The Millionaire Bot Scam Review – Old Scam Relaunched!!

The Millionaire bot by James Robinson is an old scam which first appeared back in February 2015! Since then, it has been relaunched more than 3 times. This “100% free system” that is supposedly capable of making you $13, 425 a day is nothing but a giant hoax! Do not invest any money into this system without first reading our Millionaire Bot Review. We will be going over some of the different scam-like elements seen in this software and we are sure it will change your outlook on them. Thousands of people have already become victims, do not let yourself be next.

Millionaire Bot Scam Review

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Is the Millionaire Bot a SCAM?

There is no doubt that it is. It is pretty much the same exact version of the older scam except for the fact they increased the amount of “money you will make” in a day. They also included a new little twist by adding a “live video” to the presentation. John Calgary, as he claims to be, demonstrates  how he goes from $250 in his OptionBit account to an impressive $13,425 in just 24 hours. The events are recorded through the lens of John’s phone camera which is something we don’t see every day with new scams that surface.

The alleged CEO of the Millionaire Bot is James Robinson. At no point in the presentation video were we introduced to even a picture of him. All we hear is a voice-over claiming to be him. This makes it impossible to verify his existence. Would the CEO of a million-dollar robot hide his identity in a video that’s being used to promote his product? This is very unlikely. People only hide their identities when they are ashamed/not proud of what they’re doing, or to avoid repercussions down the road when they eventually get caught. This isn’t the first scam to hide it’s creators identity, the Globe Traders and  300 Dollar Trade which are scams we recently reviewed also conceal the identities of their owners.

You most probably received the invitation to sign up with the Millionaire Bot via e-mail. The video that was presented to you most likely started with about 7 testimonials from people who have apparently achieved mind-blowing results with the software. We have evidence to suggest the testimonials are fake. We recognize some of the actors from recent scam testimonials we investigated.  They were merely fabricated by Fiverr actors who will say anything in front of a camera for a measly $5. Take this couple for instance:

Millionaire Bot Paid Actors

Fabricated Testimonials

That’s not all. Remember when they claimed only 23 limited spots are left and that you could lose the opportunity if you don’t act quick enough? That’s a lie as well. How do we know? If you visit their Youtube channel, it clearly shows the video was published on Feb 3, 2015. It’s been over a year with 3 different launches and they still have 23 spaces left? Has no one signed up since then? What’s worse, the registration form on the next page shows a 2-minute countdown to signing up before all slots are filled. We waited 3 minutes after the countdown ended and we were still able to sign up. This is nothing more than a high-pressure sales tactic intended to instil a sense of urgency in you. By making you act quickly, they give you less time to think rationally and perform proper research. We can only assume you were smart enough to avoid that since you’re here reading this now.

Millionaire Bot Youtube Channel

A 1-year-old video, 13 subs, 700 views.

If that’s not enough to convince you, wait till you here James Robinson contradict himself later on in the video. James says the Millionaire Bot achieves earnings of 4 million dollars a year without ever having the need to TRADE! No binary options, forex, or stocks trading are required. It’s funny how he is able to make a claim as ridiculous as this. He must have forgotten that the most memorable bit of his crappy presentation, was the “live video” with John Calgary. John clearly mentions he deposited $250 into his Option Bit account before turning it into $13,000. OptionBit is basically a binary options broker, nothing else. Why would you need to deposit money with a binary options broker when there are no trade-related activities involved? These fraudsters behind the Millionaire Bot can’t even keep their lies consistent.

Millionaire Bot Review Verdict: Pathetic SCAM!

It should be absolutely clear by now that the guys behind the Millionaire Bot are dishonest con artists. You definitely will not be making you first million online with them. While the Binary Options industry is a lucrative one, it can also be dangerous. If you wish to succeed, it is important that you get started with a reliable service, such as the NEO² software. We regularly test and review binary options services here at BinaryScamReview and heavily rely on positive user feedback before endorsing any services. Due to our high standard of expectations, less than 0.5% of  the services we review make it through to our whitelist.

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