Maximus Profits Review – Horrifying SCAM by George Maximus!!

Maximus Profits is a new scam binary options auto trading software by George Maximus/Maximus Capital. The system under review promises to reveal the secrets you need to know in order to attain financial freedom. With promises of $8,496 in daily earnings, it’s easy to see why so many people are contemplating signing up. We advise users who visited the site to take everything they say with a pinch of salt. We have reason to believe Maximus Profits is a scam since most of the information presented are misleading lies. Our goal with this review is to warn potential investors of the dangers of investing into a suspicious system such as this. Be sure to read this unbiased review through to the end before making any investment decisions.

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Maximus Profits Scam Review

What is Maximus Profits?

Maximus Profits is basically an automated binary options trading robot. These types of systems are capable of trading the financial markets for its users on 100% autopilot. All this is made possible with the incorporation of sophisticated trading algorithms. 2016 has seen a drastic increase in the demand for auto trading systems, which is why we see a ton of trading systems such as Maximus Profits being developed. However, the majority of these services are proven to be scams while only a tiny fraction are legitimate trading software.

Maximus Profits guarantees its users a minimum of $8,496 in daily income. These are ridiculous amounts to be guaranteeing, but George Maximus stands by his promise firmly. According to him and the website, the software has a “100% winning trade accuracy”, meaning it is impossible to lose with the software. It has not lost a single trade in over 3 years (since 2013). Yeah, right! These are just bogus claims George Maximus wants you to believe so you will invest into his crappy software.

Who is George Maximus?

Apparently, George Maximus is the CEO of Maximus Profits/Maximus Capital. In the beginning of the video presentation, he claims to have turned 14 people into millionaires in under 1 month. We find this really hard to believe. Becoming a millionaire takes a lot of work and time. The only other way you can become a millionaire quickly is you have a lot of funds to risk. Unless George is sponsoring his students with hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading capital, we see no way how this can be achieved. George Maximus

Upon further investigation, we discovered George Maximus isn’t really who he claims to be. He isn’t the actual CEO of Maximus Capital. He is merely a paid actor who is lending his services to the real crooks behind this development. How do we know this? We found several other scam software featuring “George” in their introduction video. Some of these scams include Amissio Formula and Cloud Trader. We aren’t completely against the use of actors, but when we see the same actor featured in multiple scams, it definitely raises a big red flag.

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Is Maximus Profits a SCAM?

It certainly is starting to look like one. Apart from what we have already discussed, we also discovered the use of fake testimonials from more paid actors. Testimonials are a great way to promote or market a product/service. However, making use of fabricated testimonials is definitely not a legitimate way of doing so as it is highly deceptive. Legitimate systems shouldn’t have the need to use fake testimonials. If the product/service lives up to expectations, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get genuine and natural testimonials from real users.

Remember the bald man in specs who appears at the beginning of the Maximus Profits video presentation? He claims to have earned $34,000 in just under a month of using George’s system. Turns out, this guy is just an actor from who specializes in creating “natural looking testimonials”. His real name is Simon and for a small fee of $5 he will say anything you want him to about your service in front of a camera. Here’s a screenshot comparison of his gig on Fiverr as well as the testimonial for Maximus Profits:

Maximus Profits fake testimonial

Other Maximus Capital scam findings:

  • Fake endorsements: The endorsements from media giants such as Forbes, CNN, and Bloomberg are not legitimate. We searched through these companies archives and found no mention of Maximus Profits.
  • Fake reviews: In the member’s section, we found more fabricated testimonials in the form of self-written reviews from fake identities. They merely steal random pictures off the internet, assign them to a random name, and match them with made up profit figures.
  • “Live Trade Results”: Also in the member’s area, we found intelligent scripts working to deceive viewers into thinking the software is executing and winning live trades

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Review Conclusion: Maximus Capital is a SCAM!

We’ve seen more than enough evidence to suggest this whole system is indeed a scam. We do not think it is even worth of a test investment. For these reasons, we have added Maximus Capital to our list of blacklisted services. We test and review binary options services frequently to keep our lists up to date for our readers. If you’re still thinking about making a deposit with them, we urge you to read this review through again and wish you the best of luck.

If you are looking for better alternatives, we highly recommend you check out our Binadroid 2.0 review. It is a new launch of an upgraded version of a previously successful software BinaDroid 1. We have tested these systems and they are proven to be legitimate and profitable auto trading systems. However, they will not make you a millionaire overnight. Those are nothing but dreams only sold by scam artists!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Maximus Capital Scam Review. We certainly hope it has benefitted you in some way. Please leave us a comment below with questions/feedback/criticism! We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond within 24 hours. Trade safe!
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