Lie Detector Millionaire Review – Dangerous SCAM!!

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software is by far the BIGGEST SCAM we’ve reviewed so far in 2016! It’s scary to imagine just how many people will be robbed of their hard earned money by this massive hoax of a system.

We have investigated the Lie Detector Millionaire (LMD) System thoroughly and will be reporting our findings in this comprehensive review. We hope to help prevent as many people as we can from getting scammed. Please do not invest any money into this sham before first reading this entire review:

Lie Detector Millionaire LMD Scam Review

Official Scam Website: LieDetectorMillionaire.Com


Daniel Wilkins’ Lie Detector Millionaire Review

The Lie Detector Millionaire video presentation starts off with it’s alleged “owner”, Daniel Wilkins, undergoing a polygraph test. The reason for this test is to “prove” that Daniel Wilkins is indeed a multimillionaire and not a con artist.

The video then cuts off to the next scene where Daniel  tells us he is sick of all the scam artists in the Binary Options industry. The ones that lure people into their phony scams with  ridiculous claims, flashy cars, rented mansions, paid actors, and a whole lot of other pretentious over-the-top BS!

Ironically, all this happens while Daniel Wilkins (who is a paid actor), drives back to his rented mansion in his flashy Range Rover while making ridiculous claims. How contradictory? At this point, we weren’t quite sure if we should be laughing or not. (We laughed) 😉

In the next scene, Daniel bravely admits to us that he used to be a fake “internet guru” a.k.a. scammer but assures us that he has turned over a new leaf. Together with his trusted friend “Trader X“, they have developed an app/auto trader that is supposedly making them millions of dollars. He claims that his software the Lie Detector Millionaire a.k.a. LMD is able to predict the future of the financial markets and will make any binary options trader that utilizes it extremely wealthy. Yeah, right!

Flashy Cars and Rented Mansions Scam


Lie Detector Millionaire a Big Fat Scam?

Yes, it most definitely is a fraud. The scary part is that it’s actually a pretty convincing one, we believe. The Lie Detector Millionaire has the typical elements you would find in most scams except they take things to a whole new level by the sheer production value of the scam. It is quite obvious that a lot of money went into producing this sham, from the paid actors to the fancy cars, and even the big expensive rented mansion. Read on to uncover the details of our extensive audit of this scam:

Daniel Wilkins Paid Actor?

He is definitely not the owner/millionaire internet marketer that he claims to be. There is no information to be found on this made up character anywhere on the internet. We looked through Google, Facebook, and even Linkedin but still could not find him. There were a few Daniel Wilkins that we bumped into but none of them were related to Binary Options trading or Internet Marketing.

You would expect someone as successful and capable as who he portrays to be would have some sort of social media presence. The actor “Daniel Wilkins” however, is not your average Fiverr actor. We can tell he is a very talented actor from his performance in the presentation video and it probably cost the people behind the Lie Detector Millionaire a lot of money to acquire his services. We have no way of confirming if the actor knew he was aiding in a scam.

Lie Detector Millionaire Hoax Discoveries

Remember the polygraph test that “Daniel Hawkins” took to prove he wasn’t a scam artist? Turns out the person who administered the polygraph test “Military General Jonas Kane” doesn’t exist too. We looked all over the internet and even went through California’s Yellow Pages since that’s where he claimed his business is established but found no trace of him. Once again, you would expect a person of his stature to have some real world or even online presence. This isn’t the case with Daniel Hawkins and Jonas Kane from the Lie Detector Millionaire scam. This was just another act of deception to take advantage of unwary binary options traders.

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

Ridiculous Claims, False Promises, Fake Cheques!

Further into our Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review, we begin investigating the different claims and promises made by this deceptive system. Firstly, he claims to have made 5 million dollars in 2015 using the LDM software. While this is not impossible, it is very hard to believe when no solid proof is presented. Why go through the hassle of hiring an ex-military general to conduct a polygraph test and paying all that money, when you can simply take a few screenshots of your trading account or bank balance?

Next, we investigate the claim that it is impossible to lose with the Lie Detector Millionaire and that it has NEVER lost a trade. Quite frankly, not much investigation is needed for this claim since no binary options/forex trader or robot is capable of maintaining a record like that. It’s just common knowledge that there’s no system capable of securing a 100% win rate. Even the worlds most successful investor, Warren Buffet who heavily inspired the Copy Buffet Auto Trader could not come close to achieving that.

Throughout the video, it is emphasized that only the first 50 testers are granted access to the software for free till it’s launch in 2017. This is a widely used psychological trick in marketing called Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). They basically instill a sense of urgency in you by saying there are only 50 slots left, in hopes that you jump to action immediately. By doing this they eliminate time for their victims to think rationally and instead play on their insecurity of missing out on a great deal. Also, we can confirm that the software is available to the public as thousands of people have signed up for it already. It is not limited to 50 people or by invite only.

Finally, we come to the many different fake cheques and trading account balances that are found throughout the video. All of the trading balances shown on the video are photoshopped or taken from other people who have had real success but not related to this system. We’ve seen a number of the same exact screenshots appear in other scams that we’ve reviewed as well but we’re too lazy to go back and dig for them. The cheques are 100% fake and are photoshopped. It’s a known fact that all cheques made out to traders are from Binary Options Brokers. Not from the software companies. The fact that Lie Detector Millionaire has their logo on all the cheques certainly raised a red flag and we decided to investigate it a little further. Here’s what we found:

Lie Detector Millionaire Fake Cheques


Review Conclusion: Lie Detector Millionaire is a SCAM!

We could keep going on about the many different scam like aspects of the deceitful Lie Millionaire Software, but we feel we’ve seen more than enough to label this a scam and have added it to our Blacklist! It would be best if you explore other trusted auto traders such as the Copy Buffet Software. Read our full review on it here.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review. We sincerely hope you found it useful. If you have any enquiries or feedback, feel free leave us a comment below. You can also contact us here. We do our best to respond to all enquiries and feedback within 24 hours.

Trade safe,

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