Midnight Money Machine Review – 3 Reasons it’s a SCAM!

Welcome to our Midnight Money Machine review! If you are on this page, you most probably received a “special invite” to access this shady system for free. Like most sensible people, you were skeptical about the legitimacy of its claims and decided to do some research. It’s a good thing you ended up here because we have thoroughly investigated the Midnight Money Machine software for you and will be revealing our findings in this comprehensive review. Please do not invest money into this fraudulent system without first reading this entire review. By the time you’re done with this review, it will be absolutely clear why the Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM!

Midnight Money Machine Scam ReviewMidnight Money Machine’s Jeff Farrell

Let’s start this review by investigating the owner of the Midnight Money Machine, Jeff Farrell. He claims to be the CEO of JF Media which is a company that has been developing private trading software for the past 5 years. We searched high and low but could not find traces of CEO Jeff Farrell online. JF Media does exist but it’s an advertising company and not a software development company as he claims. He isn’t even on their staff list.

Considering how Jeff never even made an appearance in the video presentation, it is very likely that he is a made up character used to be the face of this scam. All we get is a picture of him and a voice narration. How are we supposed to verify his existence when all we have is a picture of him and his voice? Even those can be faked or stolen from the internet. Turns out that’s exactly what it is, a stolen picture. We found this image in association with a man named Ruud from a dating website:

Jeff Farrell JF Media

Midnight Money Machine Ridiculous Claims

Supposedly, the Midnight Money Machine software is able to earn you between $1,500 – $6,000 in profits every single night. How does it achieve this? Based on their explanation, this financial vehicle exploits night time trading since the markets are “slower and easier to predict” then. This is nothing but a load of crap. There is no such thing as midnight for the financial markets. They are open for trading 24 hours a day. Midnight, where you are from, is daytime for someone at the opposite end of the world. This is nothing but a clever gimmick meant to fool unsuspecting traders.

Another suspicious claim made by the guys behind Midnight Money Machine is that the Beta Phase participation is by “invite only”. Apparently, only Alpha Phase testers are allowed to invite people to try out the software. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re pretty sure that most of you who received this invite don’t personally know any of their Alpha testers. The invite was most likely through e-mail from a random marketer. We tested this on our own, anyone who accesses their web page is able to register, no special invite is required. It’s just a trick to make the whole sham seem exclusive.

Midnight Money Machine Fabricated Testimonials

In the video presentation, the voice-over actor goes over a couple of email testimonials from successful customers. The first testimonial, from a girl called Lindsey, thanks the producers of the Midnight Money Machine for the amazing results she has achieved using their software. She consistently made $3,000-$5,000 daily except for Saturday when she forgot to turn it on. She wasn’t too bummed about that since she made close to $3,000 on Sunday.

This sounds great and everything until you realize the financial markets are closed for trading on the weekends! Trading is IMPOSSIBLE on the weekends. Yet, Lindsey was able to make $2,800 on a Sunday with the software? We also found fake testimonials on the members area of their website. Take this one for example:

Midnight Money Machine Fake Scam

It should be pretty clear by now, how this whole thing forms into a giant Sham! Would you really trust someone who makes unrealistic claims and uses fake testimonials? We didn’t think so.

Review Conclusion: Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM!

Some of you were probably hoping for this system to be legitimate so you scan start making thousands of dollars a day online. Unfortunately, these expectations are unrealistic and are only sold to you by scammers. Do not be too discouraged, there are other much better alternatives. Binary Options is an extremely lucrative industry but it won’t make you a millionaire overnight. It can, however, help you in your journey of making an income online.

Here at BSR, we test and review binary options services regularly. We rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing a system. Due to our high standard of expectations, 99% of the services we review are blacklisted and only 1% of them actually make it to our recommended services list. We strongly urge you refer to our blacklist in the future before signing up with any system.

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