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Nesdek Inc App by Mike McDonald is a massive scam. We can prove it. If you were skeptical about the legitimacy of this scam service and decided to do some research, pat yourself on the back and pay close attention to this honest review. The Nesdek App is just another binary options scam that’s designed to rob new unsuspecting traders of their hard earned money. We always advise traders to be cautious when investing money into shady software such as the Nesdek Corp Scam. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by their phony presentation video. It was simply designed to pique your interest and lure you into an inescapable trap. Please read this Nedek Inc review through to the end before making any investment decisions. You will thank us later.

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Nedek Inc Scam Review

Nesdek Inc Review

The alleged owner of the Nesdek scam software is Mike McDonald. He claims to be an ex-Wall Street trader as well as the founder of the Nesdek Inc company. Both these claims are false. Whenever the name of an owner or company is provided to us, the first thing we do is a research on their backgrounds to verify legitimacy. Unsurprisingly, we discovered none of these claims were true. Nesdek Inc isn’t even a real or registered company. It’s very likely this company was made up with the intention of fooling potential victims into thinking they are credible.

Even his claims of having worked in Wall Street is false. Most successful Wall Street traders have evidence to back up their claims. Mike McDonald on the other hand simply tells us he was one of them and expects us to believe that without question. We refuse to take his word for it so we investigated this claim a little further. Turns out, Mike McDonald never really worked in Wall Street. There’s no trace of a person with that name in that age range ever having worked there. No one even heard about this guy. His name and background were obviously faked the same way the company was faked and with the same intentions.

Fake Testimonials

The Nesdek Inc scam makes use of fabricated testimonials to promote its fraudulent software. We know this because the testimonies were made by paid Fiverr actors. Fiverr is a marketplace commonly used by shady marketers to acquire fake testimonials for as little as $5-$15. Lisa Powers testimonial appears in the Nesdek Inc website where she claims to have made over $54,000 in under a week. We recognized Lisa from other scams services we reviewed and immediately knew her testimonial was fake.

Nesdek App Scam Review

Nesdek Inconsistent Statements?

Mike wants us to believe that the Nesdek App has an 85% prediction accuracy. He clearly says it in the introduction video. These are by no means unachievable numbers, some of the best auto-traders we have tested are capable of maintaining an 85% accuracy as well. The real problem here is the conflicting statement on the Nesdek Corp website claiming it has a 95% win rate (which is a ridiculous claim on its own). So which is it 85% or 95%? Inconsistent statements like these are usually an indication that we’re dealing with scammers/liars. They lie so much it’s hard to keep track what has been said previously while remaining consistent. This raises a big red flag.

Software used for more than a year?

If things aren’t deceptive enough, the testimonials from people who supposedly had a lot of success with Nesdek Inc also claim to have been using the software for more than a year. This is just another blatant lie. Upon investigation, we discovered the Nesdek Corp website was only registered on the 23rd of April 2016 which makes it barely 2 months old. Yet, these people expect us to believe they have been using their service for more than a year?

Fake Badges and Endorsements

That’s not all. These scam artists even have fake security badges and endorsements sprinkled all over their website. The endorsements from The New York Times, Forbes, and NBC News are 100% fake. We searched their respective websites thoroughly for articles or mentions of Nesdek Inc but found none. If they were actually endorsed by these media companies, we would have heard about them on the news and not through a suspicious e-mail from an unknown source. The list goes on with mentions of Nike, Carlsberg, Nestle, Armani, and more.

Nesdek Inc Review Conclusion: Massive Scam, Stay Away!

We can safely conclude with 100% certainty that Nesdek App is a fraudulent software. From made up identities & companies to fake testimonials & endorsements, it should be absolutely clear by now why you should rethink your investment decisions.

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Thank you for reading our Nesdek Inc Scam Review. We hope it helped you save some money and make better investment decisions in the future. If you have any questions/feedback or would like to report a scam, please leave us a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and respond to all comments. Trade Safe! 🙂

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