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Welcome to our Mirror Trader Scam Review! Are you one of the few lucky people to receive a ‘special invite’ to join Mirror Trader? If so, you have come to the right place. We have reason to believe Mirror Trader is a scam software and are looking to warn as many potential investors as possible. We received countless reports from newbie binary options traders who claim to have lost a lot of money with this fraudulent app. For this reason, we decided to investigate the system thoroughly and will be exposing the results of our investigation in this comprehensive Mirror Trader Review. Our goal with this review is to help potential investors make an informed decision by being 100% transparent with this investment opportunity. We urge you to read this review through to the end before making any investment decisions.

Scam website: mirror-trader.co

Mirror Trader Scam

Mirror Trader Review

Mirror Trader is basically a new Scam binary options auto trading software owned by John Harrison. John appears in the introduction video as a well-dressed professional with a very impressive resume (military & banking). He supposedly holds the keys to your financial freedom or early retirement. John’s highly sophisticated Mirror Trader software is “100% guaranteed” to earn you an average of $14,000 in daily profits, or $300,000 in monthly profits. Sounds amazing, right? His software is supposedly able to achieve these outstanding results with relative ease due to its incredible speed, which is said to be faster than any other program international investment banks currently have access to. Yeah, right.

This is isn’t the first time we’re hearing such claims. In the past year alone we’ve seen at least a hundred different systems claiming to have the ‘fastest’ and most power auto trader. They also claim to be ‘risk-free’ due to their 90-100% trading accuracies. What do all these systems have in common? They all sell unrealistic dreams and guarantees while attempting to rob regular people who are hoping to hit the jackpot with their malicious software. Don’t get us wrong, automated binary options trading can be very lucrative. However, this does not mean it comes with no risks. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and probably has fraudulent intents. Even the industry’s top performing auto traders do not make such ridiculous claims. We certainly hope not.

Is Mirror Trader a Scam?

It most definitely is. Honestly speaking, we wish the Mirror Trader software was legitimate. Who wouldn’t want to make $300,000 dollars a month? Most people have to work and save up for 10 years before seeing that kind of money. If such a system were to ever exist, do you think anyone would give it away to a few ‘randomly selected’ people for free? Think about it for a second. Big corporations and wealthy people would gladly spend millions if not billions of dollars to acquire the software. Yet, we are supposed to believe John Harrison wants to give this to us free of charge? None of this makes sense, financially speaking.

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Mirror Trader Review

Fabricated Testimonials

Alice Smithers from the United Kingdom apparently made $71,175 in just 5 days of using the Mirror Trader software. Alice is just 1 of 12 members who are featured on the mirror-trader.co website with testimonials of their success. Truth be told, none of these testimonials are real, they are fabricated. The producers behind the Mirror Trader scam basically stole pictures from the internet to represent a “successful member” of their group. Notice how Alice appears in 98 Success as well? 98 Success is a different binary options scam we once reviewed. This gives us reason to believe the same scam artists are behind both systems. Would you trust your investment with a system that uses fabricated testimonials?

Fake Live Trades

The other thing we notice on the Mirror Trader website is their “Live Trade Section”. The live trades are basically a demo of the Mirror Trader auto trading robot’s capabilities. We see the robot successfully predicting and winning most of its trades, if not all. This is just another act of deception. What we see isn’t actually the Mirror Trader robot in action. It’s just an intelligent script that matches random asset pairs to prices and predictions in attempts to deceive new unsuspecting traders. It didn’t take long for us to realize this since we’ve seen our fair share of intelligent scripts used with the same fraudulent intentions.

Review Verdict: Mirror Trader is a SCAM!

We hope this review has given you a more truthful perspective of what the Mirror Trader software really is. We have certainly seen more than enough here to label it a scam and will be adding it to our list of scam services. Be sure to refer to our blacklist before investing into any other binary options auto trader in the future. We test and review binary options services regularly and do our best to keep our list updated with the latest scams.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Mirror Trader Review. If you are looking for more reliable alternatives to help you in your journey of making an income online, visit our recommended services section. Only a tiny fraction of the services we review end up there. Be warned, none of them will make you a millionaire overnight. They can, however, supplement you with a decent stream of passive income.


If you have any questions or feedback leave us a comment below or email us at binaryscamreviewer@gmail.com. We do our best to respond within 24 hours. Trade safe!

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