Onassis Alliance Review – MASSIVE Scam by Jed Onassis! Must Read!!

Onassis Alliance

The Onassis Alliance App is the latest addition to Auto Trading scam websites! It is heavily promoted through social networks, e-mails and other forms of online advertisements. Claims are being made about the wildly profitable system and how thousands can be won in a day. However, all is not that easy. In a dash to make quick money, without proper due diligence, traders are set to lose their investments. In this Onassis Alliance review, we will be providing you with all the evidence you will need in order to make an educated investment decision.

onassis alliance scam review

Our effort to expose Onassis Alliance scam starts by knowing the owner or creator of the system. Jed Onassis is the person behind this App.

Who is Jed Onassis?

Jed is the person we see in the sales video in OnassisAlliance.co, who claims to make $625 in an hour, by using the software. Right away, we can say, this is a farce and scam. Jed Onassis is a hired B-movie actor. His actual name is Robert I. Sackett and is seen in several advertisements and B-grade movies. He is merely performing in front of the camera for a sum of money paid to him by the real owners/producers of this scam. We are not introduced to the creator or the owner of the system. The real identity of the creators remains hidden. This is intentional, so as to avoid criminal charges down the road when they inevitably get busted.

How Does Onassis Alliance Work?

The hired actor shows how the software makes money. Quite cleverly, he avoids all technical details. He mentions about a few super trading algorithms which work successfully along with super quick data transfer and also interesting concepts of reaction times. Just as in other scams, we hear about placing counter trades and also breaking even. He explains that the software makes predictions in just a fraction of a second, about which way assets will go down or up. This “faster than greased lightning” concept is now used and over-abused in almost all scams. We reject this explanation offered by Jed Onassis, as it is practically impossible.

A common question arises, what happens when trading starts?

Be assured that nothing is going to happen in your favor! The software doesn’t churn out thousands in hours. In fact, it is not made to do so. The software just makes random trades. There is no algorithm working for you and there are no intelligent trades too. In just a few days, your account balance shall be zero. You will lose your money before you realize what is happening.

Our Onassis Alliance review unfolded several discrepancies and inconsistencies in the website and promotional video.

Become a Millionaire Overnight? No – Not Possible

Onassis Alliance scam software claims to make $625 per hour or $15,000 dollars every single day. At this rate, users are expected to become “millionaires” in roughly 2 months. This is a completely bogus claim of making traders millionaire overnight. The system is shady, without any convincible way to make money with the App. A couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars is still within the realm of possibility, but definitely not $15,000 every single day.

jed onasis scam scam software

97.4% Winning Rate – Only Thieves Can Make This:

Onassis Alliance software is all set to steal your money. 97.4% winning rate, as claimed in the promotional video is unbelievable. The reason is simple – we are dealing with a bunch of financial assets which includes currencies, pairs, stocks, and commodities. Terms like ‘no loss software’ or ‘you can’t lose money’ are wrong and cannot be used in the financial industry. The economy is fast changing with changes in the political and financial sector in the present times. Repeating that a robot can only win trades for us, is absolutely fraudulent. The best binary systems we test and use on a daily basis bring us an average winning rate of about 80%. Anything above 70% is profitable but anything above 90-95% is extremely unrealistic and usually ends up becoming a scam.

Scam Brokers Waiting For You:

If you watch the promotional video in the official website OnassisAlliance.co, you might feel glad to learn that the App is FREE to use. However, this is not true – it is just another trap, to lead the traders to the next step. To start trading, you need to sign-up, fill in your details and invest $250. The problem starts here. These scam brokers are assertive people and they work off commission. They will not just manipulate you but will try and persuade your friends too. They go to the extent of even personally guaranteeing your success, in a bid to make you deposit more money. The truth is that they are just trying to scam you and rob your money. Some people have already lost their life savings. They signed in and ended up depositing much more than $250 with promises and dreams of making it a lot.

What Onassis Alliance Has In Store For You?

  1. These people are scammers and not expert traders
  2. The owners of the system are just affiliates for many binary options brokers
  3. They receive commission for referring customers
  4. They have an excellent sales pitch.
  5. Their main task is to convince people with their bundle of lies and make money as much as they can.

Falsely Influencing Traders:

Just as in other scams, fake reviews and testimonials are all prepared to draw the attention of the traders. Onassis Alliance scam is actually paying bribes for getting favorable reviews in OnassisAlliance.co. Writers are hired for writing down praises and appreciation. It is all done with the hope of influencing traders. There is no truth in any of the reviews and testimonials.

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Verdict – Is Onassis Alliance a Scam?

Yes, Onassis Alliance is a 100% scam app!

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In our Onassis Alliance scam review we have exposed the real identity of the presenter. We checked thoroughly the entire functioning of the auto-trader and are fully convinced that it is all set to lose trades. Traders, who still choose to invest their hard earned money, should be prepared to lose it all. It is our advice to stay away from this App and invest somewhere else, where they can actually earn money. Stay away from Onassis Alliance scam.

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