Money Glitch Scam Review!! – Fake App EXPOSED!

Welcome to our Money Glitch Software Review! If you are on this page, you were most probably invited to invest into the software by the beautiful Selena Fairbrother. You made the right decision to do some research before spending any of your hard-earned money on this well-staged hoax. This review is intended to shed some light on the many different scam-like elements found in this fraudulent system, that are hidden behind beautiful women, false promises, and paid actors! Read this review through to the end as we are certain you will change your outlook on the Money Glitch App!

Money Glitch Software Scam Review

Selena Fairbrother from the Money Glitch Scam!

Money Glitch App a SCAM or LEGIT?

Selena Fairbrother who is the presenter for the Money Glitch system claims that anyone who uses this software will make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. While we wish this was true, this is no different from 99% of the other scams we review that make these exact claims. She even goes on to demonstrate that her app is capable of making $2,000 in 4 short minutes for “random people” in public. If you do the math, $2,000 every 4 minutes equates to $720,000 a day! None of this adds up or makes sense and we’re only just scratching the surface of this bogus software.

The Money Glitch claims to be looking for 20 beta testers from your country only! This is a blatant lie since we were able to access this offer from many different countries by using virtual private networks. This fraudulent system uses a geo-targetted location-based video presentation in its marketing campaigns. This means that what is presented to you is dependant on which part of the globe you are accessing the presentation from. Someone accessing the page from the United States will see a different presentation from someone who’s visiting from the United Kingdom. This makes the whole system a lot more dangerous as it is more strategically tailored to deceive you.

Money Glitch Fake Testimonials

Fake Testimonials!

If you were to access the page from the United Kingdom, the testimonials presented to you would be from people with British names and addresses. By having this location based targeting, they are able to better “connect/relate” to their victims and trick more people into believing their false claims. Would you really trust a software that says it’s looking for beta testers from YOUR country only when in reality they are marketing all over the world? If that’s not bad enough, hundreds of people have already signed up with this scam yet they are still looking for “20 beta testers”. This is just a trick to make it seem exclusive so that people jump on the opportunity to sign up. People viewing this presentation video in 2 months will still see “20 beta testers needed”.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “random” people who participated in the demonstration and Selena Fairbrother are nothing but paid actors. This scam reminds us of the Alive in 5, Drexel Code, and the Hedge Formula Group scams as they utilize paid actors too. This is a common trend in binary options scams nowadays. Even the video testimonials for the Money Glitch are fake. We recognize some of the actors from services like Fiverr where you can get someone to fake a testimonial for you with as little as $5. While we are not against the idea of paid actors, we definitely don’t like the idea of them being used to manipulate/cheat people of their money.

Fiver testimonials

Fiver Testimonials

Review Verdict: Money Glitch is a massive SCAM!

It should be pretty clear by now that this whole system is nothing but a Hoax! Please do not invest any of your money into this fraudulent system that uses fake testimonials, paid actors and ridiculous claims. It will only lead to disappointment as hundreds of innocent traders have learnt.

There are other much better alternatives for you to explore that can help you in your journey of making an income online. Like the NEO2 Software. We frequently test binary options services and heavily rely on positive user feedback before endorsing any signal services. We maintain a high standard of expectation. Hence, the NEO2 is only the second software we have ever endorsed. You will find nothing but positive reviews on it.

Comprehensive NEO² Software Review by the Binary Scam Review Team.
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