Methodox 2.0 Scam Review – Scott Sholes’ Money-Stealing Software!!

Methodox 2.0 – Newer Version of Old SCAM! WARNING – Stay away!

Methodox 2.0 is a newer version of a scam software, which was launched some time ago and known as Methodox 1.0. It targets the same set of gullible traders but with a refined version of the software. Scott Sholes is said to be the founder of this Methodox 2.0 Scam software who promises unbelievable returns and financial freedom in a very short time. Unfortunately, there is no truth in all claims and promises. Our Methodox 2.0 Review is an attempt to bring out the real truth behind this software which has the main motive to steal money and nothing else.

methodox 2.0 scam review

Before you lose your hard earned money, please read our full review about this Methodox 2.0 Scam and save your money!

Let us start by finding more about the owner of the Methodox 2.0 Software, Scott Scholes.

Who is Scott Sholes?

Mr. Sholes claims to be the owner of the software and an authority in Foreign Exchange. He also claims to have helped 542 people in becoming millionaires, just like him. However, no one seems no know of him.  No one has heard his name or has seen his profiles appear on social media. We have reason to believe Scott is a binary options scammer. He is just playing a character. No one exists by the same name or profile because the software doesn’t exist. He is a paid actor who is reading a script and promoting this scam.

We started our Methodox 2.0 Review and checked, their website first. Just as is the case of all scam websites, we find a video presentation, plenty of fake testimonials and many false claims and promises.

How Does Methodox 2.0 Software work?

Scott Sholes claims that the software is hooked wit several broker websites and databases which are closely associated with trading platforms. It is said that the app can easily log into these databases and then guess quickly what assets the biggest firms are promoting. Sholes claims that there is an algorithm which can actually tap wealth out of this database. It makes a calculation and makes informed results on such trades which are done on worldwide predictions. This explanation is difficult to understand and doesn’t make much sense. If you are a newcomer, you might be overwhelmed with the explanation and start believing it. However, any seasoned trader will not believe this explanation. It is totally vague and difficult to understand.

Partnered With Scam Brokers:

Methodox 2.0 Software has partnered with false brokers like Eztrader and others. We found in our review that most of these brokers are not registered and even if they are registered, they are used by scammers for promoting their agenda. Most scam websites ask people to deposit money with brokers. You shouldn’t be surprised if you know that such entities are usually owned by the same people. When traders invest money with such shady brokers, their money is usually lost.

In the video presentation by Scott Sholes, he reveals that the app has been around for two years. The first lie is that Methodox 1.0 was launched two years back and not Methodox 2.0. During our Methodox 2.0 Review, we checked the domain name age and we found that it was registered only on February 15th, 2016. Why is the owner making a false claim? The answer is simple, as their only motive is to cheat and scam people.

scott sholes

The participants are fake, merely random images stolen from all over the internet.

Impossible Winning Accuracy:

If you watch the presentation video you will realise that the actor or the presenter is actually confused about the winning ratio. One of the reviewers mentions that the winning accuracy is 84% while the other says that the winning rate is 96%. This is a huge difference and why would there be such confusion? This kind of confusion in such an important area is definitely a sign of a scam. It is uncommon for legitimate auto trading systems to have conflicting pieces of information like these in their promotion.

False Earnings & Fake Testimonials:

If you relate to the automated binary options trading platform, you should know that promises of “guaranteed returns” are impossible . All investments carry risk and there is actually no guarantee about getting a specific amount every day. No matter it is an old investment or a new one, there can never be any guarantee for fixed amounts of income. Misleading traders with promises of false earnings is a sign of Methodox 2.0 Scam.

When you visit, you will come across the testimonial section which is all fictitious and false. During our Methodox Scam Review, we tried to find a bit more about the people represented in the video but we could not verify any detail. All images are stolen or they are stock photos. All reviews are fabricated and no one has actually made any money using the software. The testimonial section exists just to mislead traders.

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Verdict: Is Methodox 2.0 a Scam?

Yes, this is a 100% scam!

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Our detailed Methodox 2.0 review has proved in more than one ways that everything is suspicious about the software. The owner doesn’t exist, it partners with scam brokers, and it is all about false testimonials and full of fake promises. There is no truth in any claim. This is a complete scam which has been created to cheat traders and robs them off their money. Do not invest your money with the hope of making some profit because the App doesn’t actually work and it is absolutely fake. Our suggestion is to avoid this new Methodox 2.0 Software, which is just another version of previous scam software. If you are looking for a legitimate alternative, visit our recommended services section. Our top picks for the month are NEO2 as well as CodeFibo!

Thank you for reading our Methodox 2.0 scam review. We hope it helped you save some money. Please let us know your thoughts on Methodox 2.0 in the comment section below. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond to all comments/suggestions/questions/criticism. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at Trade safe!

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