Millionaires Code Review – 3 Undeniable SCAM Evidence!

Millionaire’s Code is the latest binary options Scam software we will be exposing in this comprehensive review. The evidence we will be providing below are undeniable as well as concrete, proving that the Millionaire’s Code is nothing but a giant hoax. Just minutes into our investigation of and we’re faced with red flags in the form of scam characteristics. 99.9% of all offers which have the word Million in it, come from scammers and end up being nothing more than  money-stealing schemes. By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear why the Millionaire’s Code by Matt Daniels is a fraud. Do not invest any of your hard earned money into this fraudulent system before reading this entire review or you might regret it.

Millionaire’s Code Scam Review

Millionaire's Code Scam Review

The video presentation for Millionaire’s Code starts off with the introduction of its alleged CEO, Matt Daniel. Matt appears to be a respectable individual who empathises with his audience and wants to help them become wealthy. It’s not difficult to believe the words that come out of his mouth as he portrays himself to be a genuine person with a professional Law background. In reality, Matt Daniel is just a paid actor providing his services to be the face of the Millionaire’s Code scam. The real crooks behind these shady systems want to remain hidden to avoid repercussions down the road when they inevitably get caught.

Matt’s actual identity is Ron Densi from, a marketplace favoured by scammers for marketing their useless trading platforms. We know this for a fact because we’ve seen Ron’s performances in many other bogus presentations. To his credit, he does a good job of convincing people while appearing authentic. It is uncertain if Ron is aware of his involvement in the crime but that is of no importance to us. Matt Clearly has no clue what he is talking about. His statements are all over the place and contradictory, even his math is terribly flawed. For example, he says you should never trust anyone who promises to help make you a ton of money with little to no cost.

While there is a lot of truth in that, Matt contradicts himself by then giving away the Millionaire’s Code to you for FREE. He disguises it as a paid service but the first 2 months are free. After which, a $200 monthly subscription fee is initiated which is a ridiculously low amount. If you think about that for a second, it sounds really suspicious. Why would you only charge $200 when your customers will make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your product? After 2 months of free usage, they would have earned $400,000 dollars in profit and would be happy to pay $10,000 a month to continue reaping those ridiculous profits.

Clearly, this isn’t a business that makes sense. In his profit calculation example, he uses ten dollar trades as an example and claims each successful trade makes you $80 in profit. How on earth is that even possible? If you win a $10 trade your realistic profits would be $7 giving you a total of $17. There isn’t a single broker on this planet that will pay you 8 times your investment for a win, it just doesn’t make sense.

Millionaire’s Code Fake Testimonials

Millionaire's Code Testimonial Fake

Remember these guys? Supposedly, these are successful members of the Millionaire’s Code. They appear in the video presentation to express how thankful they are for the life-changing experience that is the Millionaire’s Code. Testimonials are a crucial in determining the legitimacy of a product, and can make or break a company. These testimonials, however, are not legitimate ones. Don’t let their poor acting skills deceive you, these guys are also Fiverr actors. Here’s a link to the Australian actor’s Fiverr gig. See what we mean by scammers liking the Fiverr marketplace?

Unfortunately, many new unsuspecting traders buy into these stories and allow themselves to be manipulated by these con artists.  We received countless reports from newbie traders who have already fallen victim to this malicious scam, stating that their entire account balance has been drained. This is why we advise our readers to be skeptical and research shady offers that sound too good to be true. We strongly urge those of you who still want to sign up with them, rethink your decision.

Review Conclusion: Millionaires Code is a SCAM!

Do not be too discouraged, binary options is a very lucrative and growing industry. For these reasons, it attracts a lot of scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. It is important that you distinguish the legitimate services from the scams if you wish to succeed. There are other better alternatives to the Millionaire’s Code that can help you in your journey of making an income online. While they won’t make you a millionaire overnight, they certainly can supplement you with a side income. Here at BinaryScamReview, we test and review binary options services regularly. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. Due to our high expectations, 99% of the services we review end up on our blacklist. Only 1% make it our

Here at BinaryScamReview, we test and review binary options services regularly. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. Due to our high expectations, 99% of the services we review end up on our blacklist. Only 1% make it our recommended services section. Feel free to explore our site and contact us should you have any questions or feedback. You can also leave a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours. We love hearing from our readers and strive to improve our service.

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