Lazy Millionaire Review – Pathetic SCAM by Charles Knowles Exposed!!

Lazy Millionaire is a new binary options trading Scam by Charles Knowles. Think you can make $10,000 in daily profits with this shady system? There are many others who bought into these lies and have lost a significant amount of money in the process. Don’t let yourself be next. The purpose of this Lazy Millionaire review is to warn potential investors of the dangers of signing up for a “lazy” system such as this.

LazyMillionaire.Co is a fraudulent website that we have investigated thoroughly and intend on exposing. We urge you to read our unbiased review through to the end before risking any of your hard-earned money. By the end of this review, it will be absolutely clear why this whole thing is a giant Hoax!

Lazy Millionaire Scam Review

Official Scam Site: LazyMillionaire.Co

What is Lazy Millionaire?

Lazy Millionaire is a new binary options auto trading software that is capable of trading the financial markets for its users on 100% autopilot. Charles Knowles is the founder and CEO of this miraculous software. He claims his system is able to generate his private students an average of $12,000 in daily earnings. These are mind-blowing sums of money to be making from trading binary options. Apparently, the software is able to predict winning trades with absolute certainty. How it achieves this, we have no idea since Charles Knowles doesn’t reveal much during the Lazy Millionaire introduction video.

2015-2016 has seen an exponential rise in demand for automated trading systems. It isn’t hard to understand why as we live in a day and age where automation is highly sought after. Society is evolving to become more efficient and the demand for an automated source of income has always garnered a lot of attention. However, most of the services that are promoted do not satisfy this demand. In our career reviewing binary trading services, we found only a handful of legitimate systems that live up to expectations. Is Lazy Millionaire one of them?

Who is Charles Knowles?

Charles Knowles is the self-proclaimed millionaire programmer behind the Lazy Millionaire software. He apparently perfected the algorithms for his trading app by re-writing the code and is now promoting it as a tool for financial freedom. It’s funny how Charles Knowles doesn’t even appear for a second in the video presentation. We do not see a picture of him anywhere on the website and have no clue what he looks like. Personally, we do not invest into systems before verifying the existence/background story of the owners. For this reason, we decided to research Charles Knowles a little more. What we found was quite concerning.

Charles Knowles appears to be an anonymous person. He has no social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin. He doesn’t even have a personal website. This is highly suspicious for a multimillionaire programmer/coder with a resume such as his. We did some more research online as well as offline but found no traces of a Charles Knowles with the specified credentials. It is highly likely that Charles Knowles is an imaginary character made up for the sole purpose of promoting the Lazy Millionaire scam. In our experience reviewing scams, we notice most fraudulent systems operate in the same way. The owners remain anonymous so as to avoid negative consequences down the road when they eventually get exposed.

Lazy Millionaire Fake Testimonial

Is Lazy Millionaire a SCAM?

It’s certainly starting to look like it, but let’s not draw any definitive conclusions without examining the other piece of evidence. During the Lazy Millionaire demonstration, we notice 3 video testimonials from members who are apparently having a lot of success with the system. They each claim to be making at least $10,000 with the software under review. Testimonials are an important part of any promotion and can make or break a product/service. Our only concern is if these testimonials are actually legitimate?

One of the 3 testimonials comes from a bald man in a blue shirt. His success story seems to be very compelling. Upon further investigation, we realized he is actually just a paid actor from who goes by the name of Simon Baldock. Simon specializes in making fake testimonials which appear “natural/genuine”. For a small fee of $5, he will say anything you want him to in front of a camera. Here’s a link to Simon’s Fiverr profile.

$1,000 Personal Income Guarantee!

On the LazyMillionaire.Co website, we notice a certificate for a “personal income guarantee“. Apparently, if you are unable to earn at least $10,000 on your first day of using the Lazy Millionaire software, Charles Knowles will personally give you $1,000 out of his own pocket, for wasting your time. Anytime someone makes a guarantee like this it raises a big red flag. It may sound like a good proposition at first since you don’t lose any money and only stand to gain from this deal. However, this deal makes no financial sense whatsoever. What’s in it for Charles?

He’s already providing you with a tool for earning $10,000 a day, isn’t that big enough a gift? Why even insure your initial $250 deposit to test the system with a $1,000 money back guarantee? It sounds too good to be true. It’s almost as if he’s BEGGING you to take his offer. We’ve seen countless promises like these made by fraudsters in the past. The sad truth is that none of them will actually follow through. It is merely a trick to fool people into giving them an investment.

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Review Conclusion: Lazy Millionaire is a HOAX!

This system is definitely not worth of an investment due to the fact it uses deception to lure investors. While $250 may seem like a relatively small investment to risk for a shot at $10,000 daily, you’re better off investing that money elsewhere. We will be adding the Lazy Millionaire scam to our blacklist since we’ve seen more than enough evidence to suggest it is indeed a fraud! We work hard to keep our blacklist updated for our readers. Do check back with us in the future before taking up any shady offer.

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