Is Lucky Trader APP a Scam? 100% Honest Review with Facts!!

Lucky Trader – You Are Not Getting Lucky With This SCAM!

Lucky Trader as the name suggests claims to be one lucky app which has the power to turn your fortune around. If you still haven’t heard about this app you should know that this app claims to be working 100% on autopilot and claims to be the most advanced and profitable Auto Trader of the year.

It claims to help the trader make more than $657, 192 in a single month. Isn’t this an alarming figure? This Lucky Trader review is our unbiased attempt to dig into the truth and save others from losing money in this scam. There are several pieces of evidence which prove Lucky Trader App is indeed a Scam – we are here to bring you all such facts.

lucky trader app scam review

Official Scam Site: LuckyTraderApp.Com

Paul Everett, Creator Of Lucky Trader App:

Let us get introduced to the supposed creators or the brains behind the App. Paul Everett is the manager while the team includes people like Jennifer Willson, Beth Johnson and Howard Crowells. However, on investigating further we found no information on the creators. They do not have any social media accounts which would verify their identity. How can you trust any system without getting to know the owners?

The creators claim that this new auto trading service will be generating millions for its investors in a very short time. As per the promotional video, the App can generate more than $657, 192 in a month, when it is on total autopilot. This definitely sounds too good to be true. It is very unlikely any auto-trader is capable of generating its users $600,000 in just 30 days. Even the most legitimate software we have tested do not make such ridiculous claims and can only earn us an average of $10,000 to $15,000 monthly.

Further research has proved that Paul Everett is a hired actor and he has no experience in the binary trade industry. We do not trust his team either.

How Does Lucky Trader App Works?

Nothing much is mentioned about how the App works. They do not go into the details during the Lucky Trader scam video presentation. It just claims to be an auto trading robot which can help traders become rich. The reality is that the robot is made just to steal your money as you deposit. These people claim to be App Developers, a UX Designers, and iOS Specialists – where is the trading expert? Is it really possible to develop such profitable and authentic trading software without any trading knowledge and experience? We highly doubt it.

Website is Down for Days:

Have you checked the website lately? is down for several days. Those who have already lost money have nobody to contact. Why is the website down? They are probably down due to the many negative reviews. They might also be planning to change the domain name and continue with their fraudulent practices. The website has been down for several days now and it is quite alarming. No legitimate software owner would let their site have that much downtime without quickly fixing things.

When the website was accessible, it provided absolutely no information to the traders. All details are covered with deception. There is actually no information about the App and also on the people who are involved with the App.

Paul Everett Lucky Trader Scam

Is Lucky Trader App a Scam?

There is no physical address available to the company. There are no contact details available. Once you fund the account and your money disappears, you do not actually have anyone to get in touch with. Would you like to trust a company whose identity couldn’t be verified?

Lucky Trader App offers a unique registration strategy which makes it quite suspicious. Traders are pushed into the registration and urged to register themselves as soon as possible. They falsely promise traders, that after 60 seconds of their registration, the traders will start making profits. Isn’t that something we dream about? Profits do not happen so easily and such a strategy is just to fool people and force registrations.

Risk-Free Trading?

In all its advertisements and promotions, Lucky Trader claims to be 100% risk-free. One should be aware that in any financial environment, ‘risk-free’ trading doesn’t happen. There is no environment where risks cannot be eliminated. 100% risk-free is totally impossible and doesn’t happen.

The presentation video claims that this app has been awarded as the best auto-trader of the year 2016 – this is completely false. In fact, no one has actually heard about this. Secondly, 2016 is still not finished – how can an award be declared in the middle of the year, that too for its performance?

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Fake Gift Card:

Another fake claim is made about getting a $250 gift card as one funds the live trading account. Well, a research further proved that this is actually no gift card; it is actually a bonus which gets added to the live trading account. These bonuses are never easy to withdraw and they always have several strings attached to them. Withdrawing your earnings will be a distant dream. This is designed in such a way that the traders are never able to withdraw their amount. This is a complete false promise which the trader doesn’t benefit in any way.


If you have been to the website, you will notice that there are no testimonies of people who have used the product or made money. There is actually no one who can support this app or testify about its usefulness. In fact, if you check on other review sites, you will find scores of negative reviews and complaints. If you check YouTube you will come across several traders who lost money in this system. There are hundreds of people who have already lost their money – stay alert and do not do anything to join this list of people.

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Lucky Trader Review Conclusion:

This is a 100% scam App which is created to cheat money from people.

The company has no existence, the owner’s identity couldn’t be confirmed, there is no real contact information and above all the website is down for the last few days. Lucky Trader App is a scam and should be avoided. There is nothing to trust in this scam software when its founder’s identity couldn’t be established, nor its physical address.

If you’re looking for better alternatives, visit our recommended services section. Be sure to refer to our blacklist in the future before taking up any shady offers in the future. Got a question? E-mail us at Leave us a comment below with feedback/suggestions. We love hearing from our readers and make it a point to respond within 24 hours. Trade safe!

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