The Millionaires Club Review – Richard Brown Scam!

The Millionaires Club by Richard Brown is a distasteful SCAM! It is just another binary options money-making scheme designed to rob unsuspecting day traders of their hard earned money. The only people who will potentially become millionaires from this shady system are the producers themselves. We have thoroughly investigated The Millionaire’s Club and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive audit. Please read this entire review before making any decisions to invest into this scheme.

Millionaires Club Scam Review

Richard Brown from the Millionaire’s Club

Official Scam Website: MillionairesClub.Com

Millionaires Club Review

Richard Brown, the spokesperson for the “Millionaires Club” claims to own an auto trading software that is guaranteed to make you a millionaire in just 3-4 months. Apparently this is the secret tool used by the club members to generate their endless supply of money. He will be giving you this software for free and expects absolutely nothing in return from you. He also promises you won’t have to sell or trade binary options/forex to make the millions.

Spoiler Alert: You will have to trade binary options, and also invest a minimum of $250.

As soon as you enter your personal details into the system, you will be taken to the next screen where you would be required to register with a Binary Options broker. Why would you need to register with a binary options broker if no trading of “forex, binary options, or penny stocks”  as he claimed? To get registered with a broker a minimum deposit of $250 is necessary. If that’s not bad enough, you would have to make a donation of $50,000 to a charity of your choice somewhere down the road. What happened to 100% free and no trading involved?

It’s kinda sad to see Richard Brown contradict himself so early on. You’re probably still thinking, $250 to become a millionaire is a great investment, right? Wrong! While there is some truth in that, an opportunity like this is virtually unheard of and you definitely won’t be getting it from the Millionaires Club. These misleading information have caused thousands of traders to fall victim to the Millionaires Club Scam!

Millionaires Club Scam Findings

If him contradicting himself like that isn’t enough to convince you this whole thing is a scam, wait till you see the fabricated testimonials sprinkled all over the presentation. Most of the people you see in the testimonials section are fake. We recognize them from previous scams we’ve reviewed like Citidel Investment App. You would think with the amount of dirty money they have made from scamming people they would be able to invest into some different photos to appear more convincing. It is clear that they think stealing money is all too easy. The first image is from Millionaires Club and the second from Citidel.

Millionaires Club Fake Testimonials

Fabricated Testimonials!

Proof Millionaire Club is a Hoax

Citidel Investment App Testimonials

Fake Live Results?

There is no doubt the so-called live results displayed are fake. This review was written on a weekend and on weekends the financial markets are closed, which makes trading impossible. Yet when we access their site, we are bombarded with “live results”.  It is not possible for these results to be true. These results are displayed by an intelligent script that matches random images to random names with random numbers. To make matter worse, we even noticed the same person appear in the video testimonial named Mary J show up as Wendy in the live results. This slip up further proves that the people behind the Millionaires Club are malicious scam artists.

Review Verdict: Millionaires Club is a SCAM!

We hope by now we have provided enough evidence to assure you that the Millionaires Club is indeed a hoax. We have officially labelled them a scam and have added them to our blacklist! Do not be discouraged; there are better alternatives to help you in your journey. Checkout our review on the Copy Buffet Software. We personally tested this system and endorse it as we are confident in its legitimacy as an auto trader. The Copy Buffet software won’t make you  a millionaire overnight but let’s be real, nothing will.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Millionaires Club Scam Review. We certainly hope it has benefited you. Feel free to share this post on social media to help prevent more people from falling victim to this malicious scam. Please leave us a comment or question below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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