NavStar Trader is a SCAM – Honest Review!! MUST READ!

NavStar Trader is one of the newest binary options Scam to hit the market. Disguised as a profitable auto-trader, it aims to lure new unsuspecting traders into their trap with promises of riches. We received a ton of complaints from newbie traders who invested into the NavStar Trader scam only to have their trading account balances wiped within hours. We decided to  investigate this system thoroughly to help future investors make an informed decision. Please read this NavStar Trader review through to the end. We will be exposing the results of our investigation and we are certain you will find it shocking!

What is NavStar Trader?

In order to truly understand what NavStar Trader is and how it works, it is important to first get the concept of binary options trading. Binary options is a newer and much simpler form of trading, compared to Forex and Stocks. It also involves a lot less risk. Due to its relative simplicity, software such as auto traders are easily programmable and can help their investors generate profit on 100% autopilot. When done right, binary options can be an easy way to make money fast and can actually make a person wealthy over a short period of time. However, all the hype about binary options has unfortunately attracted a lot of dishonest people who develop crappy software to steal from new gullible traders. The NavStar Trader is one good example of such software.


NavStar Trader Scam Review

NavStar Trader Review

Ethan Harrington is the founder and CEO of the NavStar Trader scam. He claims to have worked at NASA, where he picked up the necessary skills required to develop the NavStar Trader, along with his Wall Street friend. Ethan software was developed using the same technology used by governments and military personnel. Using the latest technology is what makes his auto trader 94/100ths faster and more accurate than any auto trader available on the binary options market today. The idea behind letting a few ‘lucky people’ test the NavStar Trader software is so that they can prove to investors that their system really works and they can release it on Wall Street for $350 million dollars.

Is NavStar Trader a Scam?

Firstly, the software guarantees profits of $900 an hour or $22,005 per day. These are ridiculous amounts of profit to GUARANTEE! The only way a trader can make that much is by investing thousands of dollars per trade. This raises a big red flag and is usually an indication of a scammer. Most binary options software require you to invest a minimum of $250. We always advise our readers against investing more than this amount unless they can easily afford it. Making $900 an hour from a minimum investment of $250 is simply impossible. Even the most successful software we use brings us a maximum of only $800 a DAY, not an HOUR.

Secondly, Ethan Harrington claimed to have worked for NASA. This is probably the biggest lie he told during the NavStar Trader Scam introduction video. NASA has no records of an Ethan Harrington ever working for them. He wants us to believe this so that he can fool us into thinking he actually has some credibility. Everyone knows how tough it is to get hired by NASA, only the best of the best get accepted. No one would expect an ex-NASA employee to be a malicious scammer. That’s why he made this BS claim.

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NavStar Trader Review Scam

Only 24 Spots Available?

Ethan keeps insisting there is only room for 2-3 ‘lucky people’ from selected regions to participate in his NavStar Trader trial. This couldn’t be further from the truth. He is trying to make the offer seem ‘exclusive’ so that his potential victims feel privileged and jump on the opportunity to sign up. If NavStar Trader only has 24 spots available, surely they would have been filled up by now. It’s been a couple of days since its launch and their Youtube video alone has over 1,000 viewers. Even the number of complaints we received from our subscribers who signed up with them exceeds 24 people. We even signed up using several dummy accounts when the countdown at the bottom of their page ended but was still granted access to the NavStar Trader!

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NavStar Trader Review Conclusion

The NasvStar Trader software is not one to be trusted, it should be crystal clear by now. The evidence presented was more than enough for us to label it a scam and we have added it to our blacklist. We are in no way saying all binary options software are bogus. There are other better alternatives around. However, it is important that you are cautious when picking one and perform research by reading credible reviews before taking the plunge.

Thank you for reading our NavStar Trader Review. Please leave us a comment below with questions or feedback, we love hearing from our readers and respond to all comments. Trade safe! 🙂

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