traders should be aware of, even before even thinking about trying out the software. The scammers are extensively promoting the App with emails and other online promotional tactics, targeting novices in the industry. It is time to be aware and save your hard earned money and stay away from all such fake money generating tools promoted on opticalsignaltrader.com.


We start our Optical Signal Trader scam review, by finding more about the creators – Dominic Shepherd and George Larson.

Who are George Larson & Dominic Shepherd?

George Larson claims to be the creator of the software, along with Dominic Shepherd. George is said to be a former Physics teacher. He claims to be the founder of ‘Live The Dream Life Club’ – unfortunately, we couldn’t confirm the existence of the club. He also claims to have complete access to the network of optical hubs which has helped him during his research.

During our research, we couldn’t verify the identity of George Larson also. He doesn’t have any social media presence nor any friends or even acquaintances, who could verify his identity. Dominic too doesn’t have any online existence. This is quite baffling because creators of such a magical software should ideally have some sort of social media presence. They would like everyone to know about their creation. Our Optical Signal Trader review has revealed that George Larson and Dominic Shepherd are actually budget actors.

How Does Optical Signal Trader Work?

To know more about the App, we checked out the official websiteopticalsignaltrader.com. We see Dominic Shepherd in the presentation video, offering an overview of the software. Just like all scammers, Dominic too speaks about earning a lot of money and changing lifestyle but he doesn’t explain how the software will work. He mentions that this is a trading tool or an automated robot. This robot is claimed to be based on optical data. This data is usually transferred from one point to another. He claims that such quick transfer is possible due to super fast servers. We found all this perplexing and illogical.

optical signal trader george larson

Impossible Earnings:

Just like several other scams, here too, we have a claim of earning as much as $3000 in a day. The video claims, that $3000 is the guaranteed earnings, just as the user activated the autopilot App. This is an absolute lie – no auto trader App can guarantee such earnings. This is a high-risk industry where money and high earnings can never be assured. Any software claiming or guaranteeing such money is a scam. This is one glaring proof of Optical Signal Trader scam. Even the most successful automated systems we endorse have only been able to earn us a maximum of $900 in a single day. $3,000 is definitely a stretch.

Zero Risk, No Loss – False Claim:

Dominic also claims that the auto-pilot trading comes withzero risks, no losing trades and a 100% strike rate”. He claims that zero risk is possible by counter trading technology, excellent communication, and networking. Any layman will find it difficult to understand these theories and explanations. It is just a bid to confuse traders and create a hype about the technology being used.

Well – these are all false claims! Any trading expert or even a person with some knowledge knows, that ‘zero’ risk is not possible in the binary options trading industry. Or any trading industry, for that matter. No loss can never be assured. Losses is an integral part of trading and can never be avoided. All such claims are false, deceptive and complete lies. The most profitable systems we have tested are able to maintain an 86% winning ratio. This means the software wins at least 86 out of every 100 trades placed, which is more than enough to remain profitable.

No Contact Details:

Most scam companies and websites do not leave any contact details! Optical Signal Trader website too doesn’t have any contact details. There is no detail about their registered address. No email id has been providers for traders to get in touch with the support team. There is no contact number too. This has always been a tactic of fake companies so that they cannot be traced. Thus, with no support team and no contact details, once you deposit your money, you have to forget it. You have no one to get in touch with.

opticalsignaltrader.com review

False Endorsements:

This is another dangerous lie and misrepresentation! In our Optical Signal Trader review, we found recommendations from BBC, Bloomberg and The New York Times. This could have been a huge boost for the Optical Signal Trader software if it was true. A little research and we found that the name and logo of the brands are just used without permission. The brands are not associated with the software in any way nor are they aware of this made-up affiliation. It is a big lie that is meant to fake legitimacy and trick victims into having a false sense of security.

Fake Reviews/Testimonials:

Web sites generally request their customers to review their products and services. These are used as reviews and testimonials, which help in building brand reputation. Optical Signal Trader website has a few reviews and testimonials. The difference is that all these are fabricated. The reviews are false and not from real customers and users. The sole intention of these reviews is to build trust in the minds of traders and get them registered.

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Verdict – Is Optical Signal Trader a Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam App.

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In our Optical Signal Trader scam research, we found that the sales pitch is full of half truths, inconsistencies, and misleading facts. We actually couldn’t find any truth or consistency in the App. Nothing could be verified and there is no evidence of anyone winning any amount from using the App. The website is an illusion, designed to cheat people who are looking forward to earning money. For these reasons, we will be adding Optical Signal Trader to our list of blacklisted services. Stay away from this App!

Binary Options is a form of trading that has been rapidly gaining popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a lot less risky compared to other forms of trading such as Forex/Stocks. Most traders are hopping on the Binary Options bandwagon to get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately for us, the scammers are flocking to the scene as well. 95% of the services we review end up being scams. Only 5% of the offers we find are legitimate. It is crucial that you read credible reviews from trusted sites before making any investment decision. If you are interested in giving binary options a shot, we highly recommend you check out SnapCash Binary as well as CodeFibo. They are our top picks for the month and we are certain they will get you started in the right direction.

Thank you for reading our Optical Signal Trader Review. If you found it helpful, please let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from our readers. It motivates us to continue exposing scams!

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