Multiplexer Review – 5 Reasons it’s a SCAM!! Must read.

Multiplexer – A Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

Multiplexer, created by Richard Ewing is the latest scam, ready with its new bag of lies to cheat traders. Many people have already received emails about the App and its success stories. It is being extensively promoted through social media and emails, as the way to make $20,000 in a day. Several traders have already invested their money and lost it all.

multiplexer scam review

We have checked all claims, promises, and statements by the owner Richard Ewing and found nothing but a set of lies. Our unbiased Multiplexer review has several proofs about the program being a scam and how it is designed to steal money from traders. Remember, this is NOT a life changing or once in a life time opportunity.

You are not going to earn even a dollar. Instead, if you trust this App and invest your money, be prepared to lose your money! If you are still feeling a bit positive about the App, we advise you to read our Multiplexer scam review and know how the program is geared up to steal your money!

We start our review, by finding out more about Richard Ewing – the creator of the software!

Who is Richard Ewing?

Richard Ewing claims to be the founder of this system, with immense knowledge and experience of Binary options trading! We wanted to know more about his experience, background, and social status and hence started our research. We couldn’t find his legitimate online presence or anyone who knew him. In spite of being the creator of this amazing software, why doesn’t he have any online or social media presence? He appears to be a virtually anonymous person.

The truth was soon revealed! In our Multiplexer review, we found that the ‘founder’ is a character created by scammers. Richard is a paid actor, who has previously appeared as Mark Bromovich in another scam we previously reviewed called Profits Infinity. He is no way associated with the program nor is he a millionaire. He is an actor who is getting paid for promoting the website and software. His presence and representation as the owner and founder of Multiplexer is itself a clear indication of deceit.

How Does Multiplexer Work?

Our investigation started with the official website –, to find out how the system works! The presentation video reveals that traders can earn as much as $20,000 in just 24 hours. We wanted to know, how? There is a vague explanation – it is said, that the robot can assure such a high success rate due to its fast data circuits. This is pretty much the same explanation most scam software gives us. No robot can assure fixed amounts of income, especially not in the 5 figure region, and that too every 24 hours. This explanation is unacceptable.

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False Earning Claims:

Multiplexer App claims to help traders earn $20,000 per day with an investment of just $250. The first thing we need to be aware of is, no system can earn so much money in a single day. No matter how revolutionary the new program is and how effective it is, this much earning is not possible under any circumstance. Even the best and most popular programs do not earn so much and that too continuously. This is an unmistakable proof of Multiplexer scam and that it is and outright fraud.

Impossible Winning Rate:

Watch the video presentation at and you will learn that the system promises 100% trading success. This means traders will never lose any trade. Even novices to trading online should know that this is an impossible claim. Even the best trading platform that we have tested doesn’t assure 100% winning rate because this cannot be predicted and is not possible. There are platforms which often help trader earn as much as 80%, but that too is never assured and doesn’t happen all the time. 100% winning trade is claimed only by fraudsters who have devised a way to cheat money.

Misleading Facts:

In the long presentation video, Richard claims that he has earned millions between Sep 2015 to Sep 2016. This might appear extremely lucrative and be inviting to many, but this is just a simple trick to rip-off people. It took us only a little time to find out this is all lies. In our Multiplexer scam research, we found that the domain was registered on 6th October 2016. The website didn’t exist during the said time, so whatever is said about making millions is absolutely false and misleading. If the website did not exist at the time, how could he earn the money? review

No Support:

The Multiplexer scam website claims that free support is offered to traders, 24×7. The fact is that there are no contact details on the website. You will find the ‘Contact Us’ tab, but that is a mere show and it is not clickable. It is just an assurance that traders have contact details. There is no contact number, no official address and no e-mail address provided. Who will traders get in touch with if they need help?

False Testimonials:

For our Multiplexer review, we studied the testimonials section a bit and tried to find out more about the people who have made money. There seem to be a few happy and satisfied individuals who have made money. Unfortunately, we found that all their testimonials are false and fabricated. The trading account statements are mere representations and not a reality. The images used are stock photos. These testimonials are not believable. Would you trust a company/software that uses this many deceptive sales tactics to influence their potential clients?

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Verdict: Is Multiplexer a Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam!

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Multiplexer scam software is premeditated to entice traders to deposit their money with brokers. A fake trade is shown as one signs up for the system. It is said, that this trade will increase the balance in a short time. However, after depositing the money, the trading account balance is always zero. There is no one to get in touch with for support. There is no official address for communication which is a clear indication of fraud. We couldn’t verify any detail or fact about the system during our entire review process. This is a disgusting scam which should be avoided. In our Multiplexer review, we have exposed every side of this dangerous scam and how it is twisted to fraud people. Stay away from the scam and save your money!

If you found our Multiplexer scam review helpful, let us know in the comment section below. What are your thoughts on Multiplexer? We love hearing from our readers, it drives us to continue exposing scams on a daily basis! You can also leave questions/suggestions below and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Social Media to stay updated with the latest binary options news and scams. Trade safe!

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