The Malay Method aka The Singapore Method Scam Review! MUST READ!!

The Malay Method and Singapore Method by Jack Shen is just another addition to a series of binary options SCAM! As the name suggests, they are targeting Malaysian and Singaporean citizens with this scam. It is nothing but a relaunched-copy-cat version of the Sydney and Toronto System which we previously reviewed. Please do not invest any money into these fraudulent systems before first reading this entire review. By the end of this Malay Method/Singapore Method review, it will be absolutely clear how this whole thing forms into a giant scam. We have investigated these systems thoroughly and will be revealing the many different scam-like elements we discovered during our audit:

The Malay Method & Singapore Method Scam Review

Jack Shen

Official Scam Websites: &

Malay Method aka Singapore Method Review

Let’s start the review with Jack Shen, the alleged CEO and owner of the Malay Method and Singapore Method. Jack Shen isn’t even a real person. They merely stole this guys picture from a stock photo website and used him as the face of this scam. The video presentation didn’t even include any footage of this guy. It was basically a voice narrator going over a standard script claiming to be Jack Shen. We know this for a fact because we’ve reviewed a ton of different scams like the Malay Method and Singapore Method and this was a familiar face to us. A simple google image search was all it took to verify this. Notice how the image below is being used all over the internet to represent many different fake  identities:

Jack Shen Malay Method Singapore Method

Image Used to Represent Fake Identities

The usages of fake identities to represent scams such as the Malay Method & Singapore Method is quite common in the binary options industry. In our career reviewing scams, we’ve seen this deceptive method used in at least 90% of the scam services we review. These con artists make use of fake names and images while their real identities remain unknown. They do this to avoid criminal charges down the road when the scam eventually gets busted. They then move on to develop another scam with a different “get-rich-quick” twist to it.

Malay Method & Singapore Method Rip-Off

Next in our review, we investigate some of the testimonials presented on their website. The first one we noticed was a text message from Laura Patterson to her friend in which she claims to have made over $70,000 in just 10 days! It was pretty obvious that this testimonial was fabricated. We found the same exact text message used in both the Malay Method as well as Singapore method as testimonials. Could it really be possible that Laura made the same exact sum of money in the same time period with 2 different apps? Quite frankly, this is impossible. Check out the following image:

The Malay Method The Singapore Method Fabricated Testimonials

Fabricated Testimonials

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Even their social media “live feed” is fake. It’s just an intelligent script that’s randomly matching names to pictures and comments. If these testimonials were real Facebook and Twitter testimonials, clicking on their names would take us to their respective social media profiles. Yet, the names and links here are not clickable, clearly indicating these are bogus scripts at play. Also, notice how most of the comments and tweets are from Americans and European people? The Singapore Method and Malay Method are solely marketed to people from Singapore and Malaysia respectively. You would expect most of the testimonials to come from people of Asian descent. Instead, we see testimonials from what look like Americans and Europeans. This doesn’t add up or make sense:

Malay Method Singapore Mehod Review

Fake Live Comments


Review Conclusion: The Malay Method & The Singapore Method are SCAMS!

The Malay Method aka Singapore Method makes use of way too many deceptive marketing tactics to lure potential investors in. We see no reason why anyone should commit to an investment with a shady system such as this one. We have seen more than enough here to label the Malay Method & Singapore Method a SCAM, and will be adding it to our list of blacklisted services.

Do not be too discouraged. Binary Options is a  lucrative space for people who are looking to make an income online. However, it is important that you are able to differentiate scams from the legitimate  services if you wish to succeed in your journey. We test and review binary options services frequently and rely heavily on positive user feedback before endorsing any systems. Due to our high expectations, less than 1% of the services we review  actually make it to our recommended services section. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions/feedback and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for reading our review!

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