Lucrosa Incorporated Review – John Lucrosa’s Disgusting Scam Software!!

Lucrosa – One More Binary Options Trading Scam!

Lucrosa Software – highly promoted trading software, completely ready to dupe unsuspecting traders! Before you become the next victim, go through our review.

If you have already made up your mind, to try this software, wait for a few minutes and read our unbiased Lucrosa Software review. We have all the facts which will expose every detail about this trading system. We will be publishing them in hopes of helping you make a better investment decision.

Lucrosa Scam Review

Who is John Lucrosa?

He is the man behind this scam and owner of Lucrosa Incorporation. John Lucrosa claims to be the ‘leading mentor’ in the popular online trading industry. He also claims to have worked in Canary Wharf in London. He explains that he left his job to teach the basics of the trade. However, during our review, we couldn’t confirm any of these claims. Those who have spent years in the binary options industry have also failed to recognize John Lucrosa.

Our research has revealed that John is in no way associated with the trading industry and not the owner of Lucrosa Incorporated. He is a paid actor who is just saying what he has been asked to say. There is ample proof of him being a paid actor and no proof of his association with the trading industry. Would you still believe what he says?

Does Lucrosa Inc. Exist?

During our review, we researched about this company. Yes, the company Lucrosa Inc. does exist, but Mr. John Lucrosa is not the owner of the company. All his claims are false. It is likely that he has used the Company name to fake authority/credibility. So, for all those who still believe that this App is promising, this is certainly a warning sign.

How Does Lucrosa Software Work – Fake Principles!

It’s common to ask – how does the software work? All explanations and reviews posted are too vague. They do not have any meaning or logic. It is claimed that the Lucrosa program is based on a number of principles, based on how the market works. Isn’t this unacceptable?

It is quite impossible to accept the fact that Lucrosa App is aware of the fact that all these principles repeat in a systematic way. But – what are these principles? How does a person investing fund know about the principles?

Generic Information:

We have seen in the past, that all such scams use such generic information to explain the working of their App. It has been seen time and again that confusing, incomplete and generic information is presented to the traders as an explanation. This is just to bring something up and confuse people because, in reality, they have nothing to explain. There is no ‘magic’ or ‘secret’ formula to earn money. If you have watched scam videos earlier, you must have heard these words by the presenters. This is all scripted and similar.

Estimated Profits – Unrealistic

It is being advertised that the software can turn $250 into $7000 and more with just one day of trading. These figures are extremely unrealistic, we have a hard time believing them. Even the most legitimate auto trading software that are endorsed by binary options authorities can only bring in an average of $500-$800 daily (with minimum deposit). john lucrosa

Impossible Earnings Promised:

  • Earning $7000 in a day – The presentation video starts with John Lucrosa, asking if one would like to make $7000 in a day. First and foremost, this is almost impossible in the binary industry. The video is all about comforts of life, luxury cars, and inflated bank accounts.
  • John again states that he will pay $600 just to watch the video. This means every new member would get this amount – isn’t this quite absurd? Think for yourself – why would anyone pay this amount just to watch a video? Is it so easy to distribute money?
  • Earning more than $200k in auto-trading is totally impossible. This is a high-risk industry where losses are an integral part of earnings.

False Assurances:

Visit and click Lucrosa Software members’ area and you will find a person guaranteeing “success by making sure you never lose a trade”. Even novice traders or people who are just starting are aware that this is empirically impossible. Losses are a part of every system – even the best ones have their share of losses. It is not possible to reach this kind of accuracy. These claims are totally false and misleading.

Website with No Information:

The main website, offers almost no information. Its main objective is to get potential clients or victims to deposit money.

  • There is no statistical evidence of the facts presented.

  • No contact details available. There is no telephonic support available.

  • No registered address is provided.

  • Only one generic email address is provided.

  • Working of the software is not explained clearly.

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No Withdrawals Allowed:

Just as in all scam Apps, you will not be able to withdraw the money you invest. The withdrawal process is complex and has several strings attached, which is almost impossible to fulfil. So, once you fund the account, no withdrawals can be made.

Stolen Testimonials:

If you have visited, you must have seen the testimonials section in the sales page. The images you see are all rehashed and stolen. The testimonials are completely fake and false. They are created for the purpose of cheating traders and luring them to make an investment.These are paid reviews and by paid actors.

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Final Verdict: Is Lucrosa A scam?

Yes, this is 100% scam software! Save your money and create awareness.

Do not give second thoughts to this software, as it is created to completely cheat traders and trick them. As soon as you fund your account, you will lose all your money in this shady app. We will be adding them to our blacklist along with all the other scam software. If you know anyone who is thinking about investing in Lucrosa or in any other trading software, please share this review with them.

We need to ensure that traders are aware that Lucrosa Software is a scam and they need to stay away!

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