Modern Profit Professor Review – Marco Adessi’s Vicious SCAM Software!!

Modern Profit Professor is another trading robot which claims to offer huge monetary benefits. Let’s explore the truth behind this robot.

What Is Modern Profit Professor?

MPP Software or the Modern Profit Professor is scam software, ready to cheat people with a gamut of false promises. This trading robot is said to help traders make as much as $15,000 in a month, with the use of their special software or technology. Apparently, the system has only lost one SINGLE trade in its 1,478 days of operation. Yeah, right.

Modern Profit Professor Scam Review

If you think $15,000 is too much to believe, hold on – Marco Adessi claims this amount can go up to $18,000 in a week. This vague and unrealistic figure is itself a ringing bell that Modern Profit Professor Scam has been here just to fool people and take away their money. If you are interested and somehow still convinced that you will make it, please go through our Modern Profit Professor Review and then decide! Do not give away your hard earned money so easily.

Who is Marco Adessi?

If you visit the website,, you will come across the promotional video where Marco Adessi talks about the powers of his Modern Profit Professor software and how it can help in making millions. He talks about his previous job as a telemarketer, and how Harrison Glass, a trader on Wall Street helped him with a well-paying job in his fund company. This job helped him learn the tricks of the trade, which subsequently made him a very wealthy man. After the passing of Glass, Marco claims to have taken up the responsibility to continue his legacy.

We have reason to believe this story is nothing but a fairy tale. Research has revealed that Marco is a paid actor who has absolutely no relation to trading. He is paid to read a script and promote the software, and he’s doing exactly that. His identity cannot be verified nor does he have any social media presence which can prove his identity.

Misleading Information

You can check out, the website which lures traders. MPP claims that the trading robot is a hybrid. This is the best of binary options algorithm and also the moving average trading method. There is also a claim that this special Modern Profits Professor uses the existing infrastructure. It claims to use supercomputers in order to buy and sell different currencies in the financial market. These super computers are said to display as fast execution software. It provides a special edge over the manual trades and other robots too. These explanations may sound impressive but at the same time, they are extremely vague and confusing.

Mr. Marco Adessi is the presenter who claims to have a no-fail method of trading, which can help people earn as much as $15,000 a month. Now – isn’t that too much an amount? If this was true or actually happens, everyone becomes a millionaire in a few months. He even goes on to say that this system can help in earning even more than $18,000 in a month. The confusing part is that in spite of all the claims, does not have any details or information on the dozens of beta testers who have made it big. Wouldn’t they love to share that piece information? This entire plan and promise is a complete hoax. The website is cleverly made with the only aim of stealing money from gullible traders who wish to make it big.

Marco Adessi Modern Profit Professor

A Non-Existent Fake Company

MP Professor is a totally fake company. In fact, this company does not exist. It is being claimed by the marketers that MP Professor Ltd, is in existence since the year 2011. This is completely false, since when we checked the domain name, we found that the website was registered only on the 10th of July 2016, making it only a month old . This is the first alert for traders, who still believe this to be a legitimate money-making opportunity.

This company is being said to employ more than 170 workers, with revenue of $650 million. If all these details are true and if the company is really doing so well, it should be present in the taxman’s radar. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Traders should be aware, that no one has actually heard about the company before. This Company exists in space or vacuum, perhaps it is still a dream which doesn’t have any address. No physical address has been provided anywhere.

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False Testimonials:

The testimonials sections of the website are false and misleading. There is no actual review of the software. Paid actors talk about making profits in exchange for a few dollars. No details are available about the reviewers, nor is their credibility available. However, during our review, it was found that these people are actually professionals who have recorded several such testimonies for other scam offers too.

People are just being fooled and are being manipulated to believe their lies and deception. Deceptive pictures, which promise affluence and wealth in the form of mansions, expensive cars and holiday destinations, are just there to deceive people.

Is Modern Profit Professor a scam? Review Verdict:

Yes, it is most certainly a scam, judging from what we have discovered. Remember, only scams make such promises of ‘no-loss’ offers and situations. Modern Profit Professor is a scam robot which is not going to build your wealth, but which is designed to take away your hard earned money as soon you deposit it. These are all stories which are created to influence people and trap them in this vicious cycle. For these reasons, we will be adding them to our scam blacklist. We work hard to update our blacklist with the latest scam launches. Do refer back to our blacklist in the future before taking up any shady offer.

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